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<Public mail> #metoo Human rights victim! Dear Sirs International people. Saturday version June 30, 2018: The wealthy Americans are proudly wearing "counterfeit US brand goods" with authentic brand tags on cheap goods manufactured in China. Imagine i

The article is a little old but NewsWeek October 19, 2017:
<China uses 'friendly nation' to weaken 'UN human rights supervision organization',
making 'UN human rights supervision organization' on the side of China.
When we look at this we are forced to become pessimistic both now and in the future>

Human Rights Watch of the United States International Human Rights Defense Group
Human Rights Watch has revealed the fact that China has cleverly interfered
with the activities of the UN human rights institutions in order to prevent criticism
of their countries and friendly nations by human rights issues.

For details, please read the article.
President Donald Trump has left the United Nations Council.
President Donald Trump is wonderful!

China advanced the "socialist market economy" that does not defend human rights
under the Communist party dictatorship regime,
and it became a world factory. China robbed the countless work of American workers.

President Trump has expressed dissatisfaction
with Harley Davidson's relocation of "motorcycle production for Europe" to Europe,
but should condemn a famous brand maker!

It is made in China factory which Chinese people wonder.
We manufacture at low cost of low wages.
And the brand company sells the product to "wealthy class in America" ​​at a high price.
"Epochtimes Japan" introduces July 22.

China has long been a "factory in the world",
but it is not well known that it produces nearly 90% of world-class brand products such
as "Prada" and "Gucci".

In the first place, this fact is also a thing the Chinese himself does not recognize.

There are many things that Chinese consumers are amazed that the "Made in China" product,
which is said to be "bad quality" in China,
is displayed in tags of the brand name.

And "THE EPOCH TIMES" continues,
85% of the American luxury brand "coach" is manufactured in China.

According to Mr. Victor Lewis of the company's international retail division,
unlike other products, handbags are always required for some manufacturing processes.

It is said that it is the same when making it not only in China,
but also in Italy and France.

I think the trade war between America and China will last long.
Products can be manufactured overwhelmingly cheaply in China operated by dictatorship.
That is because the democratic society
and socialist society have different social environments of competition conditions.

The international community should trade equally under democracy.

The international community should seek democracy against China.

The international community should ask China to respect human rights.

In a factory in China where human rights are not respected,
the manufactured products are tagged with the luxury brands of the United States
and exported to the United States. America should not be done as a conscience.
Only the one made in America is the luxury brand representing America.
Let's purchase only authentic American brand products.

It is the root of human rights abuses in Japan.
Please understand the lawless state of the prosecution of Japan and support.
It is an internal accusation of a former public prosecutor.

Sincerely yours, Yasuhiro Nagano

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