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To President Biden!He was sentenced to eight months in prison.  They will accept the Tokyo District Court ruling on July 19 and will not appeal.  Normal Americans should demand that the Biden administration revoke the extradition treaty with Japan.

To President Biden!

2021-09-17: Dear Sir
I think America is an "abnormal country." 
What do Americans think? The United States should abolish the "extradition treaty" with Japan. 
Japan has signed an extradition treaty with only two countries, 
the United States and South Korea! 
Even China, which easily puts the death penalty, has signed with more than 50 countries. 
Even North Korea has signed with many countries. 
That is to say that Japan's "judicial system" is "terrible."

Japan is "superficially" a "human rights nation." 
But the reality is known to many countries in the world.
"Countries other than the United States and South Korea"
We will refuse any offer to offer a "bribery". 
"Countries other than the United States and South Korea" say 
that they "do not hand over" the "people of their own country" to Japan. 
This is a true nation that values ​​human rights.

At the request of Japan, the "US government" will "deliver" Americans to Japan no matter 
what human rights violations the Americans suffer. 
I can't think of any reason other than "bribery." 
US politicians, federal officials, and even judges are all anomalous. 
Only the United States and South Korea conclude a treaty with Japan. 
However, it is unusual that "all other countries" do not conclude.
Normal Americans should demand 
that the "Biden Administration" revoke the "Extradition Treaty" with Japan.

Japan is a "national socialist country" so much that it is abnormal. 
The prosecution's request is a court decision, so the trial is meaningless.
U.S.-registered Michael Taylor was sentenced to two years 
in prison and his son Peter was sentenced to two years in prison 
for fleeing Nissan Motor's former chairman Carlos Ghosn abroad at the end of 2019. 
He was sentenced to eight months in prison. 
They will accept the Tokyo District Court ruling on July 19 and will not appeal
Normal Americans should demand that the Biden administration revoke the extradition treaty with Japan.


Carlos Ghosn has been acquitted by the United Nations Human Rights Council. 
The Japanese government does not accept it. 
The trial of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., 
former CEO Greg Kelly (US citizen) has been ongoing since September 2020. 
Professor Wataru Tanaka of the University of Tokyo testified, "It is not a false statement." 
A "judgment" will come out soon. 
The United States should do "politics under the law" without relying on bribes!

Part 1 The serious view of the "last witness" 
in the Nissan Ghosn case The University of Tokyo professor said in court 
that it was "not a false statement." 
A lawyer who is familiar with corporate legal affairs said, 
"(Professor Tanaka) is a hope among commercial law scholars." ..
Former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn (67) accused of fleeing abroad at the end of 2019
Two U.S.-registered parents and children charged 
with concealing the criminal accepted the Tokyo District Court ruling on the 19th, 
when they were sentenced to prison.
It turned out that it is a policy not to appeal. A lawyer revealed on the 21st.

I will write tomorrow, too.

The amendment of the Immigration Control Act in January 2017 states 
that "I am not guilty" as the reason for the amendment.
Reason: Amend from "cannot be punished" to "can be punished".
It is a false charge. However, the Japanese government has not yet apologized. 
See below for the indictment. (Japanese)
See below for the indictment. (English translation)

Part 2 Please see the following for the "false charges" of the "crime of support 
for violation of the Immigration Control Act" in 2010

Very truly yours.

Yasuhiro Nagano


Economic activity should be "returned to normal" even under the "new corona"!
Will I continue to receive the corona vaccine two or three times a year? Crazy!
"SARS virus" has disappeared by "quarantine and treatment" of infected people.
"PCR test" takes time.
We should develop an "inspection system" 
that instantly "identifies" the "infected person" like thermography.
In certain places tested, "non-infected persons" can return to "normal life" without masks!
It should be developed jointly by each country within a year. 
The "nation of freedom and democracy" should be revived!
See daily posts for details. Or contact us!

"China, Japan, South Korea, America" are "non-human rights allies"! crazy!
"Michael Taylor," arrested by the Japanese government, said he was "abandoned" by the United States!
"Michael Taylor" is the "American hero" 
who rescued the innocent "Carlos Ghosn" from Japan! Americans should "rescue" "Michael Taylor"!
In order to "rescue" "Mr. Michael Taylor", we should carry out a "boycotts of Japanese products"!
And in order to regain the human rights of the victims of the "immigration law case", 
we should carry out a "boycotts of Japanese products" around the world!

Yasuhiro Nagano

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