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Yasuhiro Nagano Opinion September 22, 2019, Special Zone Sunday Edition: “Europe should be re-emerged as“ the world champion ””.

Yasuhiro Nagano Opinion


September 22, 2019, Special Zone Sunday Edition: “Europe should be re-emerged as“ the world champion ””.


Dear Sir,

Prime Minister Abe is "Great Yes Man".

It is not just a contribution to President Trump.

It also contributes to President Putin.


Part 1. Japan and Russia have a “barren top-level meeting”.

We paid 300 billion yen as an “economic cooperation fee” in 2016 for this “conference”.

The world's media should campaign to “to ask for money” to the Japanese government.

Countries that don't know this are losing money.

The world should be fair.


At the end of September, “Japan-US signing” news is flowing in “Japan-US trade negotiations”.

Japan calls it TAG (Japan-US Trade Agreement).

The United States is called FTA (Free Trade Agreement).

Japanese media rarely report on the “background” and results of trade negotiations between Japan and the United States.


What we are most interested in is the "rate of exchange clause".

The Japanese government has said that there is no talk from the US so far.

However, the “rate of exchange clause” cannot be “preferably treated” only in Japan.

If “favorable treatment” is given, “FTA countries” such as Mexico and Canada will also require “renegotiation”.

Therefore, it is impossible to “exclude” the “rate of exchange clause” part.


In the first place, why do we need a “border wall with Mexico”?

Donald Trump suddenly came up with a “thinking”.

And the Americans were “joyed”.


There are already over 10 million illegal immigrants in the United States.

Illegal immigrants are contributing to the US GDP.

If there are no illegal immigrants, I think the US economy is in a “troubled situation” at this time.


There is only one way to “win China” peacefully.

It is to accept the "poor people" as "provisional immigrants" by making the border with Mexico a "special zone".

If a wall is needed, the company that built the "factory" will build it.


We need more than 100 million “provisional migrants”.

I really want to say 1 billion people.

President Trump will be “shock dead”.

I say 100 million people for the “great president”.


Excellent White House staff should calculate the “GDP” effect of 100 million “provisional immigrants”.

And I expect to “report” it to a good president.


This is also true for the UK, Germany, France, etc.

To re-establish Europe as a“ world champion, ”a“ special zone ”should be built and“ provisional immigrants ”accepted from the world to expand GDP.


Continue to next week.


Part 2. We propose to build “special zones” in Europe and other countries.

Please read along with suggestions to the US (Saturday).

April 14, 2019, Special Zone Sunday Edition: Please see


Prosperity of each country is realized by the world being free, democratic, and “ruled under the law”.

I seriously seek the rule of law.

Please instruct the person concerned to investigate.


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Sincerely, Yasuhiro Nagano


Yasuhiro Nagano