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"Carbon recycling" is a new industry. We should increase the employment of workers and urgently "realize" a "decarbonized society."

Proposal from Japanese

February 27, 2021: Saturday edition. Dear Sir,
The Biden administration should "protect" the "workers' jobs"
and promote a "decarbonized society" as soon as possible.
Specifically, hydrogen is produced from "shale gas".
The by-product "CO2" will be recycled by "carbon recycling"
(Japan and the United States have agreed to share technical information).
Hydrogen is converted to "liquefied hydrogen" and transported to "GS" (hydrogen station)
by tank truck in the same way as "gasoline".
Refuel the "electric vehicle" or "fuel cell vehicle" with "liquid hydrogen" at the "hydrogen station".
The challenge is to establish "carbon recycling" and to install a hydrogen station.
It is said that the construction of a hydrogen station costs four to five times as much as a gas station.
In addition, hydrogen fuel requires a high-pressure tank with sufficient strength to achieve high-density storage,
and it is said that a hydrogen fuel tank that completely meets
that requirement is still under research and development.
The Biden administration should invest development funds to overcome this challenge.
This is a common initiative not only in the United States,
but also in developed countries with established gasoline distribution networks.
"Carbon recycling" is a new industry.
We should increase the employment of workers and urgently "realize" a "decarbonized society."

Part 1 How to make hydrogen. How to make from fossil fuels.
Currently, the mainstream method is to extract hydrogen
from fossil fuels such as natural gas and petroleum (gasoline,
kerosene, naphtha). It can be manufactured "in a short time,
in large quantities, at low cost" and has good energy efficiency,
but it uses depleting fossil fuels and emits carbon dioxide during the manufacturing process.
By the time a full-scale hydrogen society is realized,
it is expected that a cleaner and more efficient manufacturing method will be established.
This method will "operate" as a bridging technology until then. ..

Hydrogen vehicles have a history
of being originally developed as an attempt to effectively utilize hydrogen gas generated
in large quantities as a by-product during oil refining.
In the current oil refining process, those that "do not emit hydrogen gas" are the mainstream.
Unlike "petroleum resources," which are fossil fuels,
hydrogen can be "produced" almost "infinitely" from "natural gas" and "water."
This is a great strength of hydrogen.

"Recycling" of CO2 is also called "carbon recycling".
Nippon Steel has started the development of technology to produce "para-xylene"
from "CO2" in collaboration with "Chiyoda" Kako Construction and others.
"Paraxylene" is a raw material for clothing fibers and PET bottles,
and it is said that there is no example of manufacturing from CO2.
In addition to working to establish production methods and mass production technology,
the company plans to determine economic efficiency.
Nippon Steel is also researching a method of producing methane from "CO2" and using it as fuel
for ships in collaboration with JFE Steel and "Mitsui OSK Lines".
The Government of Japan has clarified issues and goals
and formulated a roadmap for technological development with the aim of encouraging innovation.
In October, a memorandum of understanding was signed
with the US government to agree to share technical information. Formulated.
In October, a memorandum of understanding was signed with the US government to agree to share technical information.

I will write tomorrow as well.

Part 2 Please support the victims of human rights violations by the Japanese government.
A person who "provides" a "false employment contract document" to a foreigner
who has performed "non-qualified activities" under the Immigration Control Act is "not guilty".
Proven by the Japanese Diet.
Since the above acts could not be punished in the past,
we have made it possible to punish them by "Revision of the Immigration Control and Refuge".
The 2017 Immigration Control Act has been revised.
Therefore, those who have been punished in the past are "innocent."
However, the Japanese government has not restored the honor and compensation of the victims.
Japan's "ruling and opposition parties" continue to hide and ignore this fact.
The prosperity of the free world is "realized" by freedom and democracy
and "respect for human rights" by being "controlled under the law".
I am seriously seeking "government under the law" of Japan.
There are many victims in the world due to "illegal punishment" of "immigration law violation".
For more information, see Saturday and the "Send on weekdays" email.

There are also many American victims.
There are also many Chinese victims.
There are also many Filipino victims.

See the indictment below. (Japanese)
Documents to be submitted to the ICC.

Part 3 Construction of special zones.
See below.
English language.

If you have any questions, please ask by email.

Best regards Yasuhiro Nagano


In order to coexist with the "new corona" and carry out "life and health"
and "economic activities" without feeling "stress",
it is necessary to develop a "CT device that senses corona".
This is a device that can easily and instantly judge "negative corona" like a "thermal camera".
You can test at the entrance of a "specific facility"
and "negative people" can "act normally" without a "corona mask"!
Everyone, please agree. It should be jointly developed
in developed countries as soon as possible and provided to developing countries as well.

Yasuhiro Nagano