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日本人からのSOS提案 August 31, 2019, To that end, a special zone on the Mexican border should be established and more than 100 million “provisional immigrants” should be accepted.

Proposal from Japanese

August 31, 2019, Special Zone Saturday Edition: “MAKE American dream AGAIN!”.

Dear Sirs, Prime Minister Abe promised US President Trump an additional purchase of US corn during the US-Japan trade negotiations. It reaches about 2,750,000 tons. The prime minister says pest damage is the reason, but it is unnatural. The US should expand its consumption in the US rather than “high-pressure sell” agricultural products. To that end, a special zone on the Mexican border should be established and more than 100 million “provisional immigrants” should be accepted.


Part 1. The Tokyo Shimbun on August 27, 2019 reports.

Mr. Trump said on the 25th at the Japan-US summit meeting in Biarritz, France.

Corn is “remaining” in the US because “China does not keep its promise”.

US farmers are “very happy” because Japan buys “all the rest”.


Prime Minister Abe” is President Trump's “great” “Yes Man”. He says:

In Japan, we are suffering from pest damage and there is a demand for additional purchases from the private sector,” he said. As expected, he is “Yes Man”.


According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the damage has not spread so much.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries states that there is no hindrance to normal farming activities at this time (Plant Protection Division), and the 2750,000 tons promised to the US is likely to be excessive compared to the required amount.

Nutrition value” is different from corn using “fruit” that is additionally purchased from the US.

Nobuhiro Suzuki and Professor of Tokyo University (Agricultural Economics) pointed out that “the two must be balanced and given to maintain the health of livestock”.

Even if damage increases, US corn cannot be “simply” “substituted”.


The Sankei Shimbun tells Mr. Trump's interview.

US President Trump said at the press conference on the 26th that he was not thinking "at the moment" measures to impose high tariffs on Japanese cars, indicating that it could be implemented in the future.


What happened to the rice?

I proposed "export" of "rice" for Japan.

What about the export of “processed rice as food”?

You should export in a way that increases the work of US workers.

"Rice" should be processed in the US and "processed rice as food" should be exported.


The US strategy was successful in the semiconductor war.

The US mandated 20% of Japan as a share of semiconductor imports.

I proposed.

The United States should “obligate” Japan to import a certain percentage of “large passenger cars made in the United States”.

"GM cars" that depend on China for 40% should be excluded.

Ford cars” should be imported as Japanese “official cars”.

Ford workers should “demonstration” the White House at this request.

Will continue tomorrow


Part 2. In the United States, I “suggest” to build a “special zone” along the border with Mexico.

See April 13, 2019, Special Zone Saturday Edition.


Japan's immigration policy is worse than the United States.

Japanese immigration law is similar to American immigration law.

America's prosperity is realized by the world being free, democratic, and "ruled under the law".

I seriously seek the rule of law. Please instruct the person concerned to investigate.

There are many American victims.


Documents to be submitted to ICC.



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Sincerely, Yasuhiro Nagano


Yasuhiro Nagano