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To Boris Johnson British Prime Minister President Trump should not postpone the "presidential election" because of the coronavirus. By making China a member of the WTO, the world has become an “authoritarian” politics. We should protect democracy.

To Boris Johnson British Prime Minister

2020-08-11: Dear Sir,
The Hong Kong Legislative Assembly scheduled in September this year has been postponed for one year. Western countries have also expressed concern. The US government criticized the postponement, saying it would "damage the process of democracy." President Trump mentioned the postponement of the "presidential election." He criticized the postal vote again. President Trump should not postpone the "presidential election" because of the coronavirus. By making China a member of the WTO, the world has become an “authoritarian” politics. We should protect democracy.

Part 1. After the enforcement of the Hong Kong National Security Maintenance Act (National Security Act),
there have been a number of cases in which related persons have been arrested
for reasons such as the independence of Hong Kong.
The postponement should not be used "to crush democracy."
The confidence of the international community is essential for the prosperity of Hong Kong.
Neither China nor the Hong Kong government should "regress" Hong Kong's political freedom any more.
(Mainichi Newspaper)

"I don't want to delay the election, because postal voting can be fraudulent,"
US President Trump said of a possible postponement of the fall presidential election.
I once again criticized the postal voting, which is being introduced due to the spread
of the new coronavirus.

I send messages to many people every day.
After seeing my post, the Chinese sent a message on Twitter and came. (Original)
they want go back to cold war time,
so they can simulate economy and distract people from current domestic contradictions
by making an'big evil enemy '

Western politicians don't care about what the truth is
when they can easily manipulate most of their people's mind.
Democracy? Human rights? Freedom? These words are just their tools to attack other nations
who damaged their hegemony

I made the following reply.
Human race has won democracy.
You should study the history of French and British democracy.
And you should learn the human rights of the "Chinese victim" due to the illegal arrest
of the Japanese government I am accusing.
Protected by international law
If this happens, China can recapture the Senkaku Islands from Japan (international law).
You should appeal to Chinese.(This fact should spread).
And we should appeal to the Chinese government for "human rights violations" by the Japanese government.
To that end, I will email you today.

He is allowed to use "Twitter", so I think he is an upper class Communist member or his family.
How should we "help" the Chinese people understand the need for "democracy"?

I will write tomorrow too.

The amendment to the Immigration Control Act in January 2017 states that "I am not guilty"
for the reason. Reason: Revise from "not punishable" to "can be punished".
It is "false accusation". Thank you to everyone in the international community.
However, the Japanese government has not yet made an apology. See the indictment below. (Japanese)

Part 2. Please see below for the following.

Best regards.

Yasuhiro Nagano


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