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Dear Sirs International people. Saturday version September 01, 2018: NO 2: Initial monthly salary of toy soldiers is about 500 yen to 700 yen. It is lower than "hourly wage"! But all the cost of clothing, meals and dwelling are free.

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Dear sirs. Please know the "criminal penalty" in Japan.
This story is my actual experience. "Imprisonment" is "punish people, criminal punishment".
It differs from the West. I obeyed the law.
But why was I being imprisoned in prison?

It is the continuation of the previous week.

I was made into a "toy soldier". Nevertheless, there is no "service" named labor.
Initial monthly salary is about 500 yen to about 700 yen.
Even after about a year, it is about 1000 yen and hundreds of yen.

Do you know what to do in prison for imprisonment? What is "work" of "toy soldiers"?

The "toy soldier" maximizes the voice,
raises his hand straight up and says "teacher, please" to "monkey man".

"Toy soldiers", "Please teach the technology"
"Monkey people", "It is not technical guidance, say work instruction."
"Toy soldiers" says "Please teach the work."

Then, the old "Toy soldier" comes to "teaching".

A "toy soldier" without an owner must do "play partner" of "monkey person"
until "the term of imprisonment expires".

If there is an "owner" saying "to guarantee a soldier of toys",
everyone who admits the crime will be released with "parole release."

Those who are not "parole" must do "play partners" of "monkey people" until the end.

"Shoplifting" one cigarette box, you can receive "Protection of your life"

Even if an old man's "Toy soldier" leaves the prison,
there is no place to go.
Those who have left the prison can receive "protection of living" preferentially.
People who wish to receive "Protection of life" but who can not get it,
should go to prison once.
Shoplifting one cigarette box, you can go to jail.

"Protection of living" is a system in which funds are provided
from the country to fund a minimum cultural life.

I will continue on next week.

Let's eliminate "terror crime" from the world!
To that end, the world must be "governed under the law." Help me!
There are many victims around the world.
Please support "appeal to ICC".
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Sincerely yours, Yasuhiro Nagano

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