Japan's Justice in the Dark

Please support so that Japan will be governed under the law, fundamental human rights will be protected, and it will become a country complying with international law

For the international community Please condemn the national crime in Japan!

For the international community Please condemn the national crime in Japan!

Since the Metropolitan Police Department does not accept crimes as unspecified, not only concrete cases described in complaints and accusations but also infringement of international basic human rights, including prosecution administration regarding violation of immigration laws in the past (illegal employment) There are so, we are applying for relief to each country and the UN Human Rights Council (Geneva) etc.
In case of
Illegality of misappropriation case application law violation of immigration law

Initially, as for the aid to assist illegal employment against the Immigration Control Law violation cases illegally arrested in June 2010, I am aware that the special law "illegal employment promotion crime" as set forth in the Immigration Act, It is the logic of law that gives priority to the aid of the criminal law which is the general law, and it is completed with this law from the standpoint of complying with international law prohibiting arbitrary disposal to foreigners, under the law, law And that the application of the criminal law assistance crime was a violation of applicable law.

In addition, although the application of the criminal law aid for the reason of the illegal employment of the Chinese content, the application of the criminal law aid for the reasons of providing a false employment contract is an error in the applicable law and claimed to be illegal, the Tokyo District Prosecutors' "I dismissed it.

So, as we asked for support from the international community, the problem became bigger, not only for me, Chinese, Filipino, but also for illegal judicial administration against illegal immigration law against many foreigners including the past (illegal employment) Arbitrary disposition of foreigners to foreigners has evolved into an international human rights violation issue.

The four Chinese offenders accept illegal work, but illegal employment is not established only by foreigners.
Illegal work Illegal work Illegal employment is established because there are operators illegally hiring foreigners who want to work illegally. It is exactly the same logic as the prostitution prevention law. Therefore, I think that you can understand the purpose of creating "illegal employment promotion crime".

My argument is that no businesses hiring foreigners who are not eligible to work are not disposed of as "illegal employment promotion crimes" prescribed by the Immigration Control Act without any fault. If so, illegal employment will not be established, so foreign employees who are employed are also innocent of not blaming them. And there is no assistant of any kind.

In addition, against the illegal employment, apart from the facts, the act of providing 'Contents false employment contract' made residence qualifications easier, so I was able to live in Japan, so because of crime It is clear that application of guilty guilt for illegal employment is a violation of applicable law.

Although details will be described later, the Immigration Control Act stipulates the type of status of residence and the scope of activities, but the conditions for granting status of residence are not stipulated by law, and the conditions for granting status of residence are, in various situations, Because it is delivered in private at the discretion of the Minister of Justice so as not to contravene the national interests of Japan, one citizen can not transcend discretionary power of the Minister of Justice.

It is not the Minister of Justice but the Foreign Minister that we are in Japan (permitting entry). This is also a non-public standard, the Foreign Minister is to decide at the discretion, one citizen can not exceed the discretion of the Foreign Minister.

It is not uncommon for the Minister of Foreign Affairs to not affix a seal on the passport even if the Minister of Just grants a residence permit. On the contrary, there is no disclosure of reasons, and no significance is admitted. Therefore, it can not be said that the residence permit was made easy.

Therefore, even if the former offender submitted a false employment contract to acquire the status of residence, the causal relationship is separated from illegal work, and the Minister of Justice rescinded the residence permit as administrative penalty and overseas I am stipulating the provision to withdraw from the Immigration Control Act.

Furthermore, because the international community is paying attention to Japan, it is an insult, a prejudice against foreigners, to conclude that a crime has been made, it is a big discrimination.

As stated above, application of the criminal law aid for illegal employment is a criminal act by violation of the applicable law. The offense of the police officer, the prosecutor, the judge, etc. is the "criminal charges of false charges" of the criminal law and it is "crime of abuse of the special public officer's authority."

"Crime of abusing ex official authority of a special civil servant" is a crime established by abusing its authority and arresting and imprisoning others. Criminal composition requirement of official abuses of special public officials As to the suitability,
① The subject is a special civil servant, · · · facts It is a policeman, a prosecutor, a judge.
② Having arrested and confined a person ... ... It was arrested and confined as a fact.
③ abuse of authority, established by. · · · · It is whether I abused the official authority,
Abuse is the means by which illegal exercise of authority on duties means that means and methods are not only violent and threatening, but also intention to accept the results against victims legally and virtually It is supposed to be sufficient if it is one that puts pressure on freedom of decision.

For example, for police officers, the criminal procedure law (Act No. 131 of July 10, 1947) Chapter 1 Investigation Article 189
Police officers perform their duties as law enforcement officers according to other laws or by the National Public Safety Commission or the prefectural public safety commission.
○ 2 When a judicial police official thinks that there is a crime, it shall investigate the criminal and evidence.
In case of
I have stated many times that crimes are not being imagined.
Why are crimes not imagined? That is because it is an arbitrary application violation.
That is why we are putting in detail the fact of illegal application law violations where crime is not imagined.
Even if you do not need willfulness, there is still unexpected as a specialist at law.
"Special public officials did not know the law" is not allowed.
In case of
As stated in complaints of complaints and complaints of accusation letters, illegal contents Contents of freedom of decision making are exercised by expressing arrest warrant of false (application law violation) and exercise authority on duties.
Criminal offense is established because this obvious illegal act is abuse of official absence because abuse of special officials abuses their intentions does not require deliberation.

False accusation, for the purpose of subjecting the punishment or discipline to others, and the contents of the act of a false complaint.
It is a deliberate criminal, a desired criminal, and "a purpose to make a person receive criminal or disciplinary action" is necessary. In fact, I received a fine of 1 million yen, imprisonment for a year and a half, and I was released on maturity without admitting parole. The Chinese who was considered as an accomplice have also been fined or sentenced to imprisonment (execution suspension).

Also, the public prosecutor is unaware of the authority of office, crime constituent requirements and immigration law, the reason for returning complaints and accusations is no longer a confident organized crime.

The Immigration Control Law requires not only aliens who work illegally, but also employers as "punishment promoting offenses against illegal employment" not to disregard international law by disposing equality and foreign nationals under the law arbitrarily "We are strictly punished.
However, even in this case, because the business is not disposed of as "illegal employment promotion crime", it is not equal under the law, only foreigners are arbitrarily criminalized, so it is a violation of international law.

Because it does not dispose of the business who hired illegally, foreigners who were working illegally must also be acquitted.
Because there was no illegal employment, there are no assistants of that illegal employment.

The detention facility of the Metropolitan Police Department that the complainant was imprisoned was overflowing with the arrest of illegal work. It is not uncommon for illegal stay for over 10 years.
In many cases, we will not dispose of employers even with arrest for illegal employment promotion because of circumstances, so illegal residents among illegal foreigners who have illegally worked will be allowed to leave the country without a criminal remedy so, It is deportation abroad.
The problem is illegal employment of legitimate residents staying in a study abroad visa etc. Regular qualifications, in many cases, contrary to international law, only foreigners are criminalized by fines or the like contrary to equality under the law, causing arbitrary departure from the country is.


What is even worse is that in this case, in order to impose fairness under the law and criminalize only foreigners arbitrarily with imprisonment without compromising international law, they assist the substitute for the assistant of "illegal employment promotion crime" I made up a person. Here is the malignancy of this case.

The act of saying that the contents of false employment contracts indicated by counsel is obviously not related to illegal employment but refers to the act of assisting the cancellation of the status of residence of 22 Article 4-4 of the Immigration Act.
As the Minister of Justice granted it at the discretion of the ministerial ordinance, the status of residence by submitting false documents stipulates that the status of residence will be canceled as the administrative penalty of the Minister of Justice. Therefore, point of counsel is irrespective of illegal employment, it is a violation of applicable law.

Giving a status of residence is not a provision of the law, so that the disposition of the act of rescission of the status of residence, such as submitting a false document, such as Article 4, Article 4 of the Immigration Control Act, can be seen by the Minister of Justice ' Because it was granted at the discretion of the Minister of Justice, it is against the logic of the law to make a criminal disposition. Therefore, at the discretion of the Minister of Justice, it is taking administrative measures to leave the country.

By nulla poena sine lege of the Constitution Article 31, it does not imposed the punishment must depend on any person established in the National Assembly law.

In the judgment, it is assumed that the act of providing a false employment contract made easy to obtain the status of residence, but the condition for granting the status of residence is not the provision of law but also the ministerial ordinance (Detailed Immigration Law) which is the only guideline , To establish a graduation qualification of the relevant university etc, to be hired with the same salary as Japanese.

The condition of granting is not disclosed and it can not be said that the act of providing a false employment contract to the status of residence issued at the discretion of the Minister of Justice has made it easier for the status of residence.
Submission of an employment contract is required by the section manager. To criminalize a crime under the criminal law aided by making it easy to acquire a status of residence, it is illegal without the grounds of the law stipulated in Article 31 of the Constitution.

Everyone in the international community!
Some lawyers say that based on the training at the Judicial Research and Training Institute, the offense is a prison sentence, so anything is unreasonable or unreasonable, so anything can be said that assistance charges will be established on the grounds of assistance acts . It is said that this is a judicial judgment in Japan.
After all, as this country seems not to be ruled under the law, whether it is said that it is one of the Japanese and "opinion", after all, I organized this problem here and violated the applicable law I will assert.

In the logic of the law, principals were working illegally, since the businesses that were illegal employment is innocence, principals is not guilty. (Although it is illegal, it has been conventionally deported as a fine and sent overseas)
Though ... there are no persons were illegal employment, there can not be there are only those who were working illegally.
If the former offense is innocent, the criminal assistance charges will not be established.

Here to a problem, illegal employment is, in the same way as the Anti-Prostitution Law, is a truism to established because there is business to be working illegally. I must pursue this.

Equality under the law, contrary to international law, only foreigners who have been illegally worked will receive criminal penalties for imprisonment or imprisonment and be removed from the country!
And for any act that is not innocent, it is applied in criminal law assistance crime in general theory!

As soon as possible, we will comply with the international law ratified by the National Assembly, become a country that will be governed and punished under the law established in the Diet, claiming that the basic human rights of the citizens and the people of the world will be protected, Please listen.


I. Introduction
Punishment for illegal employment under the Immigration Control Act stipulates to dispose of illegal workers for illegal workers and illegal employers for illegal employment promotion crimes.

Originally should be completed by applying this law, contrary to the legislative purpose of the Diet, do not punish the businesses illegally arrest and detain only foreigners, criminal disposition arbitrarily with illegal work crimes It is illegal, contrary to international law.

Also, in this case, it is an illegal judicial administration contrary to Article 31 of the Constitution, as it applied the crime aid assistance criminalization, referring to the aid act of canceling the status of residence without any causal relationship with illegal employment.

In this case, the judicial officials collaborated with the press and manipulated the information, publicize the public as if arrested because they did the act prescribed in "illegal employment promotion crime" to the public, but the indictment is a guilt on murder In the same way as applying, in response to the illegal employment of the Immigration Control Law, foreigners will have a principle theory of insulting foreigners that they will always commit crimes if they stay in Japan, if the wind blows, The crime aid for assistance of the penal law which is the law is abused.

Businesses who illegally worked were not criticized, foreigners who were forced to work illegally were arbitrarily punished by "illegal workers crime" contrary to international law, and they were forcibly abandoned.
Businesses that illegally worked are not punished at all, and this is an arbitrary act prohibited by international law. It is not a country governed under the law. It is not a country that complies with international law.

While developed countries in the world are suffering from immigration problems, the Japanese government still plays a violation of human rights not only for Japanese but also for people all over the world in an illegal way as a criminal and forced to leave the country abroad There is.

In my case and the Philippine Embassy case, I am applying criminal law aid to me and diplomats for the reasons of assisting illegal work against "illegal work" irresponsibility of "dismissal of status of residence" for illegal employment . It is exactly the same as North Korea. Japan must be a country governed under the law.

Regarding illegal employment, in order to protect the employment opportunities of the Japanese, the National Assembly punishes foreigners for illegal work and pays them for illegal work, and as a special law as a special law, Article 2 of the Immigration Act 73 illegal employment Promotion guilt "has been enacted. The Diet must correct the judicial administration which ignores legislation, but will not attempt to rectify it.

For an outline of the incident, please see the separate sheet "Violation of Immigration Act (Aid Association) Summary Memo").


The case abused the guilt of assistance of the general law, and Article 31 of the Constitution, "No one is deprived of its life or freedom unless it is based on the procedure prescribed by the law, or can not impose any other punishment" On the contrary,
Despite being unlistedly granted at the discretion of the Minister of Just, despite the fact that the documents requested to be provided by the section chief notice are false, it is concluded that the status of residence was easily obtained, but ... Aside from whether or not you got a status of residence by submitting false documents,
Working within the given status of residence is not illegal work (activities outside the status of qualification)
Despite the fact that the acts that work outside of the given status of residence are illegal employment (activities outside the status of qualification)

I have applied criminal aid for illegal work for illegal employment because I insulted foreigners' human rights when I made a criminal act (illegal employment) because I made it to be in Japan without any causal relationship.

The provision of the law refers to the law established by the National Assembly (including the ordinance established by the local council in the precedents).

In an effort to punish foreigners only arbitrarily without punishing business operators, they conspired with the mass media, cheated on international law, pretense citizens appear to have arrested assistants by illegal employment promotion charges,
On the other hand, we are applying illegal workers' crimes by misusing the immigration laws of citizens and foreigners, making up an assistant for illegal work by a crime aid for the criminal law of the general law in place of a business who made illegal work. I will.

Despite the provision of the status of residence is not the provision of the law but the Minister of Just gives it at the discretion, because it provided false employment contracts, it is possible to make it easy to acquire the status of residence of technology and humanities internationally It was. I was able to stay in Japan because I got my status of residence. I was able to work illegally because I was able to live in Japan. I abused the crime aid assistance crime with a causal relationship which has nothing to do with illegal employment, but it is illegal out of the logic of law.

As if by law, the provision of employment contracts is based on the criminal law award as the absolute requirement for granting status of residence, but there is no provision in the Immigration Control Act (Principle) regarding the conditions for granting status of residence.

The only ministerial ordinance (by-law), the Minister of Justice has established university etc graduation qualification (academic background) as a condition for giving international residence qualifications of technology and humanities at the discretion. Therefore, the submitted documents are "diplomas" to prove their educational background.
However, even if it is false with this, because it gives the status of residence at the discretion, it can only do administrative measures to cancel the status of residence.

"Content false employment contract" written in the indictment complies with the smooth administration of immigration administration because it requests submission by the section manager, not by the law, and the one stipulated in the law It is not an absolute document of granting status of residence, and since the condition of granting itself is unpublished and it is given at the discretion of the Minister of Justice, it is easy to acquire the status of residence in light of the provision of Article 31 of the Constitution For reasons, it can not be said that it is enough documents to impose penalties.
This is obvious from the fact that the act of submitting false documents is taken as administrative penalty for cancellation of status of residence at the discretion of the Minister of Justice.

The status of residence is given to the individuals of the Japanese nation by foreign nationals and restricts employment within the status of residence, but the work place is not a company providing employment contracts, so it is free to work at any company or organization And immigration and explained that a company that issued an employment contract and has concluded an employment contract after the Minister of Justice granted a status of residence to a foreigner can not detain the place of work for foreigners .

In the Immigration Control Law, as a countermeasure in the event of obtaining a status of residence by submitting false documents, the Minister of Justice has stipulated a provision to cancel the status of residence,
It is obvious that if you work in a qualified position you will not be illegally employed.
The reason why the former offender was illegally employed is because I worked outside the status of residence.

The causal relationship of illegal employment is illegal act of a business operator who worked in a job outside the status of qualification. As punishment including penalty for illegal employment, there is a provision of punishment under Article 2 of Immigration Act 73 as a promoting act, so it is given priority over the criminal law bailout guilt of the general law, and the application of criminal law aiding criminal act is law It is obvious that it violates the logic.

Under the Immigration Control Act, it is stipulated that illegal employment practices should be dispose fairly with illegal workers' incentives and illegal employment promotion crimes.
Regarding submission of false documents, since the Minister of Justice has granted the status of residence at the discretion, the Minister of Justice stipulates that the submitter, its assistant and the person who has suggested it, should be administrative punishment for withdrawal from overseas.

As a result, it is proved that there is no causal relationship between illegal employment practice and act of rescission of status of residence.


II. The causal relationship of application of assistance is to insult foreigners' human rights.
Apply force aided criminal aid forcedly without applying "illegal employment promotion crime" stipulated as an aid / promotion act against illegal employment Contents Contribution of false employment agreement facilitates acquisition of status of residence I was able to live in Japan. Because it was possible to live in Japan, it is said that the illegal employment was able to be made and the causal relation between provision of false employment contract and illegal worker's crime is clear, ignoring special law, ignoring international law, It is an indictment that ignores human rights and abuses assistance charges and is a judgment.

It is absolutely forbidden for the international community to live in Japan because it made it possible for residents to live in Japan so that they could have committed a crime (illegal employment outside the status of qualification) because of the prejudice that if a foreigner lives in Japan, It is a malicious discrimination against an arbitrary alien who abused the crime.

Contents of false employment contracts could facilitate the acquisition of status of residence and could live in Japan if permitted causal relationship of such assistance crime. Because I was able to live in Japan, I could assume that the murderer could be killed and that the causal relationship of murder was clear, but it is a terrible thing that is not allowed by the law of law,
The interrogation officer said, "President, Chinese have worked illegally, so we can financially assist illegal work ... but if the Chinese were murderers, it would be an assistance crime against murder charges! Please do it! "
We are already applying "assistance crime" against homicide. We must pursue this with the help of the international community.

If you think that Japanese who treat foreigners equally is not interesting, they apply criminal charges and make them criminals. The root of infringement of human rights is because the custom of exclusion of arbitrary foreigners is rooted.
In case of
Even if you are in Japan, your employment within the status of residence is natural and there is no causal relationship with illegal work (crime) at all.

It seems to be bad,
It is self-evident that it became illegal employment because he worked outside his / her status of employment, and that the causal relationship was a business employing foreign nationals who are not qualified for work prescribed in the illegal employment promotion crime.

Also, even if you obtain a status of residence with false contracts of employment, it is self explanatory that when you work within the scope of your status of residence, you will not be illegally employed.

The only obvious is that the Minister of Justice provides that immigrants who have obtained a status of residence with false documents can cancel their status of residence under the Immigration Control Act.
Since it will be applied without illegal work, obviously there is no causal relation with illegal employment.

Because it is contrary to the logic of the law that it is judged as administrative punishment rather than criminal disposition, because it gave discrimination rather than regulation of the status of residence of the status of residence, it is to make administrative penalty of cancellation of status of residence at the discretion .

Police officials, prosecutors, judges, lawyers, etc., have been granted the status of residence (entry permission) by identifying the status of residence qualified by the Minister of Justice and the entry permit (visa) by the Minister of Foreign Affairs I am misunderstanding.

Grant of status of residence and entry permit (to be in Japan), that is, a seal on the passport (entrance visa) is separate, and even if a status of residence is granted, an entry permit (a seal) is obtained in the passport If not, I can not live in Japan.

The immigration permission is granted at the discretion by the Minister of Foreign Affairs to foreigners who have obtained status of residence from the Minister of Justice, and this was also granted at the discretion, and a visa (a seal on the passport) was granted What you can not afford is common.

The entry permission criteria for immigration visas has not been disclosed, and we do not disclose the reasons for non-permission, and we can not file appeals.

The reasons for visa nonpermission are listed on the homepage as a general theory and there is no other choice but to understand that unless forged passports are forged, it corresponds to reasons not contributing to the national interests of Japan. I think this is true not only in Japan but also in many countries.
An employment contract without legal grounds, a powerless Japanese who was powerless influenced the discretion of the Minister of Justice and the Foreign Minister and made foreigners in Japan! It is self explanatory that it can not be asserted.

Even if you submit a true diploma or content of false employment contract or other documents and apply for a status of residence, the immigration officers can conduct necessary on-the-spot investigations without the court's permission, etc. for review, such as " The right to investigate "has been given, and exercising those authorities, diploma certificates prescribed by the ministerial ordinance satisfied the conditions for giving important skills and humanities international qualifications, so in consideration of various, at the discretion, legal It is reasonable to guess that the Minister has granted a status of residence.

Even if we decided to join the company, we frequently protest to revoke the status of residence at the immigration because it is common to not enter the company, but the granted status of residence was granted to foreign individuals, As long as you are in the qualification, you are free to work anywhere, and it was tightly guided that immigration can not be restrained after immigration has been granted. In case of

So, when I am canceling an employment job office with Lehman shock, I have not informed the immigration. Some lawyers say that at this time, from the immigration office, if they receive the official document of the above-mentioned purpose, it is said that no assistance criminal charges will be established, but at such time the immigration will respond with an official document Is it thing?

Even if you submit false contracts of employment and get the status of residence of international or technical skills, working within the scope of residence status is not illegal. This is self explanatory.

I was illegally employed (activities outside the status of qualification) because I worked outside of the given qualifications. Because there was a business operator to work outside the status of qualification. This is also a trivial idea.

It is obvious that it is a crime of arbitrary violation of the applicable law to summarize the criminal assistance crime, contrary to the purpose of the illegal employment promotion crime.

Although it seems awful, there is absolutely no causal relation between obtaining the status of residence of international technology and humanities at discretion from the Minister of Justice and illegal employment.
At the discretion of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, there is absolutely no causal relation between having been able to live in Japan with an entry visa (visa) and illegal work.
In case of
Even if you are in Japan with a status of residence by obtaining a status of residence by submitting a non-false employment contract you are illegally employed if you do illegal work (activities outside your qualification).

If you had granted a status of residence by false employment contract, the Minister of Justice can cancel the status of residence according to Article 4 4 ​​of Immigration Act 22, so this is also not causally related to illegal work.

The Immigration Control Act prohibits foreign workers who have illegally worked as illegal workers, illegally working businesses who illegally work illegally by promoting illegal employment, not to comply with international law against illegal employment (activities other than qualification) It is impossible to say that it is not equal under the law to punish arbitrarily only illegal foreigners who are illegally worked by illegal work because they have not punished any illegal workers, It is contrary to law.

For many years, Japan has been forcing foreigners to work illegally arbitrarily for a long time, and if it is not convenient, Japan is expelling only foreigners arbitrarily as criminals. It is a completely disgraceful act.

In lieu of law experts, police officers, prosecutors and judges who obliged employers to provide illegal employment, instead of the assistants prescribed for promoting illegal employment, attributed to the fact that they provided false employment contracts and made up as false deceiters for illegal employment ,
For foreigners, they were charged with illegal work as a result of illegal work as a result of being assisted by fraudulent assistants,
Applying the criminal law aiding criminal charges against illegal workers for fraudulent offenders is a common act of judicial judgment in Japan, but it can be said to be an extremely criminal act of crime internationally.

As a result of the above, it is self-evident (innocence) that no one has worked illegally if no one has punished him for illegal employment for promoting illegal employment. Therefore foreigners who work illegally are innocent. Then you will be innocent (not guilty) that no one is available for any illegal work.

III. At the end
Police officers at the Metropolitan Police Department will press a confession saying "accept in general theory."
The prosecutor of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office on the interrogation said, "I am great, I admit fine if I admit it, imprisonment if I do not accept", and I will compel confessions.
Although it can not be said that it is a judicial administration of a state that advocates freedom and democracy, such as criminal disposition in general theory, this is unfortunately the actual situation of Japanese judiciary.

And, in order not to let the prosecution review committee review the prosecution's non-prosecution action, it is the abuse of prosecution monopolistism and not seizing the prosecution letter / complaint as non-prosecution, squeezing it as unacceptable because the prosecution administration in Japan is.

Even at trial, the prosecutor asserts that transfer payment with family name "Kin" to Refco is proof from "Gold Military" as proof that intention was aided in assisting the prosecutor.
Chinese people, such money is cash is common sense. Indeed it is declared that it is not 100% to do the name transfer by bank transfers with "Kin only by surname". The Chinese always have their first and last name set.
In case of
However, I am not concerned with such facts, but as Japan has been governed under the law, protecting basic human rights including foreigners and becoming a country that comply with international law, Article 31 of the Constitution of Japan I am pursuing with the legal theory.

It seems awful, in the Immigration Control Act regulating the treatment of foreigners, it is the national proposition to abide by the international law which is the treaty approved by the Diet under the Constitution.

In contrary to the legislative intent of the National Assembly that adheres to international law for many years, Japan has not punished businesses that illegally worked against illegal work against international law, against illegal employment, against penalties for illegal employment , He punished only foreigners arbitrarily with fines and imprisonment for illegal work and punished them for deportation.

This case is larger than the Japanese abduction issue by the North Korean government and the Japanese comfort women issue by the Japanese army, and the number of foreign victims is enormous.

If the Japanese government adheres to international law, apologizes to foreigners arbitrarily disposed of, and promptly restores honor and compensation, the international credit of Japan will be damaged and bear great cost to posterity It becomes.



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②人を逮捕・監禁したこと 、・・・・事実として逮捕・監禁されました。

 職権ですが、例えば警察官については、刑事訴訟法(昭和二十三年七月十日法律第百三十一号)第一章 捜査 第百八十九条 
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