Japan's Justice in the Dark

Please support so that Japan will be governed under the law, fundamental human rights will be protected, and it will become a country complying with international law

To President Trump I would like to ask everyone in the world. Please make Japan a "country that governs under the law".

To President Trump

2020-11-10: Dear Sir,
I would like to ask everyone in the world. Please make Japan a "country that governs under the law".
Please denounce the Japanese government at the United Nations.
Please save many victims around the world, please!
Communist lawyers aren't the only ones to ignore the law!
A city council member in the constituency introduced "the" former Democratic Party "" corporate lawyer ".
I handed over the materials in advance.
The attorney said. According to Article 64 of the Penal Code,
"criminal perpetrator" is "imprisonment", so "accessory crime" is "established".
I showed Article 24-4-4 of the Immigration Control Act and said
that "acts that helped not to be guilty" were not crimes.
"Everyone who graduates from the Legal Training and Research Institute says the same thing,"
said the lawyer. The city council members who were present were also "amazing" at this.

However, the fact that this lawyer's "logic of law" is incorrect is proved
by the "Law for Partial Revision of the Immigration Control
and Refugee Recognition Act" enacted at the 192nd Extraordinary Diet Session on November 18, 2016.
I will.
But governments, political parties and parliamentarians continue to ignore it.

Everyone in the international community!
Police and prosecutors say you should plead guilty to "general theory" rather than "logic of law."
The judge said, "If the wind blows," oKEYA "will be profitable = It's an ill wind
that blows nobody any good."
He makes "forcible" "guilty" with this "logic".
North Korea has ratified the Extradition Treaty.
Japan is only South Korea and the United States.
North Korea says that Japanese abductees have died.
North Korea also handed over the remains to Japan. The Japanese government says the remains are fake.
Trump and the Japanese government are telling North Korea to return the "abduction victims" to Japan!
Who in the international community will trust the Japanese government? Don't trust!

Part 1 The "person who obtained the status of residence
by false application" stipulated in Article 22-4-4 of the Immigration Control Act was not a crime
but a "cancellation of the status of residence" by the Minister of Justice.
Therefore, since the "criminal perpetrator" is not guilty, the "helper" is not guilty.
The public prosecutor's office still does not approve this.
Every human makes a mistake. Mistakes should be compensated for by apology,
restoration of honor and compensation.
The Japanese government is a worse "devil's den" than North Korea.
North Korea has ratified the extradition treaty.
Japan is only two countries, South Korea and the United States.

Attorneys say this: Article 64 of the Penal Code (Restrictions on Punishment of Incitement and Accessory)
Article 64 A person who induces or aids a crime subject only to misdemeanor imprisonment without work
or a petty fine shall not be punished for a crime except as otherwise specially provided.

At the point of the international community, the Diet amended the law.
However, in the past it cannot be "retroactive". The past is "false charge"! !! !! !!

The revised law is applied to those who have obtained a status
of residence by false application as penalties!
Officially see below! (Official government page)

I will write tomorrow, too.

The amendment to the Immigration Control Act in January 2017 states
that "I am not guilty" as the reason for the amendment.
Reason: Amend from "cannot be punished" to "can be punished".
It is a false charge. Thank you to everyone in the international community.
However, the Japanese government has not yet apologized. See below for the indictment. (Japanese)

Part 2 See below.

Best regards.

Yasuhiro Nagano


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