To White House

Please support so that Japan will be governed under the law, fundamental human rights will be protected, and it will become a country complying with international law

Dear Sirs, I will write my story. It is a supplement to "trump care" mailed on March 14th.

Dear Sirs,

I will write my story.

It is a supplement to "trump care" mailed on March 14th.


I am seeking support from President Trump for "violation of immigration law".

We propose that President Trump should be a great president who is friendly to fundamental human rights.


In the last email,

1 · Citizens blaming Obama caught boosting that the burden of medical expenses is large. "It's great that the insurance premium has increased by 25%.

2 · So, I suggested to create an insurance system of "trump case care" with reference to the Japanese insurance system.

As for details of the insurance system in Japan, I think that there are staff familiar with the White House, please ask.

3. There is also a problem in the insurance system in Japan as well. Since older people are on the increase, in addition to the conventional health insurance system, over 75 years old, we have established a health system for the latter-stage elderly.

4. The insurance system in the United States is complex, as it is becoming insurance services of insurance companies.

A) Basic is to make it one type like the Japanese health insurance system.

And, to control the price of medical treatment, let the government decide the price, control to low price.

B) It is to put the spirit of "mutual aid".

The insurance premiums for those who work for companies, organizations, etc., without regard to the employee's job category,

It is to uniformly set a certain ratio to income as insurance premium.

This insurance premium also includes families to depend on.

The insurance fee is borne by the company and the employee who is the insured person in half.


4. As in Japan, medical expenses paid by individuals at hospitals, etc. are supposed to be 30%, but to determine the monthly payment limit (about 80,000 yen in Japan)

5. Citizens who are below a certain income are that local governments and governments pay insurance premiums, exemption and reduction.

6. In Japan, we do not admit a medical examination applying health insurance and a medical examination wholly burdened by an individual, but I think that America can admit it.

Best regards,