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Each country should also establish a "special zone" to accept "provisional migrants"  such as labor migrants and refugees.  Japan should make "Okinawa Prefecture" surrounded by the sea a "special zone".  Okinawa Prefecture was a "poor prefecture" because

Yasuhiro Nagano Opinion

September 19, 2021: Sunday edition. Dear Sir,
"Each country" should stay away from China to avoid withdrawal in Afghan and "the same mistakes". 
In order to "pull up" "companies that have advanced into China" from China, 
"acceptance destinations" should be established. 
Each country should leave a minimum of its own people in China.
"Wang Yi, State Councilor and Foreign Minister," criticized in a telephone conversation 
with Iran's Foreign Minister Abdrahian this month 
that "the US Afghan withdrawal has exposed its essence to focus on China and Russia."

A "special zone" should be built on the Mexican border as a "receiver" 
for US companies withdrawing from China. 
We should accept "poor people" as "provisional immigrants" from Latin American countries. 
"Temporary immigrants" are labor immigrants whose place of residence is limited to "special zones". 
We will set up a "special zone" to enable employment under conditions different 
from those in the United States, such as working conditions. 
Limiting the place of residence to "special zones" solves the "security problems" of Americans.

By "accepting" the "poor" from Latin American countries, 
Latin American countries will be enriched by "remittances" 
from them. Food consumption in "special zones" allows US farmers to produce without relying on China. 
Allies "increase" trade with the United States in their supply chain with "special zone" factories.



Each country should also establish a "special zone" to accept "provisional migrants" 
such as labor migrants and refugees. 
Japan should make "Okinawa Prefecture" surrounded by the sea a "special zone". 
Okinawa Prefecture was a "poor prefecture" because it has no major industry, 
but it will be reborn as a "rich industrial prefecture" 
by constructing a state-of-the-art factory in a "special zone". 
Okinawa is connected to factories in Japan and overseas by a supply chain.

Western countries should build factories in developing countries to utilize cheap labor 
for "labor-intensive products and parts" such as clothing and miscellaneous goods. 
By strengthening the economy with developing countries, 
it is possible to build an "alliance" in which the economy and security are a "set."

Western countries should accept "international students" 
from developing countries and provide "freedom and democracy" education.
A nation of "freedom and democracy" cannot be built with "bribery". 
Western countries should build an "allied country" with "economy and security" as a "set".

Part 1 China's rise in the "war on terrorism" = US wary of the spearhead-20 years after "9/11"
"Wang Yi, State Councilor and Foreign Minister," 
said in a telephone conversation with Iran's Foreign Minister Abdrahian on September 3,
that the "US side" would focus on China and Russia for "withdrawal" from Afghan.
In search of an excuse for failure, he criticized 
that "the United States has exposed the essence of plotting to continue power politics in the world."
The Global Times of the Communist Party newspaper,
 People's Daily, also expressed caution in an editorial on the 1st, saying, 
 "Chinese people must take a serious look at the'strategic movement of the center 
 of gravity'by the United States."
US President Joe Biden "focuses on China's threat" as soon as Afghanistan withdraws
The Biden administration was supposed to "focus on China policy" ... 
However, with the withdrawal of Afghanistan, 
the Biden administration's miscalculation gave China an advantage.

I will write tomorrow as well.

Part 2 Please support the victims of human rights violations by the Government of Japan.
A person who "provides" a "false employment contract document" to a foreigner 
who has performed "out-of-qualification activities" under the Immigration Control Act is "not guilty".
It is proved by the Japanese Diet.
Since the above acts could not be punished in the past, 
we have made it possible to punish them by "Revision of the Immigration Control Act". 
The 2017 Immigration Control Act has been revised.
Therefore, those who have been punished in the past are "innocent."
However, the Japanese government has not restored the honor and compensation of the victims.
Japan's "ruling and opposition parties" continue to hide and ignore this fact.
The prosperity of the free world is "realized" by freedom and democracy 
and "respect for human rights" by being "controlled under the law".
I am seriously seeking "government under the law" of Japan.
There are many victims in the world due to "illegal punishment" of "immigration law violation".
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There are also many American victims.
There are also many Chinese victims.
There are also many Filipino victims.
English language.
See the indictment below. (Japanese)
See below for the indictment. (English translation)

Documents to be submitted to the ICC.

Part 3 Construction of a special zone.
See below.

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Best regards Yasuhiro Nagano

Yasuhiro Nagano

Economic activity should be "returned to normal" even under the "new corona"!
Will I continue to receive the corona vaccine two or three times a year? Crazy!
"SARS virus" has disappeared by "quarantine and treatment" of infected people.
"PCR test" takes time.
We should develop an "inspection system" that instantly "identifies" the "infected person" like thermography.
In certain places tested, "non-infected persons" can return to "normal life" without masks!
It should be developed jointly by each country within a year. The "nation of freedom and democracy" should be revived!
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"China, Japan, South Korea, America" are "non-human rights allies"! crazy!
"Michael Taylor," arrested by the Japanese government, said he was "abandoned" by the United States!
"Michael Taylor" is the "American hero" 
who rescued the innocent "Carlos Ghosn" from Japan! Americans should "rescue" "Michael Taylor"!
In order to "rescue" "Mr. Michael Taylor", we should carry out a "boycotts of Japanese products"!
And in order to regain the human rights of the victims of the "immigration law case", 
we should carry out a "boycotts of Japanese products" around the world!

Yasuhiro Nagano

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