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#metoo Human rights victim! Dear Sirs International people. Saturday version December 22, 2018: "State" of "socialist market economy" is lowering our wages. "State" of "socialist market economy" should be shut out from "global market economy". Lib

<Public mail> #metoo Human rights victim!

Dear Sirs International people.

Saturday version December 22, 2018:
"State" of "socialist market economy" is lowering our wages.
"State" of "socialist market economy" should be shut out from "global market economy".
Liberties and democracies should "resurrect" Cocom.

Dear sirs. China is trying to implement a policy of "to escape"
from the system of subcontracting Western products so far
and "to drastically increase the ratio of domestic production".
Its products are advanced technology "AI, semiconductor chips,
digitally controlled machine tools and robots, advanced parts, materials,
large aircraft, strengthening lunar and deep sea exploration and resource development,
LNG transport ship, high-speed railway, hydropower and Nuclear power generation equipment,
agricultural machinery, bio and high-performance medical equipment etc. "
The United States is calling for "cancellation of the vision" of "China Manufacturing 2025" led
by "Xi Jinping President".

In the Cold War era, the United States regulated the export
of advanced technology to communist countries,
in order to kill technologically the Soviet Union trying to catch up with the United States.
For the Soviet Union, it is known as COCOM (COCOM,
Export Control Committee for Communist Party), for China,
an international agreement called CHINCOM is made
and over 100 items of military technology related goods exceeds certain performance
but exports Banned.
In 1982, Toshiba Machine in Japan exported machine tools
with performance exceeding the limit to the Soviet Union.
As a result of this, the precision of screw polishing of submarines
of the Soviet Union increased remarkably, and it became difficult to search
because the noises ceased, Congress and the US Toshiba Machine Tataki occurred terribly
by the US in the beginning.
This mechanism called Kokom greatly pulled the legs of the Soviet economy.
At that time,
"Western countries" at the time also restricted even the exportation
of head-polishing technology of video coders,
in order to ensure technical superiority.
With the export restrictions of computers and their technologies,
the Soviet computer and semiconductor technology has largely disappeared.
The Soviet Union was largely delayed by "Western countries"
in the development of industrial products, chemicals, etc.

Japanese companies are exporting chips of advanced technology such as machinery
and parts to China.
On the contrary, Japan's exports are maintained with such items.
Not only in Japan. Germany, France and the UK are the same.
However, wages of workers will not increase.
Politicians who fell to the Chinese honey trap are making a treaty to support China.
They are making agreements to enrich Chinese citizens rather than their own citizens.
By the global economy, only China became affluent.

People can not "tolerate" anymore.
The French showed in action.

We should eliminate politicians who fell to Chinese honey traps.
Who incorporated China's "socialist market economy" into freedom and democratic "market economy".

Private companies should have learned that "free competition can not be done"
with national companies of dictatorship.

Private enterprises can not compete with "national companies
of dictatorship countries stealing other countries' technology."
Private enterprises advocating human rights can not compete with "national companies
of dictatorship states who treat the people like slaves."

"State" of "socialist market economy" should be shut out from "global market economy". .
The freedom and democratic countries should restore "Cocom".

The freedom and democratic countries should "eliminate" China from the "market economy".

Everyone, please know the constitution of Japan.
It is the same as the countries of the world.
It is Article 31 of the Japanese Constitution.
"No one shall be deprived of its life or freedom unless it is done
by the procedures prescribed by law, and no other punishment can be imposed."

article 31.
No person shall be deprived of life or liberty,
nor shall any other criminal penalty be imposed,
except according to procedure established by law.

Article 72
"All jurisdiction belongs to the Supreme Court and lower courts set up by law.
The special court can not set this. Administrative agencies can not trial as the final judgment.
All judges follow their conscience and independently exercise their authority
and are bound only to this constitution and law. "

rticle 72.
The prime minister, representing the cabinet,
submits bills, reports on general national affairs and foreign relations to the diet
and exercises control and supervision over various administrative branches.

In reality Japan, this constitution is "not protected". Help me.
Judge's "violation of applicable law" is a constitutional breach.

There are many victims around the world. Please support "appeal to ICC".

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