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I think that an "electronic commerce system" can be easily developed.  I think it is very difficult to develop a "small nuclear reactor (high temperature gas reactor)".  I think it is very difficult to develop a "ship equipped with a small nuclear reactor

To President Biden!


2021-11-11: Dear Sir [North Korea should jointly develop "hydrogen vehicle" with Russia]
"Small reactor (high temperature gas reactor)" can produce "hydrogen" 
at the same time as power generation. 
"Hydrogen" can be produced from "natural gas" in Russia and from "coal" 
in North Korea by the "steam reforming method".
Since the "waste heat" of the "high temperature gas reactor" is used, 
"hydrogen" can be produced at low cost. 
That is why I recommend the development of a Japanese-style "high temperature gas reactor".

There are several car manufacturers in Russia. 
The world's leading automakers are shifting to "electric vehicles." 
Half the price of an "electric vehicle" is a "lithium battery". 
China controls most of the production of "lithium batteries". 
The raw material is a rare metal. 
There are only a limited number of production areas that can be mined cheaply. 
Many people in the world are worried about a war for "lithium".

"North Korea and Russia" should jointly complete a "hydrogen vehicle". 
Since you only need to replace gasoline with hydrogen, 
you can use the existing manufacturing technology of automobiles. 
Electric vehicles take longer to charge.
From these things, there is a lot of demand for "hydrogen vehicles". 
Russia has fostered the automobile industry. 
"North Korea and Russia" should be at the top of the world in "hydrogen vehicles".

I think that North Korea has many experts in the combustion of "hydrogen" 
in the development of missiles. 
"Hydrogen vehicles" have other issues besides the "combustion" of hydrogen engines. 
Whether to store the fuel "hydrogen" in "liquid hydrogen" or in "compressed hydrogen". 
And the cost of that "storage container". 
I think that if one set can be sold for a few million yen, 
the competitiveness of "electric vehicles" will be lost.

I think that an "electronic commerce system" can be easily developed. 
I think it is very difficult to develop a "small nuclear reactor
(high temperature gas reactor)". 
I think it is very difficult to develop a "ship equipped with a small nuclear reactor". 
I think it is very difficult to develop "hydrogen vehicles" and "related equipment". 
But I think North Korean engineers have the power to make the impossible possible.

If "General Secretary Kim Jong Eun" gives orders to engineers, 
I think they will make the impossible possible. 
The United States has astonishing "missile technology". 
North Korea should contribute to humanity by making the impossible possible.

Part 1 Challenges and challenges of hydrogen engine
V12 hydrogen engine car "Hydrogen 7" (2006) developed by BMW
It was produced in a limited number of 100 units. As many of you may know, 
in the 1990s, BMW completed a hydrogen-fueled V12 engine 
and Mazda completed a hydrogen-fueled rotary engine at the prototype vehicle level.
Although it was completed as a car, 
it could not be put into practical use as a commercial vehicle 
because there were still technically unsolvable problems at that time.
In the first place, gasoline and light oil are products 
in which hydrocarbons are mixed in various molecular structures. 
Since hydrogen and carbon are combined with oxygen respectively, 
it can be thought that the hydrogen engine is 
in a state where carbon is removed from the fuel and only hydrogen is burned.

I will write tomorrow, too.

The amendment of the Immigration Control Act in January 2017 states 
that "I am not guilty" as the reason for the amendment.
Reason: Amend from "cannot be punished" to "can be punished".
It is a false charge. 
However, the Japanese government has not yet apologized. 
See below for the indictment. (Japanese)
See below for the indictment. (English translation)

Part 2 Please see the following for the "false charges" of "crimes of support 
for immigration law violations" in 2010

Part 3 Construction of a special zone.
"Special zone of Algeria" by "EU", "Special zone of Mexico border" by the United States, 
"Special zone of Australia" by the new TPP (IPP), "Special zone of Okinawa" of Japan .... 
The "special zone" "accepts" refugees and poor people as "provisional migrants." 
They "separate" from "workers in developed countries". 
Developed countries can “manufacture” “cheap” than Chinese products 
by “employing” “provisional immigrants”. 
English, Japanese, French, German

Very truly yours.

Yasuhiro Nagano


Allies should unite "economy and security"!
The greatest security is to beat Chinese products. To do so, 
"immigrants and refugees" should be accepted as "provisional immigrants" in "special zones". 
"Temporary immigrants" are restricted to living in "special zones". 
"Temporary immigrants" are "low-wage workers" that are cheaper than "Chinese workers".
However, it is "income of grace" for "they" who do not have a job. 
This allows us to bring to market cheaper products than Chinese products. 
"Mainland workers" become "high wages" by working separately from "provisional immigrants". 
The world should trade according to the rules of the market economy. 
We should help "poor, migrants, refugees" and become rich. 
You should build "Algeri's Special Zone", 
"Mexico Border Special Zone" and "Australia's Special Zone".


Economic activity should be "returned to normal" even under the "new corona"! 
Will I continue to receive the corona vaccine two or three times a year? Crazy! 
"SARS virus" has disappeared by "quarantine and treatment" of infected people. 
"PCR test" takes time. We should develop an "inspection system" 
that instantly "identifies" the "infected person" like thermography. 
In certain places tested, "non-infected" can return to "normal life" without a mask! 
It should be developed jointly by each country within a year. 
The "nation of freedom and democracy" should be revived!
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Yasuhiro Nagano

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