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 Mail magazine from the White House 2017-10-06 Common Sense Tax Reform Will Accelerate Small Business Success “FROM PITTSBURGH, A PERSONAL PLEA FOR TAX REFORM” - Linda McMahon, Guest Op-Ed Penn Live

 Mail magazine from the White House 2017-10-06

Common Sense Tax Reform Will Accelerate Small Business Success


- Linda McMahon, Guest Op-Ed Penn Live

In a guest column for Penn Live, SBA Administrator Linda McMahon quotes Wendy, a small business owner in Pittsburgh, who says tax reform is “the single most critical piece of legislation” that needs to be passed. McMahon writes that if Wendy’s tax rate were lower, she would be able to double her growth projections over the next five years, which would mean she could hire more workers. “Wendy is far from the only small business owner pleading for tax reform,” McMahon states, and that she hears a common theme amongst those individuals: “they want their taxes to be lower and less complicated.” McMahon also lays out the fundamentals of President Trump’s tax framework, focused on the four pillars to make it easy, make it fair, win again, and bring it home, before concluding that “America’s 29 million small businesses are the engines of our economy. Common sense tax reform will accelerate their success and fuel our nation’s economic growth.”
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At Fox News, contributor Steve Cortes writes that President Trump “has already delivered real results for Hispanics” on the economy, ending the DACA program with “empathy,” and his administration’s response to Hurricane Maria hitting Puerto Rico.


In foreign policy news, Bryan Bender of Politico reports President Trump plans to launch a new public campaign against the Lebanon based armed wing of Hezbollah as a part of a broad effort to counter the malign activities of Iran, who happens to be the chief backer of the militant group.


Regarding tax reform, former Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers Glenn Hubbard writes in The Wall Street Journal that President Trump’s tax framework “offers economic gains from lower business tax rates, a competitive territorial tax system for multinational companies, and more-favorable treatment of business investment in plant and equipment.”


And in the Washington Examiner, Americans for Prosperity’s Christine Harbin writes that the Trump administration’s “efforts in regulatory relief have not grabbed a lot of headlines in the media, but they have had significant impact in peeling back the regulatory state left over from President Barack Obama and prior administrations.”















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- Linda McMahon、ゲストOp-Ed Penn Live


Penn Liveのゲストコラムでは、SBAの管理者Linda McMahonが、税制改革が合意されるべき最も重要な法案の一つである、ピッツバーグの中小企業経営者Wendyを引用しています。マクマホン氏は、ウェンディの税率が低い場合、今後5年間で彼女の成長予測を2倍にすることができると書いている。これは彼女がより多くの労働者を雇うことができるということを意味する。マクマホン氏は、「ウェンディ氏は、税制改革を嘆願している唯一の中小企業経営者からはほど遠い」とマクマホン氏は述べる。「マクマホン氏は、税金の引き下げと複雑さの軽減を望んでいる。 「米国の29百万の小規模企業が我々の経済の原動力である」と結論づける前に、トランプの税制の枠組みは、それを容易にする4つの柱に焦点を当て、公正なものにして、再び勝利し、常識的な税制改革は、彼らの成功を加速し、国家の経済成長を促進するでしょう。