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To Boris Johnson British Prime Minister "Peter Taylor and Michael's parent and child" who "rescued" Carlos Ghosn from Japan. Please cooperate with the "Signature to stop handing over" to Japan. "Carlos Ghosn" is not guilty in the "logic" of "equality und

To Boris Johnson British Prime Minister

2020-07-13: Dear Sir,
"Peter Taylor and Michael's parent and child" who "rescued" Carlos Ghosn from Japan.
Please cooperate with the "Signature to stop handing over" to Japan.
"Carlos Ghosn" is not guilty in the "logic" of "equality under the law".
So "helping Carlos Ghosn's escape" is "the rescue of justice" and they are not guilty.
However, the Japanese government has formally requested the US government for "handing over".
Please hurry!

Part 1. In suspicion of helping Ghosn's escape,
the Japanese government demands that the US government "handing over" the "parent and child."
In this incident, former Nissan Motors president Carlos Ghosn (66) fled the country.
They are the two "American parents and children" allegedly helped the escape.
Suspect Michael Taylor (59) and his son Peter Taylor (27),
who belonged to the US military special forces "Green Berets".
The US Department of Justice has officially received a "claim" for "handing over"
from the Japanese government.
On July 2, the US Department of Justice filed its "paper" with the "East Massachusetts Court."
On July 1, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office "acquired" "arrest warrants" for three persons,
"2 persons" and "Suspect George Zayek (60)".
"Three people" are suspicions of "the crime of having escaped the criminal"
and ""Assistance" of "Immigration Control Law Violation"".
"Handing over" is based on a treaty between Japan and the United States,
and the US government finally makes a decision after a hearing in a US court.

According to court records, the two "lawyers" should release them, saying,
"In Japan, it wouldn't be guilty to help them escape during bail,
and their detention was unjustified." Insisted.

I have a different view than US lawyers.
I have written many times about the innocence of Carlos Ghosn.
Carlos Ghosn cannot act alone.
His actions became possible because Nissan Motor Company's executives, managers,
and union employees violated company regulations. Also,
the audit department that audits their conduct is "missing" the violation.
Audit & Supervisory Board Members are also "missing" audits of directors' violations.
In addition, external audit firms have been “missing” audits for many years.
Carlos Ghosn is not guilty unless they are punished.
This is the principle of "equality under the law".
Therefore, the acts of the two who helped "escape" an innocent "Carlos Ghosn"
from Japan are "acts of justice," and they are "innocent."

In addition, government officials, media people, people of the international community who saw this article,
Sign on the "Stop the extradition of Michael and Peter Taylor" page.
If you are the media, please introduce "Signature page" to many people.
Please sign as "my person" even if you are not a "public person".

Stanley Jenkins-#Americafirst

Everyone, the Japanese government's trial is a trial with conclusion.
If you want to "trial in court," you should do it in the United States.
Before that, let's release the two people who have been arrested and "detained".
I would like everyone to support "justice."
Please "sign".

The amendment to the Immigration Control Act in January 2017 states that "I am not guilty"
for the reason. Reason: Revise from "not punishable" to "can be punished".
It is "false accusation". Thank you to everyone in the international community.
However, the Japanese government has not yet made an apology. See the indictment below. (Japanese)

Part 2. Please see below for the following.

Best regards.

Yasuhiro Nagano


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