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Please support so that Japan will be governed under the law, fundamental human rights will be protected, and it will become a country complying with international law

The United States should request the Government of Japan to "restore the honor of the American people and compensate for damages."

May 16, 2020: Saturday version. Dear Sir,
The US "April Employment Statistics" was released, and the unemployment rate reached a record high of 14.7%. I keep saying it many times. President Trump should give US companies a "subsidy" to bring their factories from China back to the United States! This will reduce the US trade deficit. The work of American workers increases. This is something even a "monkey" can understand! However, a "factory in the United States" should be a "higher productivity" factory equipped with the latest equipment than a "China factory." American "money" should invest in the United States. Wall Street will be happy too! ! This is the same for other allies.

Part 1. The unemployment rate in the United States was the worst ever at 14.7%. "US Department
of Labor Employment Statistics"
The employment statistics of the United States were announced last month,
and the unemployment rate was 14.7%, which is "more than three times" the "previous month"
and "significant deterioration".
This is the worst level since 1948, 72 years ago when we started collecting statistics,
and the spread of the new coronavirus spread has spurred the dismissal.
Also, the number of non-agricultural workers decreased by 20.5 million compared to the previous month,
the largest decrease since 1939 when we started collecting statistics.

According to the forecast released by the US Congress, if economic activity resumes,
the economy will recover, but the unemployment rate is expected to remain high at 10% or more,
and concerns about the second wave of the spread of infection, etc.
It seems that it will take some time to solve the problem.

President Trump "No surprises, as expected."
President Trump said in a phone interview with FOX News yesterday that the unemployment rate
in the United States was 14.7% last month.
He added, "I'll get all my jobs back. I'll be back soon.
Next year will be a startling year," he said, eager to resume economic activity early and recover the economy.

Even if "Coronavirus" can be "eradicated" as it is, the unemployment rate will not improve significantly.
"All work is back" is a lie!
You should say, "Get your job back from China."
It is important for companies that return factories
from China to the United States to give them “subsidies” to create factories with “modern equipment”.

The United States was robbed of the "world factory" by China because the equipment of the "US factory" was old.
The United States has had many economic wars with Japan in the past.
"Fiber, textile", "Steel", "Automobile", "Semiconductor".
The reason why Japanese "steel" beats the United States is
that the Japanese steel factory had the latest equipment and high productivity.
The United States does not "reflect" anything.
In order to return the "car factory relocated to Mexico" to the United States,
workers with the same level (wage) as Mexico should be "accepted" to the United States as "interim immigrants."
The “acceptance” is the “special zone” on the border of Mexico.
By accepting "temporary immigrants" in the "special zone",
consumption of agricultural products in the United States will increase.
This is something that "monkeys" can understand.

It will continue tomorrow.

Part 2. What is required of Western countries is "economic growth".
Immigration is needed to increase GDP.
The United States needs "immigrants" to increase consumption of excess produce.
An "industrial park like China" is needed to return the Chinese factory to the United States.
Western countries need economic policies that do not rely on China.
It is to solve the problem of the poor and to "realize a peaceful earth" emphasized
by advanced and underdeveloped countries.

In the "special zone",
1) I "propose" that the United States will build a "special zone" along the border with Mexico.
2) We propose to build "special zones" in Europe and other countries.
3) The "US Special Zone" is a strategic factory of the allies.
4) Accept the poor (illegal immigrants) and refugees as “interim immigrants” in the “special zone”.
5) The “range of life” of “temporary immigrants” is limited to “special zones”.
6) “Alliance companies” will build labor intensive factories in “special zones”.
7) Most factory workers are “temporary immigrants”. They work as “trainees” and “simple workers”.
8) “Temporary immigrants” work for a certain period of time
in “special zones” and those who “certify” as safe immigrants are free to work
in each country as “labor immigrants”.

Part 3. Please support the victims of the human rights violations of the Japanese government.
The prosperity of the free world is "realized" by freedom, democracy and "ruled under the law".
I seriously seek "rule of law".
There are many victims worldwide due to “illegal punishment” for “violation of the Immigration Control Act”.
For details, please see the "Send on weekdays" email.
Please instruct the people concerned to investigate.
There are also many American victims.
The US Government should protect the human rights of Americans! ! ! ! !

Documents to be submitted to ICC.

If you have any questions, please ask by email.
Sincerely, Yasuhiro Nagano

Yasuhiro Nagano

I am fighting the Japanese government for "Me and the Chinese" and "Diplomatic officers of the Philippines".
Many Americans were also illegally disposed of by the Japanese government in violation of the "Constitution of Japan and International Law" in violation of the Immigration Control Act.
The United States should request the Government of Japan to "restore the honor of the American people and compensate for damages."
China, Japan and South Korea are “Confucian countries” and have the same “ideas for human rights”.
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