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#metoo Human rights victim! Dear Sirs International people. Saturday version, March 23, 2019: On March 19, the British chairman announced, "I will not allow the third vote." The "British people" had to choose between "withdrawal" and "Residual". Th

<Public mail> #metoo Human rights victim!

Dear Sirs International people.

Saturday version, March 23, 2019:
On March 19, the British chairman announced, "I will not allow the third vote."
The "British people" had to choose between "withdrawal" and "Residual".
The British chose to leave the EU in a referendum.
Politicians should not set conditions for withdrawal.
Britain should protect democracy. British people! Ganbare!

Greetings. I am Japanese. Britain is a country of democracy. I respect the UK.
I was against the UK 'withdrawal from the EU'.
However, the British people chose "withdrawal from the EU" in the referendum.
I thought the British people's decision was great.
Congressmen should follow the rules of democracy.
I respect the British people's will to leave the EU.

Democracy should protect what has been decided by majority.
There is no second referendum.
"It should be clearly" withdrawal ".

In some surveys, including the BBC,
those who voted for withdrawal were rather "aged", "the percentage
of higher education received was lower than the rest", "more in the north of England".
In the case of the “residuals”, characteristics such as “young people”,
“many people living in the city”, and “higher education” were found.
The “elite group” began to treat the people of secessionist groups as low-income people
who simply work.
It is "old people or people with a low education level,
people who voted without understanding the meaning of withdrawal,
people who can not benefit from the economic benefits of globalization."
The elite who live in London say about the people who voted for "withdrawal".
"They don't know anything and chose to leave, they are fools."

I think that "the elite" in the UK is "Cowards".
Democracy is not exclusively controlled by the elite, the people are equal.
"Elite" in Britain has become "East Asian thought".
It appears to the elite that "thought of discrimination" is "rooted".

Prime Minister May needed to "show" whether she was trying to do "bridget" with "Seriousness".
So she declared that she would "go out" from a "single market" or "a customs union".
This attitude is called "hard bragit".
I thought it was wonderful.

However, according to the "Checkers draft", after leaving,
the United Kingdom will adopt the EU common rules.
This means that the fifth largest UK GDP trades according to the rules of other countries.
Prime Minister Mei has done "Vagus" and ended up.

Japan is the same island country as Britain.
Japan is not a member of the EU.
However, Japan is the third largest GDP country.
Prime Minister Mei should stop relying on the EU.
Britain is a good "adult country".
The United Kingdom should be a "hard withdrawal".
France and Germany should "turn down" Britain.

The UK should not imitate East Asian countries like China and Japan.
Britain should be a country that freedoms, democracy and "rules under the law"
and defends human rights.

UK! Ganbare!

Everyone, please be interested in the realities of the judicial situation in Japan.
Products made by companies that do not follow compliance will someday take away your life.
Please help me to make Japan a "country governed under the law".

I will continue tomorrow.

Everybody in the world, rescue the victims of the Japanese government around you!

The victims are foreigners who "worked illegally"
in activities other than "Certificate of Residence" in Japan.
They are arrested for "illegal labor" under Article 70 of the Immigration Control Act
and are subject to "criminal sanctions" such as "a prison term punishment" and "a fine punishment".
And they are foreigners who have been forced to repatriate.

In most cases, the employer who has illegally employed this foreigner is not punished
for being guilty of "crimination for promoting unlawful work"
under Article 73-2 of the Immigration Act.
This violates international law that prohibits "discriminately disposing" foreigners.
"Illegal labor" can not be done by a single foreigner.
If the "employer" who illegally hires a foreigner is "innocent," the foreigner is also "innocent."

Victims should apply to the governments and media of each country.
Governments and media in each country should ask the Japanese government
for "restoration of honor" and "reparations".

I "employed" foreigners. In 2008, there was a “leman shock”.
I stopped hiring foreigners.
Foreigners were arrested because they worked outside the qualifications.
I was "punished" for "support crimes" in violation of Article 70
of the Immigration Control Act of foreigners.
This is "False charge". Philippine embassy officials and diplomats are also "victims."
The rest will be written in the "Sunday edition" of tomorrow.

If governments and embassies can not protest the Japanese government,
request an investigation from "ICC."
(Please stop from falling into the Japanese government's honey trap.)

There are many victims all over the world. Please support "Appeal to ICC".

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Yours sincerely Nagano Yoshihiro



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