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Dear Sirs International people. Article 14 of the Constitution. "Equality under the law". All the people are equal under the law, according to race, religion, gender, social status or No discrimination in political, economic or social relationships. "K

Dear Sirs International people.

Saturday Edition, May 11, 2019:
Dear Sirs, Japan's judicial administration is crazy.
The suspects of the elite (class) will not be arrested.
A "high-ranking bureaucrat" who is close to "Prime Minister Abe" rushes to the scene of a traffic accident.
And he tells the police not to arrest him.
There is no "the elite (class)" in the Japanese constitution or law.
They create a "privileged class".
the elite (class) = joukyu kokumin.

Part 1. Article 14 of the Constitution. "Equality under the law".
All the people are equal under the law, according to race, religion, gender, social status or
No discrimination in political, economic or social relationships.
"Kazoku = nobility" and other "nobility" systems do not admit this.
The awarding of honors, medals and other honors does not carry any privileges.
The awarding of honors is effective only for one generation of those who receive it now
or in the future.

It is a voice of the net.
The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Agency does not arrest "the elite (class)"
which killed two mothers in a runaway accident in Ikebukuro,
and they hear the circumstances "at any time".
The Metropolitan Police Department does not seem to want to arrest anyone
who has received such "The Order of the Sacred Treasure," (Medal).
That is a violation of Article 14 of the Constitution!
If you do not arrest "the elite (class)" because you can't destroy the evidence
or "there is little risk of escape",
Do not arrest the driver of a fatal accident from now on.
He is 87 years old, but many old people over 80 have been arrested until now.
On the same day, an 86-year-old man who had "caused a" car accident "was arrested at the" site of the accident ".

It is crazy not to arrest. He has not even apologized to the bereaved.
It can only be said that "the elite (class)" is treated specially.

It is the "one team in a black suit" who is talking to staff of the police traffic department.
It looks like a government official (see above).
He should not be arrested for "the elite (class)" who is getting "Medal"! .
And after this, government officials tell police officers.
From now on "the elite (class)" will be admitted to the hospital.
Please understand that it will progress in this scenario! "Good" ※ "speculation".

Before the accident, "the elite (class)" was telling the intention
of "the return of the license" around.
The "neighborhood residents" of the "the elite (class)" did not have a smooth entry
into the garage,
There is a testimony with.
After the accident "the elite (class)" talks to his son "on the phone".
(Hide evidence).
"The elite (class)" told his son, "I killed a lot of people and injured them."

So it seems that his son called the prime minister's office.
So it seems that the high-ranking officials
of Prime Minister Abe's side rushed to the scene of a traffic accident.
The names of the senior officials of the aides are known from the photos of the accident site.

I think that Carlos Ghosn feels "frustrated".
He is a person who is "proof of evidence", "fear of escape".
President McGron is the "President" in France,
but in Japan it is an ordinary foreigner.
It has been determined that it is below "the elite (class)" in Japan.
This is a scary thing.
When the privileged class holds power, it becomes the past history of Japan,
Germany and Italy.
Everyone, please pay attention to the judicial administration of Japan.

Part 2. There are many Koreans who have been arrested
for immigration law violations in violation of international law.
(I can not count).
Koreans, Chinese, "everyone in the world"!
Help the victims of the Japanese government around you!

The victims are foreigners who "worked illegally"
in activities other than "Certificate of residence" in Japan.
They were arrested for "illegal labor" under Article 70 of the Immigration Control Act and
We have received "criminal punishment" such as "a penalty sentence".
And they are foreigners who have been forced to repatriate.
I wrote this yesterday.

We arrest a third party for "supporting" the aforementioned "illegal labor" of foreigners.
The victim is me or "Kin Gungaku who is Chinese".
Other victims are officials from the Embassy of the Philippines
and diplomats from the Philippines.
I think there are more victims, but I do not know the information.

It is a third party who has handed out the “contract documents
for employment” to foreigners who have “illegal labor”.
It has nothing to do with "illegal labor."
The prosecution says in Indictment:

I gave a foreigner "Employment Contract Documents with False Content".
Foreigners were able to easily obtain the status of residence
by attaching “Employment Contract Documents with False Content”.
Foreigners came to live in Japan because they got “Certificate of residence”.
Foreigners were able to do "illegal labor" because they were in Japan.
Therefore, as a crime against Article 70 "illegal labor"
of the immigration control law of foreigners,
We apply "the crime that supported other crimes" of "Article 60
and Article 62 of the Penal Code".

"Sins of support" for Article 70 "illegal labor" of the Immigration Control Act
It prescribes in "the crime which promotes unlawful work".

The "crime reason" of the prosecution is the Immigration Act Article 22-4-4
It is stipulated in "Revocation of the status of residence
by the submission of false documents".
There is no punishment for that. Only the status of residence is cancelled.
And "forced repatriation" will be.

Even if you get a status of residence in "false documents",
It is not "illegal labor" if it works within the scope of the status of residence.
The application of Article 62 and Article 62 of the Penal Code to me
and the Philippine diplomat is an error of the "applicable law".
This is the perfect "False charge".

Victims should apply to the governments and media of each country.
Governments and media in each country should ask the Japanese government
for "restoration of honor" and "reparations".

If governments and embassies can not protest the Japanese government,
request an investigation from the ICC.
There are many victims all over the world. Please support "Appeal to ICC".

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Best regards. Yasuhiro Nagano


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