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Yasuhiro Nagano proposal July 20, 2019, Special Zone Saturday Edition: "MAKE American dream AGAIN!".

There are many American victims. I have seen this with my eyes.

If the prosecution does not arrest the employer, the Americans are not guilty.

Should seek restoration and compensation for the honor of Americans.


July 20, 2019, Special Zone Saturday Edition: "MAKE American dream AGAIN!".

Dear Sirs, Donald Trump's weakness is the lack of a "vision" to strengthen the United States.

In the 2020 presidential election, presidential candidates should propose the construction of a "special zone".


The "special zone" realizes "MAKE American dream AGAIN!"

1. The United States will restore labor demand by "accepting" manufacturing from China.

2. By accepting illegal immigration from Central and South America as "temporary immigration", the United States has "merit" on both sides.

3. There will be over 100 million "temporary immigrants".

4. US GDP will double.


Imagine! The American people's dream will grow endlessly !!

Imagine life with twice as much GDP as now!

Imagine! The day when US products are exported in large quantities to China!

Imagine a day when China will put additional tariffs on US products!

It is the most pleasant !!


The United States should build "walls" to protect "special zones", not to protect "deserts."

In other words, create a "wall" that protects the "special zone" of the Mexican border.

Interim immigrants can not leave the Special Zone.

Even if there are "offenders", they can not enter the United States except "special zones."


Make the Mexican border a "special zone".

Transfer the factory from China to the "special zone".

Confine the people of Latin America to "special zones" and accept them as "temporary immigration".

Hire "temporary immigrants" as "low-paid workers" at factories in special zones.


Mexicans accepted in the "special zone" work as "low-paid workers" to earn wages (cash).

Much of the wages will be sent to Mexico.

The United States sells American products to Mexico and recover "money" from Latin American countries.


US companies and Japanese companies can hire "cheap workers" in "special zones," and so will move factories from China and Mexico to "special zones."

The factory can not be operated only by "temporary immigration".

American "skilled workers" will work in factories in "special zones".


The factory in the "special zone" is the same as the "factory" that has made inroads into the "industrial park" of China.

Existing industrial areas will become more 'prosperous' by sending parts in the supply chain to 'special zones'.


If 100 million "temporary migrants" are accepted in "special zones", American farmers will consume "agricultural products" in the United States without relying on exports to China.


Latin American "poor people" will be able to work in the United States as "temporary immigration".

Mexico and other countries will be enriched by "remittance" from "temporary immigration".

In the United States, "Win-Win relationships" with Central and South American countries will be restored.

For more information, please see my suggestions so far.


"MAKE American dream AGAIN!"


I will continue tomorrow.


Part 2. To the United States, I "propose" to build a "special zone" along the border with Mexico.

April 13, 2019, Special Zone Saturday Edition: Please see.


The reality of Japan's immigration policy is worse than in the United States.

Japanese immigration law is similar to American immigration law.

The prosperity of America is realized by freedom, democracy, and "ruled under the law" in the world.

I seriously seek the rule of law. Please direct the concerned parties to investigate.

There are also many American victims.


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If you have any questions please email me.

Sincerely, Yasuhiro Nagano