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Mail magazine from the White House 2017-11-15   NOVEMBER 13, 2017 AT 5:41 PM ET BY WEST WING READS Summary: Each day we round up the best stories the West Wing is reading and share them with you. West Wing Reads

Mail magazine from the White House 2017-11-15



Summary: Each day we round up the best stories the West Wing is reading and share them with you.

West Wing Reads



Maureen Groppe of USA Today writes on Alex Azar, President Trump’s recent nomination for Health and Human Services Secretary, who is “widely praised for his intellect, has strong conservative credentials, is a critic of the Affordable Care Act,” and has prior experience at HHS and pharmaceutical giant, Eli Lilly. If confirmed, Azar will likely focus on the cost of health care and “how to get more value out of the system,” Groppe comments, as he has faith in “the competitive approach” to reducing cost and improving care. When last working at HHS, Azar identified the main issues with today’s healthcare system are that “it’s price blind, quality silent, [and] puts incentives in the wrong place,” stating, “We need to transform our system,” to make sure people know what they are paying for health care and help them to understand whether or not they are getting good quality care, Groppe concludes.

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Charlie Savage of The New York Times writes President Trump is transforming the judiciary by “fill[ing] the federal appeals courts with young and deeply conservative judges,” and as a result, the President is “poised to bring the conservative legal movement…to a new peak of influence over American law and society.”




In news on the opioid crisis, Jessica Suriano reports for the Arizona Daily Star that prescription drug smuggling busts, “nearly doubled, from 59 seizures to 110,” within the last fiscal year at Arizona points of entry on the U.S.-Mexico border.




In economic news, the New York Post editorial board comments on how Donald Trump’s presidency has defied the “doomsday predictions” of a ruined American economy, as foreign tourism to New York City is set to rise 3.6 percent this year and the GDP has seen a growth of 3 percent or more in the past two quarters.




On support for President Trump, The Washington Post’s Tim Craig writes that across the United States, “locally elected sheriffs have emerged as some of the president’s biggest defenders,” and are “becoming vocal foot soldiers in the nation’s testy political and culture wars,” after feeling emboldened by President Trump and his agenda.




Regarding Iran, Alex Titus in The Hill remarks, “President Trump was right to decertify the disastrous Iran deal and take a tougher stand against the Iranian regime,” following newly released documents from the 2011 Navy SEAL raid that killed Osama bin laden that contain evidence Iran “provided funds, staffers, and coordination to al Qaeda.”


I have made an international criminal court (ICC) petition (humanitarian crime by judicial administration), so please have a look!




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USA TODAYのプロフィール社長のHHSノミネート

USA TodayMaureen Groppeは、Trumpの最近のHealth and Human Services Secretaryのアレックス・アザー(Alex Azar)社長に、「自分の知性で広く評価され、強い保守的な資格を持ち、手頃な価格のケア法を批評しています。 HHSと製薬大手、Eli Lilly。確認されれば、Azarは医療費と「システムからより多くの価値を引き出す方法」に重点を置く可能性が高いとGroppe氏はコメントしています。コストを削減し、ケアを改善する "競争的アプローチ"を信じています。最後にHHSで働くとき、Azarは今日のヘルスケアシステムの主な問題を「間違った場所に盲目的で黙ってインセンティブを与える」と述べ、「システムを変革する必要があり、





ニューヨークタイムズの チャーリー・サベージは、トランプ大統領が「連邦控訴裁判所に若く深い保守派裁判官を補充する」ことによって司法を変えていると書いています。その結果、大統領は「保守的な法的運動をもたらす米国の法律や社会に影響を与える新たなピーク "と語った。












ワシントンポストのティムクレイグ 大統領は、トランプ大統領の支援で、「地方選出された保安官が大統領の最大の守備陣の一人として浮上している」と述べ、「米国の厳しい政治・文化戦争の声援兵士になっている」トランプ大統領と彼の議題に大胆に感銘を受けた後である。