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#metoo Human rights victim! Dear Sirs International people. Sunday version, March 17, 2019: China, a communist dictatorship, does not protect human rights other than wealthy Chinese. But it is heaven for the rich. Today, China is a country that the

<Public mail> #metoo Human rights victim!

Dear Sirs International people.

Sunday version, March 17, 2019:
China, a communist dictatorship, does not protect human rights other than wealthy Chinese.
But it is heaven for the rich. Today, China is a country that the United States made
by passing huge dollars every year. It's too crazy.

Greetings. The UK announced in February that it could control the risk even
if it adopted "Huawei" as a 5G infrastructure vendor!
Will Britain not only leave the EU, but also leave the "Five Eyes" (UKUSA Agreement)?
That's crazy!

Will Britain become a "lonesome country" that is blinded by money?
The adoption of “Huawei” is the influence of Mr. Lee Jia Mao,
who is the eighth-largest “Millionaire” in the world.
The decision is also reported to be "in the background" with his large investment in the United Kingdom.
If “Huawei” is adopted,
there is a possibility that it will be required to withdraw
from the agreement that mutually uses the facilities of the intelligence agencies
of the five western countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand)
and Fiveeyes (UKUSA agreement). is there.
The UK should make decisions carefully, either taking "money" or choosing "national defense".

President Donald Trump "requires allies to reduce the deficit" to reduce the US trade deficit,
but the deficit with China's trade with China is too big.
The United States should first make the trade deficit with China "zero".
The United States has become a poor country as the United States "gifts" huge amounts
of dollars each year to China.
And China made military power close to the level of the United States with the huge amount
of dollars received from the United States.

The media is called the US-China Trade War, but the United States continues to give the dollar to China.
I have never heard of a war that "gifts" a huge amount of military expenses to "an enemy country".
It's crazy.

The United States accepted many Chinese.
Chinese stole technology from the United States.
The United States finally noticed.
The United States needs a "wall" at the border with China rather than a "wall" at the border with Mexico.
In the world of 5G, it is said that Chinese technology is superior.
I understand that Britain has adopted "Huawei".

But can we make the world a communist world?
Is it possible to throw away "freedom", "democracy", "human rights", "politics under the law" etc.
which the western countries have built in a long history?

I am "NO"!
We should exclude China with different values ​​from society of global economy.
If the "global economy society" continues,
Western countries should create a "production system" that can beat China.
Western countries should "take up" factories in the world from China.
The United States should set up a "special zone" on the American side of the border wall with Mexico.
The United States should accept "illegal immigrants" and "refugees"
in the world as "temporary immigrants" by limiting it to "special zones."
Employment of "temporary immigration" as a simple worker enables production
at a manufacturing cost lower than China.

It's not just America. The United Kingdom, France and Germany should also set up "special zones"
in their own country.
"Nationals of each country" and "temporary immigration" never live together.
This is the "wisdom" learned by Western countries.
"Temporary immigration" is capable of living better than living in the home country.
I think this "policy" is a "good policy" for humanity
It will continue next week.

Please understand the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act.
Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act

The full text is below.

This is the reason for the crime pointed out in the indictment
The prosecution says that we did "aiding and abetting" of the Immigration Act Article 22-4-4,
"Revocation of Status of Residence".
This punishment is the cancellation of the status of residence.

(Revocation of Status of Residence)
Article 22-4 The Minister of Justice shall have the status of residence
in the upper column of Table 1 or Table 2 and receive the status of a foreign national resident
in Japan (as determined by the refugee status under Article 61, paragraph 1).
If any of the facts listed in the following items are found,
the status of residence of the foreigner may be rescinded by the procedure specified
by the Ministry of Justice:

1 Omission
2 Omitted
3 Omission
※ ※ ※ ※ ※
"A bill of indictment" "posts" 4 below. It's crazy.
Documents submitted by the Chinese to the Tokyo Immigration Bureau fall under 4 below.
The prosecutors "point out" that we "delivered" this document "false document" to the Chinese.

(4) In addition to what is listed in item (3),
documents with inaccuracies (documents or documents with inaccuracies or documents or drawings
and grants of grants by Article 7-2 of paragraph 1 of the provision
and presentation of injustice Of the landing permit, etc.)
or the submission or presentation of a drawing, etc.) or the submission of a drawing or drawing.

5 Omitted
(Forced removal)
Article 24 For foreigners who fall under any of the following items,
they may be compelled to leave Japan by the procedures set forth in the next chapter.

※ The following has been added in January 2010.
3 Improper issuance of a certificate
under the provisions of Section 1 or 2 of the previous Chapter unfairly,
a seal of landing permission (including a record under the provisions of Article 9 paragraph 4)
or permission, to the same foreign national. Forgery or falsification of a document
or drawing for the purpose of obtaining permission of landing according to the provisions of the Section
or permission under the provisions of Section 1 or Section 3 of the next chapter,
create a false document or drawing, or forge or A person who has exercised, possessed or provided,
offered or abetted these acts or altered documents or drawings or false documents or drawings

There is no "good abduction" or "bad abduction" in abduction or captivity. Help me!

There are many victims all over the world.
Please support "Appeal to ICC".

The documents are below.

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Yours sincerely Nagano Yoshihiro

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