Japan's Justice in the Dark

Please support so that Japan will be governed under the law, fundamental human rights will be protected, and it will become a country complying with international law

To the media of the international community! Thank you Nigerian Ambassador to Japan! Federal Republic of Nigeria in Japan Dear Japanese interpreter, I have a call in the morning, I'd like a Japanese interpreter.Because I could not talk about my personal,

To the media of the international community! Thank you Nigerian Ambassador to Japan!

Federal Republic of Nigeria in Japan
Dear Japanese interpreter,
I have a call in the morning, I'd like a Japanese interpreter.Because I could not talk about my personal,Please translate the following and thank you to your Ambassador, thank you!
Extraordinary substitute ambassadorChargé d'Affaires, Ad Interim
Mr. B. K. Husseini (Minister)B.K. Husayini (minister) His Excellency

Dear Sir, Today, thank you very much for your call.
I am really pleased with my interest in human rights issues in Japan.Many foreigners entering Japan are in violation of the human rights violations of Japanese government officials.
On the phone, I talked about the Chinese and the Filipino who I am directly grasping.I think that Chinese as well as Filipino as well as many foreigners are crying.
In any country, about illegal work of legitimate immigrants,It is deportation as administrative penalty.
However, in Japan, prosecutors are arbitrary, unfair and arbitrary treatment is done.In Japan, you can not work outside your status of residence.Therefore, for foreigners who worked outside the status of qualification, disposition is stipulated in "Immigration Control Law".
Illegal work is the same as prostitution, and foreigners alone can not work illegally.

For illegal employment of foreigners who are not eligible to work,"It is a provision to make a criminal action of a fine and imprisonment for not more than 3 years at an unlawful employment crime (activity other than the status of residence).
For businesses hiring foreigners who are not eligible to work,It is a provision to make a criminal action of a fine and imprisonment for 3 years or less with "illegal employment promotion crime".
However, in reality, businesses are innocent without innocence,We arbitrarily criminalize only foreigners with a fine.Even this fact alone clearly violates international law.

However, the case I am complaining and accusing is even more vicious.
In the autumn of 2008, I made an employment contract to hire four Chinese people living in Japan for my study abroad visa in April 2009.
However, in the autumn of 2008, "Lehman shock" occurred,We did not recruit 4 Chinese who will be hiring.
The four persons have attached an employment agreement already provided by my companyI was updating my status of residence.
That is why four of them worked at a restaurant that was working when I was a student,In June 2010, she was arrested on charges of illegal employment (activities outside the status of qualification).
And I, to four Chinese,Because we provided false employment contracts without intention to hire,Four Chinese were able to easily obtain the status of residence of international and technical skills and humanities.
As I was in Japan, I was able to work illegally.Therefore, he was arrested for assisting the criminal law against illegal employment.
My argument is,
1. Assistance for illegal employment is the Immigration Act,A person who worked an alien who is not eligible to work as a worker under Article 73-2 (illegal employment promotion crime)Because we have provisions to criminal disposition,I have nothing to do with illegal work,It is allegation that it is illegal to apply the criminal law assistance crime.
2. Four Chinese illegally workedCriminal disposition (one year and a half imprisonment, and a fine of 500,000 yen)The reason not to criminalize a business operator who made illegal work without any accusation,It is an allegation that it is a violation of international law forbidding the punishment of foreigners arbitrarily.
If the one illegally worked is innocent,It is a claim that four Chinese who were illegally worked are also innocent.
And, if illegal employment is not established,There is no assertion that any assistant for illegal employment does not exist.Therefore, I am innocent.
3. I was criminalized against me for the assistance of criminal law(1 year and a half imprisonment (prison sentence) and fine 500,000 yen) However,This is a violation of applicable law.

The charge of the indictment is that each of the four Chinese,From my company Lefco, content received false employment agreementFacts submitted to Tokyo immigration office,Technology and Humanities International factories are stating the fact that they worked at a restaurant.
Even if the contract of employment is false,The facts stated,It falls under Article 22 of the Immigration Control Act 4-4 (submission of false documents).
Administrative penalties will be issued by the Minister of Justice for punishment under Article 22 4-4.Disposition is withdrawal of status of residence and withdrawal from overseas.It is not a criminal disposition.
Since the facts stated in the counsel of the Immigration Control Law take precedence over the Penal Code which is a general law,What I did is an aid to the invasion of Article 22 of the Immigration Act, 4-4 (submitting false documents).
For the administrative penalty of deportation, it is not possible to apply criminal assistance criminal charges.

To say this kind of thing,The policeman said, "Do not lick Sakurada Gate (a place where the Metropolitics Police is located)"I will compel confessions saying "Please accept in general theory."
The prosecutor said, "I am great, I can do you even to imprisonment""Please acknowledge" "If you do not admit, I can arrest your wife as well""Please acknowledge ..."
I would like to be a beautiful Japanese.I will not accept it.The prosecutor said "I'm sending it to a prison ..." I was sent to prison.

I was arrested in June 2010.We have been arrested again even if the detention date has passed.An interrogation was held daily, detained in the police station.
It was prosecuted in July 2010.In August 2010, it was detained in the Tokyo Detention House.Trial trial started in Tokyo District Court at the end of October 2010.At the end of April 2011, he was imprisoned for a year and a half, and a fine of 500 million yen was punished.I immediately appealed.It remains detained in Tokyo jail.
On 24th June 2011, it was finally bailed.After being arrested, we will apply for bail monthly.But it will be dismissed. I will give a special appeal to the Tokyo High Court. But it will be dismissed.Japan's judiciary does not even bail unless it admits the crime.
In October 2011, an appeal trial will be held at the Tokyo High Court but dismissal of appeal.
Since I can not trust a lawyer, I will create a "appellation letter of intent" with a lawyer.At the end of November 2011, we will submit "appeal briefs" to the Supreme Court.Lawyer submitted "appeal brief note" in December.
In January 2012, the Supreme Court will notify you of dismissal of appeal.The reason is that the claim of violation of the applicable law is not the matter of the Supreme Court's consideration by the Criminal Procedure Law!

February 2012 We will make a "petition for petition" to the Supreme Court.However, we will be notified of rejection.
I will appear at the Tokyo High Public Procedure on March 5, 2012 and will be imprisoned as a prisoner at the Tokyo Detention House.
It will be transferred to Kurogane Prison in Tochigi Prefecture on April 5, 2012.
2012 4 With inquiries of sentenced inmates hearing. I set a provisional source but do not talk about retrial requestI will be advised.
October 2012 There is a temporary interview interview, but no crime is admitted.
November 2012 We will receive notice from the prison executive not admitting the provisional source.It is rare for a person who has received a preliminary interview to become a temporary source.
From the prison official, the prison officials here say that Nagano is innocentDo not forget the regret of today!
As for the Japanese judicial system,At that time, saying that he admitted sin.
I am pleased that you can not make a temporary source!It is comforting to say.
Some prison officials thought they were innocent, trying to let New Year at homeThought, I did the procedure of provisional source, but ...
It is the judge of the first instance (the Tokyo district court in this case) that acknowledges the provisional source.The judge was afraid of my source.
On March 10, 2013 Black Met Prison at maturity. I will present it.
After the source, until today
Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Chiba Prefecture Police, Tokyo District Prosecution, Chiba District Prosecution, Tokyo High School District Court,(The main is Tokyo District Public Prosecutors ... many times, many times)Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Internal Affairs, National Police Agency, National Public Safety Commission,Supreme Court, Chairman of the House of Representatives, Chairman of the House of Councilors,Liberal Democratic Party and representatives of each party, secretary general, all partiesNational Assemblyman ...Tokyo Prosecution Review Board ...
Besides, do you say that there are organizations that should make efforts in Japan?
So I wrote a letter or e-mail many times to the UN High Commissioner for Human RightsThe answer which finally came back,I understand the appeal, but the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has no authority to grant your wish.Since Japan has not ratified the "personal reporting system" to take personal violations,It was a reply that it can not help.
Therefore, I appeal (information provision) to the International Criminal Court (ICC).This ICC also does not give us any contact,I am urging you many times by email.
There is no ICC in the international community that supports human rights issues.

I think that such unreasonableness under the law is causing terrorism.In order to create a world without terrorism, the world must be governed under the law.

To Excellency to ICC, according to the rules of ICC,Please request that you make a criminal trial.

The world has become dependent on gold and military power.I'm sorry.Big countries and small countries are all equal.
The rules of the international community are observedTo make a peaceful world without appealing to terrorism,Please move ICC
Although it got longer,More details are as follows.
Thanking you in advance.Best regards.
Yasuhiro Nagano

Documents to be submitted to the International Criminal Court (ICC) can be viewed below!(Generally unpublished)
For uncertainties, please contact us!enzai_mirai@yahoo.co.jp




臨時代理大使 Chargé d’Affaires, Ad Interim
Mr. B.K. Husseini (Minister)B.K. フセイニ (公使)閣下






2012年1月 最高裁より、上告棄却の通知がきます。理由は、適用法違反の主張は、刑事訴訟法により、最高裁の審議事項ではない!

2012年2月 最高裁に対して「意義申立て」をします。しかし、棄却の通知を受けます。
2012年3月5日 東京高検に出頭し、東京拘置所に受刑者として収監されます。
2012年4月5日 栃木県の黒金刑務所に移送されます。
2012年4   受刑者の待遇ヒアリングで。仮出所のセットをするが再審請求は口にするなと       アドバイスされます。
2012年10月  仮出所の面接がありますが、罪は認めません。
2012年11月    仮出所を認めない通知を、刑務所幹部より受けます。       仮面接を受けた者が仮出所にならないケースはまれなのです。
       刑務官より、ここの刑務官は、皆、長野は無罪だと言ってる       今日の悔しさを忘れるな!
       なまじ、仮出所をすると、日本の司法制度は、       あの時、罪を認めたじゃないかと言ううからな。
       俺は、お前が、仮出所できないことを喜んでいる!       と言って慰めてくれます。
       一部の刑務官は、無罪なのにと思って、正月を自宅で過ごさせようと       思って、仮出所の手続きをしてくれましたが、・・・・
       仮出所を認めるのは、原審(この事件では東京地裁)の裁判官です。       裁判官は、私の出所を怖がっていたのです。
2013年3月10日 黒金刑務所を満期で。出所します。