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# metoo Human rights victim! Dear Sirs International people. Sunday version: January 20, 2019: I asked for support from the Japan Federation of Bar Associations. "Japan Federation of Bar Associations" said that "we can not support you" because "th

<Public mail> # metoo Human rights victim!

Dear Sirs International people.

Sunday version: January 20, 2019:
I asked for support from the Japan Federation of Bar Associations.
"Japan Federation of Bar Associations" said that "we can not support you"
because "the power to support me" is insufficient.
The following is the continuation of my damage.

Dear sirs. Lefco finally got a chance of "V-shaped recovery". But,
Lefco Inc. became "self-bankruptcy" as "beginning dawn first inception inchoation kick off origin"
More than 165 shareholders also suffered an economic loss of "investment".
And the dream of the public offering collapsed and the shareholders received "mental distress".
I am How disappointing!

I ended the "prison sentence" on 19th March 2013.
I am not feeling well.
I was waiting for a voluntary request for retrial
by the public prosecutor (withdrawal of indictment).
The prosecution apologized to me and waited for me to revive the property rights.
But they are "craftiness" peculiar to "criminals".
They intend to "escape" to the last.
So I complained the judicial officials with "False accusation"
and "abuse of authority by special public officer".

The seriousness of this case is a breach of the "legality principle".
A criminal offense that judicial officials should not do.
All judicial officials involved in this case are "abusing authority of duties".
Judicial officials are doing crime very ordinarily.

People from the international community looking at the net
and sending mails to me say that in Japan, this incident happened can not be believed.
People from the international community were convinced that Japan was an advanced country
and a legal nation.

In Japan, "false charges" due to misidentification of facts is a common story
However, in this case the prosecutors etc. made "creation of crime".
And the prosecutors "arrested, confined" us by law (private law) which does not exist.

It is a "criminal act" that denies the "legality principle" by judicial officials.

Judicial officials are doing domiciliary search, arrest, prosecution, trial,
ignoring the constitution and laws.
There are many police officials, prosecutors, and judges involved.
Everyone says, "Even though a lawyer is on ..." Why! "" I can not believe it! "

I asked for support from the Japan Federation of Bar Associations.
However, because the "Japan Federation of Bar Associations" does not have the ability to support you,
he said "I can not support you."

In this way, it is impossible in Japan to solve under the law.
We need your "power" of the international community.

It will continue on January 26th.

Please understand Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act.
Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act
The full text is below.

This is the reason for the crime pointed out in the indictment
The prosecution says that we did "aiding
and abetting" of Article 22-4-4 of the Immigration Act "Revocation of Status of Residence."
This punishment is the cancellation of "status of residence".

(Revocation of Status of Residence)
Article 22-4 A Minister of Justice may obtain a foreign national who resides
in Japan with the status of residence of the upper column of Appended Table 1
or Appended Table 2 under the recognition of a refugee under paragraph 1 of Article 61-2 ),
If any of the facts listed in each of the following items is found,
the applicant may revoke the status of residence that the alien actually has
under the procedure specified by the applicable Ordinance of the Ministry of Justice.

1 omitted
2 omission
3 omitted
※ ※ ※ ※
"A bill of indictment" is "posting" 4 below. It's crazy.
Documents submitted by the Chinese to "Tokyo Immigration Bureau" correspond to the following 4.
The prosecution "pointed out" that this document "false document" was "provided" to the Chinese.

4 In addition to what is listed in the preceding three items,
documents with misrepresented statements (certificates and misrepresentations stipulated
in Article 7-2, paragraph 1, which was issued
by submission or presentation of documents with misstatements or drawings)
Including a visa received on a passport as a result of submission
or presentation of a certain document or drawing of the same) or a seal
or the like of landing permission by submission or presentation of drawings.

5 omitted
(Forced deportation)
Article 24 For a foreign national who falls under any of the following items,
it is possible to force the departure from Japan by the procedure prescribed in the next chapter.

* The following was added in 2010 July.
(3) Invalidly illegally issuing a certificate by the provisions
of the first clause or the second clause of the preceding chapter,
a seal of a landing permit (including a record under the provisions of Article 9 paragraph 4)
or permission, iv Falsify or alter documents or drawings,
create false documents or drawings for the purpose
of permitting landing pursuant to the provisions of the section
or obtaining permission under the provisions of Section 1 or Section 3 of the next chapter,
Any person who exercises, possesses, or provides for altered documents
or drawings or false documents or drawings, or suggests or helps these acts

There is no "good abduction" or "bad abduction" in abduction / confinement. Help me!

There are many victims around the world.
Please support "appeal to ICC".

The material is below.

In case
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please contact us by email.

Sincerely yours, Yasuhiro Nagano


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