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Please support so that Japan will be governed under the law, fundamental human rights will be protected, and it will become a country complying with international law

That is why a democratic nation should protect "pig iron" with "full power". I want "Michael Bloomberg" to promote the construction of "Hydrogen Steel Works" as a "Mission"!

Proposal from Japanese

July 03, 2021: Saturday edition. Dear Sir,
"Michael Bloomberg", I want you to become a leader and create an American dream of "New America"!
It's a "dream to build a hydrogen steelworks" in "Pittsburgh"!
"Iron is an American nation." "Pittsburgh" once prospered as a center of steel production.
The oil crisis in the 1970s
and the cheap imported steel in the mid-1980s each caused the regional steel industry to decline.

Crude steel production in China accounts for about 60% of the world total,
and the state of "strongest" continues! The Chinese government,
which wants to take control of the world,
will wave its flag in the reorganization of its core industry, steel.
Baosteel Steel Group, the largest company, has integrated Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group,
a major stainless steel company. When the crude steel production of both companies is combined,
it will surpass Europe's ArcelorMittal to become the world leader.
Other steelmaking groups are also considering restructuring. !!

"Iron is a nation" is an important industry,
the steel industry. Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the steel industry in Japan.
It accounts for 14% of the total and is the largest in the manufacturing industry.
Since the CO2 emissions during manufacturing of an electric furnace
that melts and regenerates scrap iron are only one-fourth that of a blast furnace,
there is a trend to replace production with an electric furnace
that uses "scrap iron" as a raw material.
Western countries are likely to withdraw from the production of "pig iron"!
But that is the loss of the "nation." It is to lose "democracy".

We should hurry to develop "hydrogen reduction ironmaking technology"
that uses hydrogen instead of coal.
If hydrogen is used as a "reducing agent" instead of carbon, CO2 emissions can be suppressed.
This is the technology of "hydrogen reduction iron making (pig iron)".
Demonstration experiments are proceeding smoothly, but require huge amounts of money.

As it stands, China will "monopolize" the world's pig iron production.
Western countries should jointly build a "hydrogen steel mill".
A "hydrogen ironworks" should be built in "Pittsburgh" to produce the "pig iron" used
in the "steelmaking" of the "US and allies".
"Iron is a nation." "Iron" will be the "bond" of the "allies"!

For that purpose, not only "companies in democratic countries"
but also "citizens in democratic countries" need to "invest" "one dollar per person".
Decarbonization is the default route.
That is why a democratic nation should protect "pig iron" with "full power".
I want "Michael Bloomberg" to promote the construction of "Hydrogen Steel Works" as a "Mission"!



Part 1 The Civil War created demand for iron and military supplies
and moistened Pittsburgh's local economy.
In 1875, Andrew Carnegie founded the Edgar Thomson Ironworks in the nearby town of North Braddock,
and steel production began in the Pittsburgh region.
In the 1910s, one-third to one-half of the steel produced nationwide was produced in Pittsburgh.
In the 1970s, the local steel industry began to decline.
Factories were forced to close one after another,
and the city was flooded with unemployed people.
Even today, employees working at the factory of ATI,
a major steel company in eastern Pennsylvania, tweeted.
"It will be closed soon. There are many unemployed people around us due to the new coronavirus."

Can Japan's steel industry compete with China just by "quality"?
Crude steel production in China accounts for about 60% of the world total,
and remains in the "strong" state.

The blast furnace is a "survival crisis"! Most could be closed by 2050!
Steel industry swayed by "decarbonization"

I will write tomorrow as well.

Part 2 Please support the victims of human rights violations by the Japanese government.
A person who "provides" a "false employment contract document" to a foreigner
who has performed "non-qualified activities" under the Immigration Control Act is "not guilty".
It is proved by the Japanese Diet.
Since the above acts could not be punished in the past,
we have made it possible to punish them by "Revision of the Immigration Control and Refuge".
The 2017 Immigration Control Act has been revised.
Therefore, those who have been punished in the past are "innocent."
However, the Japanese government has not restored the honor and compensation of the victims.
Japan's "ruling and opposition parties" continue to hide and ignore this fact.
The prosperity of the free world is "realized" by freedom and democracy
and "respect for human rights" by being "controlled under the law".
I am seriously seeking "government under the law" of Japan.
There are many victims in the world due to "illegal punishment" of "violation of immigration law".
For more information, see Saturday and "Send on weekdays" emails.

There are also many American victims.
There are also many Chinese victims.
There are also many Filipino victims.

English language.
See the indictment below. (Japanese)
See below for the indictment. (English translation)

Documents to be submitted to the ICC.

Part 3 Construction of a special zone.
See below.
English language.

If you have any questions, please ask by email.

Best regards Yasuhiro Nagano

Yasuhiro Nagano


In order to coexist with the "new corona" and carry out "life and health"
and "economic activities" without feeling "stress",
it is necessary to develop a "CT device that senses corona".
This is a device that can easily and instantly judge "negative corona" like a "thermal camera".
You can test at the entrance of a "specific facility"
and "negative people" can "act normally" without a "corona mask"!
Everyone, please agree. It should be jointly developed
in developed countries as soon as possible and provided to developing countries as well.

Yasuhiro Nagano