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Dear Sirs International people.Part 1. In the United States, 8 million people illegally enter the United States, stay in the United States illegally, and work illegally. President Donald Trump has said, "Regain the rule of law." The Mexican Wall is not a

Dear Sirs International people.

Saturday version, 20 April 2019:
Greetings. If the US government punishes "employers" who hire "illegal immigrants",
"illegal immigrants" will not come to the United States because there is no place to work.
If so, the US does not need the "Mexican Wall".

Part 1. In the United States, 8 million people illegally enter the United States,
stay in the United States illegally, and work illegally.
President Donald Trump has said, "Regain the rule of law."
The Mexican Wall is not a means to "regain the rule of law."

President Donald Trump is angry at the problem
of "unauthorized immigration" because police officers
in "sanctuary city" arrest "illegal immigrants" and do not "force repatriation".

This is not a police officer's problem.
The problem is "employers" who employ "illegal immigrants".

Because "illegal immigrants" have "employers" who hire them, they can work.
If there is no one who hires "illegal immigration",
"illegal immigration" will not enter the United States.
The golf courses of the Trump Group also employed "illegal immigrants."
It's crazy.
If you punish employers who hire illegal immigrants,
you do not need the “Mexican Wall”.

Under Japanese law, employers are punishable by hiring foreigners who are not eligible to work.
However, the reality is that "rule of law" has not been conducted.
Foreigners who are legally staying will be punishable with the “Punishment of Labor”.
And they are "deported back to their home country".
However, the employer is not punished.
This is an arbitrary punishment and therefore a violation of international law.
Even the Japanese constitution violates "equality under the law".

President Donald Trump says "Regain the rule of law" on the issue of illegal immigration.
However, White House staff do not understand the illegal judicial administration in Japan.
President Donald Trump should educate White's staff first.

France is a "super-educated society".
“Elysee Palace” seems to be rich in “PhD” personnel at “BAK + 8”.
The staff of "BAK + 8" should check legally for issues in Japan and issues in the United States.
France is a leader in human rights.
Apparently "falsified applicable law" arrest,
confinement and "punishment" are violations of basic human rights.

Germany should lead the EU in economic terms.
But in human rights, France should be a world leader.

Part 2. There are many Koreans who have been arrested for immigration law violations
in violation of international law. (I can not count).
Koreans, Chinese, "everyone in the world"!
Help the victims of the Japanese government around you!

The victims are foreigners who "worked illegally"
in activities other than "Certificate of residence" in Japan.
They are arrested for "illegal labor" under Article 70 of the Immigration Control Act
and are subject to "criminal sanctions" such as "a prison term punishment"
and "a fine punishment". And they are foreigners who have been forced to repatriate.
I wrote this yesterday.

We arrest a third party for "supporting" the aforementioned "illegal labor" of foreigners.
The victim is me or "Kin Gungaku who is Chinese".
Other victims are officials from the Embassy of the Philippines and diplomats from the Philippines.
I think there are more victims, but I do not know the information.

It is a third party who has handed out the “contract documents
for employment” to foreigners who have “illegal labor”.
It has nothing to do with "illegal labor."
The prosecution says in Indictment:

I gave a foreigner "Employment Contract Documents with False Content".
Foreigners were able to easily obtain the status of residence
by attaching “Employment Contract Documents with False Content”.
Foreigners came to live in Japan because they got “Certificate of residence”.
Foreigners were able to do "illegal labor" because they were in Japan.
So, as a crime against Article 70 "illegal labor" of the immigration control law of foreigners,
"the crime that supported other crimes" of "Articles 60 and 62 of the Penal Code" applies.

Article 70 of the Immigration Control Act "Sins for Support"
against "illegal labor" is stipulated in "Sins promoting illegal work"
under Article 73-2 of the Immigration Control Act.

The "crime reasons" of the prosecution are stipulated
in Article 22-4-4 of the Immigration Act "Revocation of Status of Residence
by Filing False Documents".
There is no punishment for that. Only the status of residence is cancelled.
And "forced repatriation" will be.

Even if you get a status of residence with “false documents”,
if you work within the scope of status of residence, it is not “illegal labor”.
The application of Article 62 and Article 62
of the Penal Code to me and the Philippine diplomat is an error of the "applicable law".
This is the perfect "False charge".

Victims should apply to the governments and media of each country.
Governments and media in each country should ask the Japanese government
for "restoration of honor" and "reparations".

If governments and embassies can not protest the Japanese government,
request an investigation from the ICC.
There are many victims all over the world. Please support "Appeal to ICC".

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Yours sincerely Nagano Yoshihiro


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