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Former Prime Minister Abe denies his involvement in the Diet, saying, "If I and his wife are involved, both the Prime Minister and the Diet members will quit."

To British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

2021-07-07: Dear Sir
Everyone in the world! There was also a brave civil servant in Japan fighting power!
"My employer is a citizen. I am proud to be able to work for the citizens."
He said "always" like this.
He is Toshio Akagi (54 years old), a staff member of the Kinki Local Finance Bureau.
He "suicided" after thinking "responsibility" for being involved
in the falsification of the Treasury's decision document.
Three years have passed since then.

Former Prime Minister Abe denies his involvement in the Diet,
saying, "If I and his wife are involved, both the Prime Minister and the Diet members will quit."


It was discovered that the state-owned land sold to the school as a site
for an elementary school was "discounted by 800 million yen" as a cost to remove underground garbage.
Since the honorary principal of the elementary school was Mr. Akie Abe,
the wife of former Prime Minister Abe,
there was a suspicion that it was an unreasonable discount involving politics.
The crimes of "Moritomo Gakuen" and "Kake Gakuen" cannot be ended yet!

Mr. Nobuhisa Sagawa, who was the director of the Finance Bureau at that time,
was answering the question of the opposition party, which was intensifying his pursuit,
as a person in charge of the Ministry of Finance.
"There was no record of negotiations between the Kinki Local Finance Bureau and Moritomo Gakuen."
"There are no records of visits, etc." This was the "testimony" of a "lie"!

When the Ministry of Finance received a request
for disclosure from the citizens about the reception record with Moritomo Gakuen,
it made a "non-disclosure decision" by pretending
that the document did not exist even though it actually existed.
On June 6, the government admitted for the first time the existence of a file left at work
by a male employee of the Kinki Local Finance Bureau
who committed suicide due to the issue of falsification of the approval document of the Ministry of Finance.
On the 23rd of next month, he announced that he would submit it at the "trial" being held by his wife.

Japan should "separate" from "authoritarianism" and head
for a true democracy! All the people involved in the tampering are equally "silent".
Her wife, "Masako," thinks
that "mistakes that betray the trust of the people" will be "repeated" someday unless she makes it clear
and reflects on it.
This "trial" asks who really should "receive" the "baton."
It's a battle to make Japan a democracy! Everyone, please pay attention to this "trial"!

Part 1 The country recognizes the existence of "Akagi File"
for the first time! To be submitted at the trial in June!
"Akagi file" was disclosed. The process of tampering is recorded in detail
"Baton" of "responsibility" left by her husband: Akagi file, wife's fight
What is Akagi file? Moritomo tampering problem,
"documents of record" by Toshio Akagi who committed suicide. The country that was asked about its existence
[Detailed report] "Akagi file" Contents that can read the situation forced to be tampered with

I will write tomorrow, too.

The amendment of the Immigration Control Act in January 2017 states
that "I am not guilty" as the reason for the amendment.
Reason: Amend from "cannot be punished" to "can be punished".
It is a false charge. However, the Japanese government has not yet apologized.
See below for the indictment. (Japanese)
See below for the indictment. (English translation)

Part 2 Please see the following for the "false charges" of "crimes of support
for immigration law violations" in 2010
English language.

Best regards.

Yasuhiro Nagano

Economic activity should be "returned" to normal even under the "new corona"!
Will I continue to receive the corona vaccine two or three times a year? Crazy!
We should develop a "tester" that instantly "finds" a "positive" like thermography.
In certain places tested, negatives can return to "normal life without a mask"!
Please see the previous report for details.
Submitted additional material to the United Nations Human Rights Council (ohchr).
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Yasuhiro Nagano

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