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Dr. Lee Young-ho, Foreign Minister of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea 2018-11-02: Before Prime Minister Abe inaugurated, the dollar was in the range of 70 yen to 80 yen, but after taking office, "yen is cheap exchange rate policy" in "ABENOM

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Dear sirs. Please "forward" this e-mail to Foreign Minister Lee Yong-Ho.
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Dr. Lee Young-ho, Foreign Minister of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

2018-11-02: Before Prime Minister Abe inaugurated,
the dollar was in the range of 70 yen to 80 yen,
but after taking office, "yen is cheap exchange rate policy" in "ABENOMIKUSU" policy,
1 dollar is 110 yen It is a stand. Japanese exchange operations are not free trade.
You should do fair trade at an appropriate exchange rate.
The yen appreciation is for the people.

Dear Sirs, I am Japanese. This week I posted an actual "indictment" (Kisojo).
Please read the original in Japanese at the following site.
The Japanese government still does not recognize the scope of judicial officials.
Please condemn the Japanese government to govern under the law.

I posted "indictment" by yesterday.
I will explain this "indictment".

Descriptions, 4 people are the same.

1. The fact that the stated Chinese is in violation of Article 70 of the Immigration Act
(work outside the status of qualification) is stated.
They got "qualification for residence" of "description".
They worked at a restaurant in "Description".

2. It is stated that I and Kingungakuga offered to the Chinese listed "False documents
in violation of the Immigration Act 22-4-4".
A false document is a document of a contract of employment which is false in content.
It describes that you assisted violation of Article 22-4-4 of Immigration Control Act.

3. The fact that the Chinese has attached to the Immigration Bureau "False Employment Contract"
and has been submitted is stated.

I and Kingungaku were disposed of as follows.

Name of sin and applicable law
Violation of Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act Article 70,
paragraph 1, item 4, Article 19 paragraph 1 item 1
Article 62 (1) of the Penal Code, Article 60

The indictment above should not be submitted to the court
but should be submitted to the Minister of Justice.

1. Four Chinese are in violation of the Immigration Act 22-4-4
(Contract documents of employment which is a document of false content).
Therefore the Minister of Justice will do the following for 4 Chinese people.

1. Cancel your status of residence.
2. Because the Minister of Justice has no status of residence,
we order four people to leave the country.

Me and Kin Gungaku are without punishment.

The act of support in violation of the Immigration Act 22-4-4 is administrative penalty.
Therefore, Article 62 (1), 60 of the Penal Code can not be applied.

I will write it for reference.
Such measures are already legislated.
Since July 1, 2010, indictment was filed,
A case where a foreign national exercises support acts against other foreign nationals
in violation of the Immigration Act 22-4-4.

Foreigners receive the following dispositions from the Minister of Justice.
1. Cancel your status of residence.
2. Since the status of residence ceased, foreigners who helped are withdrawing from the country.

However, since Kingungaku is before the revision of the law, it is without disposal.
Japanese people can not leave the country.

I have offered "regular employment contract" to four Chinese.
However, due to the "Lehman shock" in 2008, I canceled the recruitment.
So the four Chinese worked at a restaurant that was working part-time in "school days".

Even if the "contract of employment" provided by me is "fake" false,
If they are working within the range of "Humanities / International and Technology"
of the status of residence granted to four Chinese by the Minister of Justice,
the four Chinese will not become "illegal work" under Article 70 of the Immigration Act .

However, as stated above, you will receive administrative punishment
from the Minister of Justice for violation of Immigration Act 22-4-4 (see above).
Four Chinese were illegally because there was an employer who illegally hired foreigners.
They have not punished under Article 73-2 of the Immigration Act
(a crime that promotes illegal employment).
If so, international law will be subject to arbitrary foreign punishment.
Moreover, since it violates the principle of equality under the law, four Chinese are "innocent".

The logic of this degree can be understood by junior high school students.

Everyone in the international community, Japan's judicial level is this level.

Let's laugh at all Japanese judicial officials!

The law understanding level is significantly lower than North Korea.

You should condemn the Japanese government. Everyone, help! !

I will continue until you understand.

The media should report the "illegal abduction detention problem" as a matter
of violation of the immigration law of the Japanese government.
Governments of each country should protect their victims.
Please request the Japanese government for honor recovery and compensation.
There are a lot of foreigners who came to Japan with visas such as study abroad,
sightseeing and work. They work at eating and drinking establishments and are "disposed of"
by "immigration law violation".
It is a violation of international law because employers are not "disposed".
Therefore foreigners who worked illegally are "innocent".

The Japanese government is "crushing" complaints.
But "crush" by state power is "stop" of "Statute of limitations".

The material is below.

The Japanese government is not qualified to say "abduction of Japanese" by North Korea.
The Japanese government should settle the "kidnapping of foreigners
by the Japanese government" priority.
Korean victims can not count. The North Korean government should rescue
the victims of Koreans (Koreans).
The North Korean government should pursue the "abduction of Koreans" problem
to the Japanese government.
The North Korean government should save the people!

Please mail me if you have objections.

Sincerely yours,

Yasuhiro Nagano

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Many people around the world are being sacrificed.
Please report the facts as a journalist.
"Government under the law" can not be bought by money.

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I hope for justice as your journalist.
Please inquire.

It is published in the following program.

Yasuhiro Nagano

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