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Proposal from Japanese June 26, 2021: In order for the "weakened America" ​​to win the "Lithium War", the first thing to do is to oblige the use of "recycled batteries" for lithium-ion batteries such as EV cars sold in the United States!

Proposal from Japanese

June 26, 2021: Saturday edition. Dear Sir,
In order for the "weakened America" ​​to win the "Lithium War",
the first thing to do is to oblige the use of "recycled batteries"
for lithium-ion batteries such as EV cars sold in the United States!



By supporting the "battery regeneration business", lithium imports can be saved.
What is beginning to become clear is the tension between the United States
and China over China's economic plans.
It may have included a "counterattack"
against China's influence over the strategically important "lithium reserves."

The global supply of lithium,
the strategic element of lithium-ion batteries used to power electric vehicles (EVs),
is concentrated in very few countries.
What is clear is that there is a global war to dominate the EV battery market in the future,
and lithium domination is at the heart of it.
For that reason, "I" proposes "hydrogen fuel cell vehicles" and "hydrogen fuel vehicles."
However, "the majority of the world" has become an "electric vehicle (EV)!
The" lithium war "seems to have become a reality!

Only this should definitely be done! Currently,
most "lithium-ion" (LIB) batteries are treated as industrial waste.
Valuable rare earths are wasted, and greenhouse gases are emitted during mining,
leading to environmental destruction. In order to make the EV market sustainable,
it is essential to develop alternative materials to replace cobalt and lithium,
and to recycle and reuse waste batteries.
If waste batteries can be recycled at a low price,
the price of EVs will drop and the spread will be further accelerated!

Shigeo Nakamura says! To run a mechanical car, you can use gasoline directly.
However, in order to drive an electric vehicle (EV) with electricity,
we purposely convert petroleum energy into electricity, refine lithium and cobalt, and make "LIB".
"EV] takes time and effort to drive a car.
Electric charging equipment is also required,
and energy is also used for enormous "infrastructure development."
I think this will continue to be said until hydrogen can be produced cheaply from water or seawater!

Part 1. June 8:
The US White House needs to "cooperate" with its allies to secure the raw materials needed
for electric vehicle (EV) batteries and process them domestically
from an environmental and competitive perspective.
Securing sufficient copper,
lithium and other resources for EV batteries is subject to strict regulations on the US mining industry
and environmental opposition. Under these circumstances,
it is a major obstacle to Mr. Biden's aggressive EV plan.
The US government's strategy also includes the following efforts to expand international investment
in resource projects for EVs: That is to make a new loan through "International Development Finance Corporation".
Furthermore, it is a "measure to increase supply" by recycling batteries.

With growing demand for EVs,
the world's lithium-ion battery production capacity has increased tenfold over the past decade.
The reserves and production of lithium and cobalt, which are raw materials,
are limited, and the prices are rising due to increased demand.
In particular, cobalt is widely used not only for storage batteries but also for pharmaceuticals and superalloys,
and it is expected that it will be depleted in the next 50 to 60 years
in view of the current reserves and mined amount.
However, most of these batteries are now treated as industrial waste.
Valuable rare earths are wasted, and greenhouse gases are emitted during mining,
leading to environmental destruction.
According to Li-Cyle, the total amount of lithium-ion battery waste
in the world is estimated to reach 1.7 million tons by 2020. This is expected to grow to 15 million tons in 2030.
Meanwhile, according to market data company Statista,
the battery recycling market will expand from $ 1.5 billion in 2019 to $ 18 billion by 2030. Is expected.

EV that destroys the earth, rare metal king solves the karakuri

I will write tomorrow as well.

Part 2 Please support the victims of human rights violations by the Japanese government.
A person who "provides" a "false employment contract document" to a foreigner
who has performed "out-of-qualification activities" under the Immigration Control Act is "not guilty".
It is proved by the Japanese Diet.
Since the above acts could not be punished in the past,
we have made it possible to punish them by "Revision of the Immigration Control and Refuge".
The 2017 Immigration Control Act has been revised.
Therefore, those who have been punished in the past are "innocent."
However, the Japanese government has not restored the honor and compensation of the victims.
Japan's "ruling and opposition parties" continue to hide and ignore this fact.
The prosperity of the free world is "realized" by freedom and democracy and "respect
for human rights" by being "controlled under the law".
I am seriously seeking "government under the law" of Japan.
There are many victims in the world due to "illegal punishment" of "violation of immigration law".
For more information, see Saturday and "Send on weekdays" emails.

There are also many American victims.
There are also many Chinese victims.
There are also many Filipino victims.

English language.
See the indictment below. (Japanese)
See below for the indictment. (English translation)

Documents to be submitted to the ICC.

Part 3 Construction of a special zone.
See below.
English language.

If you have any questions, please ask by email.

Best regards Yasuhiro Nagano

Yasuhiro Nagano

In order to coexist with the "new corona" and carry out "life and health"
and "economic activities" without feeling "stress",
it is necessary to develop a "CT device that senses corona".
This is a device that can easily and instantly judge "negative corona" like a "thermal camera".
You can test at the entrance of a "specific facility"
and "negative people" can "act normally" without a "corona mask"!
Everyone, please agree. It should be jointly developed
in developed countries as soon as possible and provided to developing countries as well.

Yasuhiro Nagano