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Living for today...To President Trump 2019-10-09: Dear Sir, I explained to the communist controlled lawyer about the "wrong application law".

To President Trump

2019-10-09: Dear Sir,
I explained to the communist controlled lawyer about the "wrong application law".
The “reason for crime” in the “indictment” is not a crime.
She says, "There may be other laws that apply."
She doesn't know criminal trials. Criminal trials are deliberated only
on “reason for crime” and “applicable law” written in the “indictment”.
Japanese lawyers cannot protect human rights.
“Lawyer services in Japan” should be “open” to “foreign lawyers”.

Part 1. The Immigration Control Act strictly responds to eliminate “simple labor”
by foreigners.
However, the cause and effect of “illegal labor” is employers
who employ “foreigners who are not eligible to work”.
Therefore, the Immigration Control Act punishes employers who hired illegally
under Immigration Act Article 73-2 “Sins to Promote Unlawful Employment”.
Foreigners who have worked illegally are
also subject to the immigration law Article 70 “Crime of Unqualified Labor”
and both of them are entitled to imprisonment of 3 years
or less and a fine of 3 million yen or less.
Article 73-2 of the Immigration Control Act “Sin
which promotes illegal employment” is a “both punishment provision”
of “Company with individuals”.

As can be seen from the above, by "punishing equally under the law",
we are taking strict measures that do not violate "international law".

Therefore, it is illegal, not “equality under the law”,
to punish only Filipinos without punishing “employers”
who are the cause of “illegal labor outside of qualification”.

In the bill of indictment,
the “Causality”
of the “Filipino” Immigration Act Article 70 “Unqualified Labor” is clearly different
from the Immigration Act Article 73-2.

If you don't punish employers who hire them illegally,
“Illegal labor” means “does not exist”.

Philippines are not "illegal immigrants" that "Trump President" hates.
They are not foreigners who “stay illegally”.
They were staying in Japan under the “Resident Status” from the Minister of Justice.

Even if they want to work illegally, they can't work unless employers hire them.
Philippine people who worked illegally are "victims".

Japan accepts “simple workers” as “international students”
and “technical internship students”.
However, the reality is “simple workers”.
International students can work 28 hours a week.
However, the actual situation is working more than 100 hours a week.
And when they get in the way, they are deported.
All are "responsibility" of "International students".
This is the offense of Article 70 “Labor outside of qualification”.
Japan has a “notification system” for “illegal labor”.
The “reporter” will receive a 50,000 yen bounty.

Japan has a shortage of labor due to the declining birthrate and aging population.
Acceptance of “simple workers” is necessary.
To that end, the resolution of “this incident” is a top priority.

It will continue tomorrow.

Please see "Bill of indictment" at the following "Site".
In this case, just by looking at this “bill of indictment”,
you can understand the “error of applicable law”.

Please see “English translation” and “Japanese text” PDFs.
Please be careful when handling personal information.
● Translation of English sentence “letter of indictment”
"Indictment against Yasuhiro Nagano KinGungaku"
English translation is for reference only. To be precise, do it yourself.
● Original Japanese text “letter of indictment”
"Indictment against Yasuhiro Nagano KinGungaku (Japanese)"
English translation is incorrect. Please see “PDF” above for English translation.
● Please see related laws. (Japanese and English translation)
1) Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act
Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act
2) Criminal law
Penal code
3) Constitution of Japan
The Constitution of Japan

Part 2. I “sue” two things.
This is an “international” “human rights violation” by the Japanese government.
It has been nearly 10 years since the incident. My life is limited.
We ask for your support so that our “honor recovery and compensation” will be carried out.
If the world ignores “governance under the law”, it is natural to resolve it by terrorism.
But crazy.

1. Foreigners performed “illegal labor” other than “qualification of residence”.
But foreigners are innocent.
Only foreigners were punished for the immigration law article 70 “Illegal Labor Crimes”.
On the other hand, the Immigration Control Law punishes employers
who are “causal” of illegal labor under Article 73-2 of the Immigration Control Law
(crimes that promote illegal employment).

However, the Japanese judiciary “punished” foreigners only, but not “employers”.
This is clearly contrary to the principle of equality under the law
And it violates international law that prohibits "arbitrarily" "punishing" only foreigners.

If an employer who hires a foreigner illegally is "innocent",
an illegally employed foreigner is also "innocent".
If so, there is no “person who supported other crimes of the Penal Code”
against Article 70 of the Immigration Control Act.
"I, KinGungaku, Philippine diplomat, Philippine embassy official" is innocent.

2. The prosecution is “applying” the “crimes to support other crimes”
in Articles 60 and 62 of the Penal Code against Article 70 of the Immigration Control Act
on the grounds of “support of the Immigration Act 22-4-4” It ’s crazy.
This is out of logic in the law.

A foreigner acted as prescribed in Article 22-4-4
(Acquisition of status of residence by submitting false documents).
However, there is no “criminal punishment” for this.
Disposal is “cancellation of status of residence” and “forced relocation”
by the Minister of Justice.
Therefore, the “crime to support other crimes”
in Articles 60 and 62 of the Penal Code is not applicable.
The “reason for crime” in Article 22-4-4 of the Immigration Act pointed out
by the “indictment” has no causal relationship with Article 70 of the Immigration Act.
The logic of the law is completely crazy.

The Japanese government has "crush" "sue".
However, “crush” by state power is “stop” of “Statute of limitations”.

The materials are below.

There are many victims in the world.

Best regards. Yasuhiro Nagano

Yasuhiro Nagano

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