Japan's Justice in the Dark

Please support so that Japan will be governed under the law, fundamental human rights will be protected, and it will become a country complying with international law

The "time" when both "fishing boats in Japanese waters" and "landing on the Senkaku" are "blocked" by "use of force" by China is imminent! It is a different claim from the interpretation of international law, the impact on the Senkaku Islands is "inevi

In order to coexist with the "new corona" and carry out "life and health"
and "economic activities" without feeling "stress",
it is necessary to develop a "CT device that senses corona".
This is a device that can easily and instantly judge "negative corona" like a "thermal camera".
You can test at the entrance of a "specific facility"
and "negative people" can "act normally" without a "corona mask"!
Everyone, please agree. It should be jointly developed
in developed countries as soon as possible and provided to developing countries as well.

January 30, 2021: Saturday edition. Dear Sir,
President Biden, please protect the "Senkaku Islands" and "Japanese fishermen" based on the "Japan-US Security Treaty". Japanese fishermen cannot go to the fish-rich "Senkaku Islands". Because the Chinese army is chasing.
Even if China "invades" the Senkaku Islands,
the "Liberal Democratic Party's administration" just says "regret" (iKAN)! Japan is a pathetic country!
The Japanese people have no choice but to "rely on" the "US".

China has finally passed the "Cast Guard Law"!

  1. The "time" when both "fishing boats in Japanese waters"
  2. and "landing on the Senkaku" are "blocked" by "use of force" by China is imminent!
  3. It is a different claim from the interpretation of international law,
  4. the impact on the Senkaku Islands is "inevitable"!
  5. President Biden has stated that the "Senkaku Islands" are "subject to Article 5 of the Security Treaty."

Jake Sullivan, who became the White House Chief of Staff (National Security Advisor), said on the phone.
He "opposes any unilateral actions that undermine Japan's administration
of the Senkaku Islands and commits to its obligations under the Japan-US Security Treaty."

Part 1 China's "Cast Guard Law" will come into effect on February 1.
Includes claims that differ from the general interpretation of international law,
such as allowing "forced measures" on foreign warships and public vessels.
It is characterized by leaving "ambiguity" in the "weapon usage rules" and "sea area of ​​activity".
It seems that there is an intention to justify one-sided actions in the ocean by domestic law,
and the impact on the area around Okinawa Prefecture and the Senkaku Islands,
where ships of the "Cast Guard" repeatedly invade the territory, is inevitable.
The authority to enforce the law is also outstanding.
International law limits the authority to enforce law
on "warships and public vessels of other countries" even within territorial waters.
However, the CCG stipulates that if a foreign warship or public vessel commits an illegal act
in the "jurisdiction area", it "has the right to take measures such as deportation and towing."
It also includes the authority to forcibly remove islands and structures at sea in the "jurisdiction area".
"If national sovereignty or jurisdiction is violated, it can be eliminated by all measures,
including the use of weapons."
In addition, the range in which "hand-held weapons" can be used for foreign vessels is ambiguous as "jurisdiction",
which is in contrast to Japan's Japan Coast Guard law,
which in principle states "inland waters or territorial waters."

On November 12, 2020, Mr. Biden stated in his first telephone conversation with Prime Minister Suga.
The Senkaku is "subject to the application of Article 5 of the Security Treaty."

On the night of January 21, Mr. Sullivan stated in a telephone conversation.
The "Biden administration" has stated that it has confirmed
that Article 5 of the Japan-US Security Treaty, which stipulates the US defense obligations for Japan,
applies to the "Senkaku Islands in Okinawa Prefecture."
He "opposes any unilateral actions that undermine Japan's administration
of the Senkaku Islands and commits to its obligations under the Japan-US Security Treaty."

I will write tomorrow as well.

Part 2 Please support the victims of human rights violations by the Japanese government.
A person who "provides" a "false employment contract document" to a foreigner
who has performed "out-of-qualification activities" under the Immigration Control Act is "not guilty".
It is proved by the Japanese Diet.
Since the above acts could not be punished in the past,
we have made it possible to punish them by "Revision of the Immigration Control Act".
The 2017 Immigration Control Act has been revised.
Therefore, those who have been punished in the past are "innocent."
However, the Japanese government has not restored the honor and compensation of the victims.
Japan's "ruling and opposition parties" continue to hide and ignore this fact.
The prosperity of the free world is "realized" by freedom and democracy
and "respect for human rights" by being "controlled under the law".
I am seriously seeking "government under the law" of Japan.
There are many victims in the world due to "illegal punishment" of "violation of immigration law".
For more information, see Saturday and the "Send on weekdays" email.

There are also many American victims.
There are also many Chinese victims.
There are also many Filipino victims.

See the indictment below. (Japanese)

Documents to be submitted to the ICC.

Part 3 Construction of special zones.
See below.

If you have any questions, please ask by email.

Best regards Yasuhiro Nagano

Yasuhiro Nagano