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<Public mail> #MeToo Human rights victim! To Terrisa Mei British Prime Minister 2018-10-19: Prosecution's "letter of indictment" applies the "crime of supporting other laws" of the Penal Code on the grounds of Article 22-4-4 of Immigration Control Ac

<Public mail> #MeToo Human rights victim!

To Terrisa Mei British Prime Minister

2018-10-19: Prosecution's "letter of indictment" applies the "crime of supporting other laws"
of the Penal Code on the grounds of Article 22-4-4 of Immigration Control Act.
Punishment under Article 22-4-4 of Immigration Control Act is cancellation of status of residence.
We can not apply "crime of supporting other laws" of criminal law against Article 22-4-4
of Immigration Control Act. We are innocent.


Dear Sirs, I am Japanese. The Japanese government is still pursuing the "abduction issue of Japan"
of the North Korean government.
The Japanese government does not recognize "the illegal abduction detention problem
against foreigners".
There are many "victims" of "people in Africa and Asia".
"Government of Africa and Asia" should "pursue" the Japanese government.
It is the continuation from the previous day. In case

There are many victims

As I mentioned above, not only I and Chinese, "diplomats" of Embassy of the Philippines,
"staff of the embassy", and victims are not limited to it.

In illegal employment, "disposal" that violates international law is "routine".

The judiciary has not "punished" those who illegally employed foreigners
by the Immigration Act 73-2, "a crime that promotes illegal employment."
However, only foreigners are "disposed of"
under Article 70 of the Immigration Control Act "Sins of illegal labor".
Foreigners have received "penalty of fine" in "one-sided" and have been made "criminals"
and forced to "forced home" to their homeland. I have seen this with my eyes.
"Illegal labor" of "foreigners of" Overstay "already" Overstay "is" illegal ",
so we will not" criminal disposition ".
Foreigners simply "forcibly retreat to their home country".
The treatment of 'sin of illegal labor' is 'funny'! Unfair treatment!
This is common sense of Japanese judiciary!
Please "spread" to the world!
However, "Foreigners staying regularly" can not be "forced to leave the country"
without "criminal disposition".
So, the judiciary makes a foreigner "criminal" for "punishment of fine" etc.
And the judiciary makes foreigners "forcibly withdraw to their home country".
You understood the system! It will be crazy!
This is the "governance under the law" that "Prime Minister Abe" says!
This is "arbitrary discrimination" against foreigners, so it is a violation of international law.
Even with the Constitution of Japan, it can not be said that it is "equal under the law" disposal.
If "a person who employed a foreigner"
which is the cause of "cause-effect relationship" is innocent,
"foreign country that was made employment" is also acquitted.

In my memory,
I think that it was a verdict in 2015, Osaka's "Chinese International Student" worked
in "Hostess" of "Night Club".

Prosecutors do not arrest "employers" under Article 73-2 of the Immigration Act "Crime
that promotes illegal employment".

The prosecution "transferred" only "girls international students" to "facilities
of immigration bureaus". The Osaka district court ruled that she was "sentenced to fine"
and "deported abroad."

"Female foreign student" made "disposition" of "compulsory repatriation to China" "dissatisfied".
Then, in search of "girls international student" "cancellation of judgment",
he tried in the Osaka High Court.
And there was an "article" that she "prevailed".
Most foreigners are "onself to sleep",
but if you contend at trial, "administrative punishment" of "cancellation
of status of residence" is also difficult.

For this reason,
The reason for seeking cancellation is "ministerial ordinance of Ministry of Justice",
not law.
The provision of "part-time worker of 28 hours a week".
"Hostess" of "Nightclub" etc. "Not admit" · · ·

Please also understand that there is a "judge" that conducts a "trial"
on "faithful" based on such "basic of law" in Japan.
"Basic of Law" = "legality principle"

This e-mail is sent to "Prime Minister's official residence" everyday.
"Abe prime minister" and staff can not understand this.
Japan is a serious proof that "it is not governed under the law".
Therefore, Japan is not entitled to say "the Japanese abduction issue" by North Korea.
Please media people, please accurately report this fact!

I will continue until you understand.

The media should report the "illegal abduction detention problem" as a matter of violation
of the immigration law of the Japanese government.
Governments of each country should protect their victims.
Please request the Japanese government for honor recovery and compensation.
There are a lot of foreigners who came to Japan with visas such as study abroad,
sightseeing and work. They work at eating and drinking establishments and are "disposed of"
by "immigration law violation". Because the employer is not disposed of,
it is a violation of international law. T
herefore foreigners who worked illegally are "innocent".

The Japanese government is "crushing" complaints. But "crush" by state power is "stop"
of "Statute of limitations". The material is below.

It seems that recent Japanese government has noticed my argument.
The police have not arrested.
The Immigration Bureau has arrested them and is "forcibly repatriated to their home country."
※ There are many victims in the past.
The Japanese government should "recover honor" and "compensate for damage!"
Please mail me if you have objections.

Sincerely yours,

Yasuhiro Nagano

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