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To President Trump President Trump should keep his "promise with me." A president who cannot keep his promise with the Japanese cannot protect Americans!

To President Trump

President Trump should keep his "promise with me."
A president who cannot keep his promise with the Japanese cannot protect Americans!

2020-06-26: Dear Sir,
The Japanese prosecutor is an insane "consciousness" of "Privileged class". "Common sense education" is required for prosecutors. In a "criminal case", "willfulness" is required to "establish a crime". The common sense of the prosecutor is abnormal. In this case, there is a "bank transfer" of 300,000 yen to Lefco from "Kin" (Katakana). The prosecutor decides that this "bank transfer" is "a reward of 300,000 yen" from "Kin Gungaku."
The prosecutor is a "custom" to "give a reward" to "matchmaker" by "bank transfer". I don't think they are Japanese! ! I think Carlos Ghosn's escape was the best way.

Part 1. I asked a lot of Chinese people. For Chinese people, "family name and first name" are "one body".
They say that “bank transfer” with “family name” or “first name” is “impossible”.
Furthermore, there is no space between the "family name" and the "first name."
There is no way to "bank transfer" "Thank you money".
The name of the "bank transfer" transfer is "Yasuhiro Nagano".
We never do "bank transfer" with "Nagano" or "Yasuhiro" alone.

I "publish" the "criminal complaint".
The Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office will not accept the "criminal complaint" even
if it is submitted many times.
They are not only "police and judge" crimes,
They also make their fellow "prosecutors" "innocent."

"Complaint to the public prosecutor in the 2010 Immigration Control Violation Case"  
The prosecutor prosecuted the "act" that was "not guilty" in the January 2017 revision
of the Immigration Control Act as "a crime".
When I say the logic of Article 31 of the Constitution, "Who believes you say!"! (Japanese)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

The January 2017 amendment to the Immigration Control Act states that I am not guilty
for the reason of the amendment. "It's a false accusation"
Reason: Revise from "I can't punish" to "I can punish".
Thank you to everyone in the international community.
See the indictment below. (Japanese)
However, the Japanese government does not restore the honor or compensate the victim.
I still send e-mails of incidents to many political parties and Diet members every day.
However, it is ignored because "Japan is not governed by the law."
Japanese politics is worse than North Korea.
After all, Japan is pursuing "national socialism".
We look forward to your continued support in resolving this issue.

I will write tomorrow too.

Part 2. See below for the following.

Best regards.

Yasuhiro Nagano

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