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The end of Abenomics that abandoned "industrial nation" and "dreamed" of "tourist nation".

February 29, 2020: The end of Abenomics that abandoned "industrial nation" and "dreamed" of "tourist nation". Saturday version. Dear Sirs,
All major US and British economic newspapers have raised skepticism about Japanese economic policy. It is the "retreat" of "tourist nation". "New pneumonia" is urging the correction of the trajectory. Japan should seriously break away from dependence on China and rebuild itself as an "industrial nation."

Part 1. "Overseas media" is correct when commenting on Japanese economic policy.
The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) in an editorial
on Tuesday criticized that the Japanese consumption tax hike last October was a "great blunder."
"Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the October-December quarter of last year" has fallen sharply.
The Financial Times (FT) also published an editorial critical
of the Abe administration's decision to raise taxes.

GDP in the October-December quarter last year”,
announced on February 17, recorded a 6.3% annualized decrease.
The WSJ pointed out that this was "as many people warned."
The WSJ, like the 1997 and 2014 tax hike, said it had caused the Japanese economy to suffer.
In addition, experts pointed out that the “expansion of the infection”
of the new coronavirus is expected to hurt the economy,
and there is a concern that negative growth will fall for the second consecutive quarter.
"The timing of the tax increase was also the worst," said the WSJ.
Meanwhile, the FT said, "Japan has a great deal of savings. What it lacks is consumption,"
and the FT questioned the decision of the Abe administration to "squeeze households with tax increases."

WSJ and FT both argued for the need for fiscal spending as a response to consider.
The two newspapers also indicated that the Abe administration's economic reforms were underdeveloped,
saying that the "prescriptions" set forth in Abenomics were not implemented as promised.
Details are below.

The Nihon Keizai Shimbun is the "retreat" of "tourist nation".
A new type of pneumonia is urging the trajectory to be corrected.
The “expansion” of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus has hit the tourism industry.
With fewer tourists from China and elsewhere,
the government's goal of "40 million visitors to Japan in 2020" has begun to be jeopardized.
Before the emergence of the new pneumonia problem, however,
some people in the tourism industry questioned how difficult it was to achieve government goals
and how to steer tourism policies.
After the end of the new type of pneumonia,
will you continue your tourism strategy as if nothing had happened? Reconsideration is required.
Details are below.

In Japan, the manufacturing industry is "hollowing out" above "the United States."
After the war, Japan was the strongest economic power in the world.
However, Japan today is "poor."
Now Japan is under the weakest leader after the war.
Japan needs a special zone.
To that end, we need to resolve the darkness of the 2010 Immigration Law violations.

It will continue tomorrow.

Part 2. What is required of Western countries is “economic growth”.
"Immigration" is necessary to improve "GDP".
The United States needs "emigrants" to increase consumption of excess agricultural products.
To return a Chinese factory to the United States, an "industrial park like China" is needed.
Western countries need economic policies that do not rely on China.
It is to solve the problem of the poor and to "realize a peaceful earth" emphasized by developed
and underdeveloped countries.

"Special Zones"
1) I "propose" that the United States will build a "special zone" along the border with Mexico.
2) We propose to build "special zones" in countries including Europe.
3) US Special Zones are strategic factories of allies.
4) Accept the poor (illegal immigrants) and refugees as "provisional immigrants" in the "special zone".
5) The “range of life” of “provisional immigrants” is limited to “special zones”.
6) Allied companies will build labor-intensive factories in special zones.
7) Most of the workers in the factory are "interim migrants".
They work as "skill trainees" or "simple workers".
8) "Temporary immigrants" work in "special zones" for a certain period of time,
and those who "certify" as safe immigrants can freely work in each country as "work immigration".

Part 3. Help victims of human rights abuses by the Japanese government.
The prosperity of the free world is "realized" by freedom, democracy and "rule under the law."
I am seriously seeking the "rule of law".
"Illegal punishment" of "violation of immigration law" has caused many victims in the world.
For details, see the "Send on weekdays" email.
Instruct the relevant parties to investigate.
There are many American victims.

Documents to be submitted to ICC.

If you have any questions, please ask a question by email.
Kind regards Yasuhiro Nagano

Yasuhiro Nagano