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The past sexual harassment is a picture of a male athlete being forced to kiss at the liquor table of a launch party held in the Olympic Village after the closing ceremony of the "Sochi Winter Olympics". Please see "Evidence Photograph" (see link).

To British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

2021-03-01: Dear Sir,
We request the resignation of "Seiko Hashimoto,"
the chairman of the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
The change of chairmanship began with Yoshiro Mori's remarks about "female disdain."
However, the past "sexual harassment" acts performed
by "Seiko Hashimoto" who became the new chairman have also begun to be reported
by overseas media and spread throughout the world.
The past sexual harassment is a picture of a male athlete being forced to kiss
at the liquor table of a launch party held in the Olympic Village after the closing ceremony
of the "Sochi Winter Olympics".
Please see "Evidence Photograph" (see link).
Kyodo News was also reported in the English version as "Japanese shame."
She has made a total of seven Olympic appearances.
(4 winter games, 3 summer games) She is "the face of the Japanese Olympics."
The "Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics" should not be the "Sexual Harassment Olympics".
"Sexual harassment" is worse than "female contempt"!
It is a socially unacceptable act that unfairly undermines the dignity of athletes,
stakeholders and all people.
She was a successful female athlete,
after which she began to hold key positions in sports organizations
and was also appointed to the post of Olympic board member.
She then goes into politics and is elected to the House of Councilors.
She cannot allow her to use the "Olympic Games" for her political activities.
The "IOC" should demand her "dismissal" from her.
Japan is said to have "bought the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics" for money.
The world should protest the Japanese government, which politically uses the "Olympic Games"!

Part 1 Evidence photos are below.

The "deep darkness" of the Olympic "Bids Committee" and "Organization Committee"! Their "black relationship"
According to a Reuters interview,
the invitation committee is a non-profit organization whose representative director
and chairman is former Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori.
It has been revealed
that the "General Incorporated Foundation Jigoro Kano Memorial International Sports Research
and Exchange Center" has also paid about 145 million yen.

Half a month later, he will win the 2020 Games, but the "ring of joy" will soon "collapse".
"Tokushukai, 50 million yen on the side of Mr. Inose"

Change of chairman of Tokyo Olympics and Para Organizing Committee, "History" so far

I will write tomorrow, too.

The amendment of the Immigration Control Act in January 2017 states
that "I am not guilty" as the reason for the amendment.
Reason: Amend from "cannot be punished" to "can be punished".
It is a false charge. Thank you to everyone in the international community.
However, the Japanese government has not yet apologized. See below for the indictment. (Japanese)

Part 2 Please see the following for the "false charges" of "crimes of support
for immigration law violations" in 2010
English language.

Best regards.

Yasuhiro Nagano

Economic activity should be "returned" to normal even under the "new corona"!
Will I continue to receive the corona vaccine two or three times a year? Crazy!
We should develop a "tester" that instantly "finds" a "positive" like thermography.
In certain places tested, "positive people" can return to "normal life" without masks! Please see the previous report for details.
Submitted additional material to the United Nations Human Rights Council (ohchr).

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