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To President Trump Compared to Hideki Tojo of the Japanese army who entered the Pacific War, he was “amazing” at the calm “brain” of Chairman Kim Jong Un. North Korea should have continued to “threat” South Korea with “distribution of leaflets”. How wi

To President Trump

"China has done a great deal of damage to the United States and the world!" Trump tweeted.
The Trump administration is investigating "response" to China and how to return the manufacturing industry to the United States,
"I have many presidential orders," he said.
"If Congress can't solve these problems, we'll do it," he said.
Every country in the world should "return" the manufacturing industry from China to its own country.

2020-07-08: Dear Sir,
The Korean Ministry of Unification announced on the evening of the 16th that North Korea exploded the North-South Joint Liaison Office in Gaeseong, North Korea along the North-South military boundary line at around 2:49 pm. The fact that the North Korean defectors "flyed" flyers criticizing North Korea helped North Korea. However, the United States cannot carry out airstrikes simply because of the explosion of the North-South Joint Liaison Office. I think Chairman Kim Jong Un was serious about the possibility of a war with the United States. Compared to Hideki Tojo of the Japanese army who entered the Pacific War, he was “amazing” at the calm “brain” of Chairman Kim Jong Un. North Korea should have continued to “threat” South Korea with “distribution of leaflets”. How will North Korea overcome its economic predicament?

Part 1. Regarding the fact that North Korea exploded the North-South Joint Liaison Office,
None of the reactions of each country criticize North Korea. North Korea is not bad!
Russia expressed concern over the renewed tension between North and South.
Dmitry Peskov's spokesman said
"We seek self-control from all sides," he said.

The Reuters news agency said an anonymous official said
the Trump administration is still maintaining "close ties with its ally, South Korea."
US President Donald Trump has so far not commented on the bombings.

BBC correspondent Laura Vicker Seoul tweeted a video of the Korean army capturing the moment
when the liaison office exploded.
North Korean defectors use balloons and drones to regularly fly leaflets
for criticism of North Korea, and also fly balloons with USB and other information to other countries.
North Korea blames the worsening tension between North
and South Korea because the South Korean government was unable to prevent such leaflet dissemination.
However, Vicker Soul correspondent
He points out that North Korea may just be using the leaflet dissemination as an “excuse”.
This is because the leaflets of criticism of the system give the people
of North Korea a "good cause" to "assemble."
The chairman of the Korean Labor Party, Kim Jung-eun,
fails to fulfill his promise to provide economic prosperity to the people,
and severe economic sanctions from the international community continue.
Rumor has it that the spread of the new coronavirus is affecting rural areas.

Raf-Eric Easley, a professor at Ewha Women's University in Seoul,
South Korea, said "The violent destruction of North Korea's liaison office
by North Korea is a symbolic attack on reconciliation and cooperation between North and South Korea."
It was"It is unlikely that such actions will help the Kim Jong-un administration get
what it wants from the international community,
but it is clear that the blast is used for propaganda within North Korea."

North Korea was more bullish and happy.
It would have been better to "bully" South Korea when the US could not afford it.
The US cannot "strike" North Korea with a "threat" to South Korea.
The purpose of North Korea is to maintain the North Korean regime,
lift economic sanctions, and secure national income.

The amendment to the Immigration Control Act in January 2017 states
that I am not guilty for the reason. Reason: Revise from "I can not punish" to "I can punish".
It is "false accusation". Thank you to everyone in the international community.
However, the Japanese government has not yet made an apology. See the indictment below. (Japanese)

Below is the letter of indictment against police officers.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

I will write tomorrow too.

Part 2. See below for the following.

Best regards.

Yasuhiro Nagano

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