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Latest information, news, events from White House, 1600 Daily: 2017-11-14 1600 Daily: Everything White House 11/13/17


Latest information, news, events from White House, 1600 Daily: 2017-11-14

1600 Daily: Everything White House 11/13/17
NOVEMBER 13, 2017
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President Trump in Hanoi
At the invitation of the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Tran Dai Quang, President Donald J. Trump paid a state visit to Hanoi, Vietnam, this weekend. The two leaders discussed measures to strengthen the international resolve to denuclearize North Korea and welcomed the announcement of $12 billion in new commercial agreements during President Trump's visit. Both leaders pledged to deepen and expand the bilateral trade and investment relationship between the United States and Vietnam, and reaffirmed their commitment to promote peace, cooperation, prosperity, and security in the Indo-Pacific region.

Read more about the President's trip to Vietnam here.

Honoring our Nation's Veterans
In Da Nang, Vietnam, President Trump met with Vietnam War Veterans. The President expressed his gratitude for their service to the United States, and reaffirmed his commitment to honor the sacrifice of all Veterans and rebuild our military.

On Saturday, Vice President Pence gave remarks at the National Veterans Day Observance in Arlington, Virginia. The Vice President voiced his gratitude to veterans present and nationwide for their service to our Nation, while pledging that the Trump Administration would continually fight for those who laid their lives on the line for us.

“And so I say to each and every one of you veterans gathered here and all of those that might be looking on: We are grateful for your service. We are grateful for your sacrifice. And I’ll make a promise -- just as you fought for us, we will always fight for you,” the Vice President said.

Also on Saturday, First Lady Melania Trump visited Anchorage, Alaska, to visit with military families and express her appreciation for the many sacrifices made for our Nation.

See more here.

Tax Reform for Hard Working Americans
On Friday, Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump and United States Treasurer Jovita Carranza traveled to Biddeford, Maine, to speak at a forum on tax reform at Volk Packaging. Ivanka Trump stressed the importance of the proposed tax bill designed to support American families and accomplish President Trump’s goals of growing the economy and providing relief to the American middle class.

"Tax reform is the Administration's top legislative priority so it was wonderful to join Senator Collins and U.S. Treasurer Carranza in Maine to talk about how tax reform will provide much needed relief for hard working American families and enable American businesses to be competitive and thrive,” she said.

Learn more about pro-growth, pro-jobs, and pro-American tax reform here.

POTUS Veterans Day

President Donald J. Trump meets U.S. Vietnam Veterans in Vietnam | November 10, 2017 (Official White House Photo by D. Myles Cullen)

Tonight, President Trump will participate in the 12th East Asia Summit Head of State and Government Luncheon at the Philippine International Convention Center in Manila, Philippines, followed by a family photo and a plenary session. Afterwards, the President will depart Manila, Philippines, en route to Hickam, Hawaii.

Tomorrow, President Trump will be traveling back to the United States.


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「ここに集まった退役軍人や、見ている可能性のあるすべての退役軍人に、私はあなたの奉仕に感謝しています。私たちはあなたの犠牲に感謝しています。そして私は約束をします - あなたが私たちのために戦ったように、私たちはいつもあなたのために戦うでしょう "と副大統領は言いました。



金曜日、イヴァンカ・トランプ大統領顧問、ジョヴィタ・カルランザ米国財務長官は、メイン州ビッドフォードを訪れ、Volk Packagingの税制改革に関するフォーラムで講演しました。イワンカ・トランプ氏は、アメリカの家族を支え、トランプの経済成長とアメリカの中産階級への救済という大統領の目標を達成するために提案された税法案の重要性を強調した。






ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領ベトナムの米国のベテラン退役軍人と出会う | 2017年11月10日(D.マイレスカレンによる公式ホワイトハウス写真)