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To President Trump President Trump should "fulfill" what you have promised me! that's sad! The US federal government executed the death penalty for the first time in 17 years on the 14th.

To President Trump
President Trump should "fulfill" what you have promised me!


that's sad!
The US federal government executed the death penalty for the first time in 17 years on the 14th.
It is a movement that goes against the trend of the international community and the US public opinion toward the abolition of the death penalty.
Criticism is rising

2020-07-15: Dear Sir,
China has introduced "National Security Act" in Hong Kong. Next is Taiwan. Even foreigners can eavesdrop and monitor. Not only that, but recently China has become extremely warlike at the borders of Okinawa Prefecture, the Senkaku Islands, the South China Sea, and the Himalayas. Xi Jinping has provoked at abnormal levels. It also includes strengthening crackdowns and surveillance for foreigners and foreign organizations. Even with this, can we still “love” China as a “friend”?

Part 1. It is natural from their standpoint to crack down on "national division" attempts
and "vandalism" against Hong Kong and China.
However, the Yomiuri Shimbun reported on July 2 that it has tightened crackdowns
and surveillance not only for Hong Kong people, but also for foreigners and foreign organizations.

For example, he "collateralized" with "foreign or non-mainland forces"
and stipulated "crime causing harm to national security,"
and then "granted" a powerful "investigation right" to the authorities.
Specifically, “The national security department
of the Hong Kong government can request foreign political organizations and authorities to provide materials.
With the permission of the “Hong Kong Secretary of State,”
it is possible to intercept communications and conduct secret investigations on suspicious individuals.”
In other words, the authorities not only asked foreigners, companies,
and organizations to provide information when they needed it,
but also publicly declared that they "intercept communication and conduct secret investigations."
Eavesdropping by embassies and others was a "well-known fact", but from now on,
it is better to think that if "marked" by the Chinese government, it will be "eavesdropped."
There is also a provision that "the National Security Service will strengthen the management
and services for overseas organizations, NGOs, and media stationed
in Hong Kong together with the branch offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs."
NGO staff, newspapers and TV correspondents will be monitored more than ever.
Of course eavesdropping.

General companies and their employees can never be relieved.
It is useless to ask the Hong Kong authorities, "Is we subject to surveillance?"

"The National Security Office and its staff members are not under the jurisdiction of the Hong Kong government."
"If the local laws and regulations of Hong Kong are not consistent with this law,
the provisions of Chinese law will apply."
What kind of case and what kind of operation will be carried out depends on "all Beijing's intentions".

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, China has been severely liable for damages
from Europe and the United States, and a huge amount of damages lawsuits have been filed.
As well as criticism from abroad, had come out movement,
such as shaking the foot of the Xi Jinping regime in the country.

For example, No. 2 Prime Minister Li Keqiang revealed
in a press conference after the National People's Congress (all people's generation)
that "there are 600 million poor people with a monthly income of 1,000 yuan (about 15,000 yen) in China."
The growth rate target for 2020 could not be stated either.
It is an unusual event in China where "praise oneself" is common.
Mr. "Xi Jinping" is surrounded by the enemy, it is the absence of isolated and assistance.
Mr. "Xi Jinping" will "breakthrough" in the "hard-line measures".
And "He may have tried to "regain" the "political centripetal force."
There are also materials that reinforce such a view.
Hong Kong is not the only strong stance.
Detail is,

Will the United States still "give" China a huge trade deficit?
Countries in the world should completely "decouple" China.
Some politicians fell into the "Chinese Honey Trap".
The "compensation" for it was too great for the nation.

The amendment to the Immigration Control Act in January 2017 states
that "I am not guilty" for the reason. Reason: Revise from "not punishable" to "can be punished".
It is "false accusation". Thank you to everyone in the international community.
However, the Japanese government has not yet made an apology. See the indictment below. (Japanese)

Part 2. Please see below for the following.

Best regards.

Yasuhiro Nagano

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