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Nagano Opinion January 11, 2020, "Special Zones!" Dear Sirs, Republicans and Democrats should not sign the "US-China (Phase 1) Trade Agreement". Fundamental issues such as structural reform, protection of int

January 11, 2020, "Special Zones!" Dear Sirs,

Republicans and Democrats should not sign the "US-China (Phase 1) Trade Agreement". Fundamental issues such as structural reform, protection of intellectual property rights, and above all, regaining the manufacturing industry have been postponed. The US trade deficit with China threatens its allies. With the Mexican border as a `` special zone '', `` take back '' the `` manufacturing factory '' from China!


Part 1. I wrote it last week (January 04, 2020).

The United States' trade deficit with China, which President Trump has regarded as such a "guilty guilt," is rising. I reiterate "manufacturing should be returned to the United States."


The following article from NEW Week on December 16, 2019 is as follows.



The massive US deficit is annoying to allies.

It will impose a “retaliatory tariff” on the grounds of a “slight trade deficit” compared to China.

Require allies to take over "US military spending."

In the future, the United States will use military power as a shield and demand money.

The United States should eliminate the trade deficit with China at its own risk!


To this end, we need to make the Mexican border a "special zone" and create an "industrial zone" that beats China.

The poor should be accepted as "provisional immigrants" from Latin America and elsewhere.

"Temporary immigrants" will be cheap labor, as "skill training."

Many factories will return from China.


Remittances from 'interim migrants' to 'home country' will enrich 'Latin America' countries.

The job of "American skilled workers" who make products by teaching "skill training" will be "abundant".

If now.

"Scarcity of skilled workers" could be accepted from Europe and Japan.


If the United States loses its deficit with China, China will lose its surplus.

That would reduce China's military spending budget and weaken the "Chinese army."


US agricultural products will be consumed in the United States if "interim migrants" increase.

Allies are enriched by exporting products to factories in "special zone".

"Money" from around the world will gather in the US with investment in "special zones."


Republicans and Democrats should appeal to the public in presidential elections.

"What" is "American people" dissatisfied with this proposal?


Continue tomorrow.


Part 2. "Special Zones"

1) I propose to build a "special zone" along the border with Mexico for the United States.

2) We propose to build "special zones" in each country, including Europe.


Each nation is to build a "special zone" to solve the problem of the poor and refugees and to "realize a peaceful earth" emphasized by developed and least developed countries.

We accept poor (illegal immigrants) and refugees in "special zones" as "provisional immigrants".

The "range of life" of "provisional immigrants" is limited to "special zones".

Companies build labor-intensive factories in “special zones”.

Most factory workers are "interim migrants."

They work as "skill trainees" or "simple workers".

"Interim migrants" work in "special zones" for a certain period of time, and those who "certify" as safe migrants can freely work in each country as "workers migrants".


Part 3. Help victims of human rights abuses by the Japanese government.

The prosperity of the free world is "realized" by freedom, democracy and "rule under the law."

I seriously seek the "rule of law".

"Illegal punishment" of "violation of immigration law" has caused many victims in the world.

For details, see the "Send on weekdays" email.

Please instruct related parties to investigate.

There are many American victims.


Documents to be submitted to ICC.



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Kind regards Yasuhiro Nagano


Yasuhiro Nagano