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Appealed to ICC 6. Illegality of misappropriation case application law violation of immigration law

6. Illegality of misappropriation case application law violation of immigration law


    Revision 1 March 1, 2016


We collaborate with the press, operate information, justify illegal acts contrary to international law, do illegal judicial administration!


We abducted and kept a large amount of foreigners who are unable to compare with the Japanese abductees of North Korea illegally as criminals against international law!


The Japanese government continues to serious human rights violations not only by Japanese but also many foreigners now than comfort women comfort women!



Illegitimate Justice Illegally arrested in 2010, illegal act contrary to international law, collusion with the mass media, justification of information, in violation of the Immigration Control Act violating the Immigration Act, initially "illegal employment" With regard to the aid for assistance of the law, since it is the legislative purpose of adhering to international law to prioritize the special law "illegal employment promotion crime" over the general law, the crime law aid criminal act, It insisted that this law should be completed with the logic of the law.


Therefore, although it claimed that the application of criminal law aiding criminal was inappropriate due to misappropriation of applicable law, the Tokyo District Prosecutor's Office rejects it as "being an opinion." So, I got to write down.


The act of providing a false employment contract, which is the counsel of the complaint, shall be deemed to be "easy to obtain the status of residence", but the conditions for granting a status of residence are not stipulated by law, I am establishing a graduation qualification but I am doing the administration!


We abducted and kept a large amount of foreigners who are unable to compare with the Japanese abductees of North Korea illegally as criminals against international law!


The Japanese government continues to serious human rights violations not only by Japanese but also many foreigners now than comfort women comfort women!

Since details on permission and rejection of status of residence are deemed to be at the discretion of the Minister of Justice, details (such as notifications) have not been disclosed, but since the submission of employment contracts is as stipulated by the section manager, etc., There is no basis for the law stipulated in Article 31, and criminal punishment can not be done.


"Contents of False Employment Agreement Acts Assisting in Cancellation of Status of Residence of 22 Article 4 of the Immigration Act"

And since the Minister of Justice gave it under the standards of the ministerial ordinance, the cancellation is also the administrative penalty of the Minister of Justice, claiming that it can not be criminalized as a criminal assistance criminal act as aiding act of illegal employment, but also reject it .


Some lawyers say that based on the training at the Institute for Legal Studies and Training, priority is given to the crime aid crime from the special law that was legislated in the National Assembly.


After all, as this country seems not to be ruled under the law, even if it is said that it is "opinion" as one of the citizens, after all I am here to organize this problem and violate the applicable law I will argue.


And as soon as possible, we will comply with the international law ratified by the National Assembly, become a country governed and punished under the law established in the Diet, and insist that the basic human rights of the citizens and the people of the world will be protectedPlease listen.



I. Introduction

The aid for assisting illegal employment of the Immigration Control Act is not a criminal aid for the criminal law but as a special law an "illegal employment promotion crime" has been enacted in the Immigration Control Act, which should be completed by applying this law, Contrary to the purpose of legislation, foreigners only do not punish the business, illegally arrested and arrested, arbitrarily criminal disposition by illegal work crime, we conduct judicial administration contrary to international law.


1. Also, in this case, we applied the criminal assistance criminal penalty to administrative penalty acts unfairly, so the actual condition of illegal judicial judgment in Japan against the 31th criminal code has been clarified.


In this case, judicial officials collaborate with the mass media and manipulate the information and publicize it as if arrested because they did the act prescribed in "illegal employment promotion crime" to citizens, but the indictment is a criminal assault for murder To the same extent as applied, for the illegal employment of the Immigration Control Act, the assistance criminal act, the general law, was applied and received a penalty.


Foreigners of former offenders are arbitrarily contrary to international law, only foreigners are criminalized and punished for "illegal employment crime" and they are deported from abroad.


Businesses that illegally worked are not punished at all, and this is an arbitrary act prohibited by international law. It is not a country governed under the law. It is not a country that complies with international law.


The Japanese government is still giving human rights violations not only to Japanese but also to the people of the world. In my case and Philippine Embassy affair, I and the diplomats and others are applying criminal law aiding criminal law against illegal work due to the aid of "dismissal of status of residence" irrelevant to illegal work, justice The crime is increasingly escalating. It is exactly the same as North Korea. Japan must be a country governed under the law.

 The National Assembly adheres to international law, and against illegal employment, against the loss of employment opportunities of Japanese who are victims, the punishment of foreigners by illegal work crimes, equality, aiding and promotion of business operators Regarding acts, as Article 2 of the Immigration Act 73, we have enacted Article 2 of the Immigration Act for Promoting Illegal Employment. The National Assembly must correct the judicial administration which ignores legislation.


 The judicial administration which ignores legislation of the National Assembly conducts illegal arrest and detention, does not rule Japan under the law, does not respect human rights, does not adhere to international law, it is like judicial dictatorship like the North It is.


Moreover, the case abuses the crime aided by the criminal law of the general law, Article 31 of the Constitution, "No one is deprived of its life or freedom unless it follows the procedure prescribed by the law, or can not impose any other punishment Contrary to they assume that the documents instructed by the section manager are false, and the crime aid assistance crime is applied.

 The provision of the law refers to the law established by the National Assembly (including the ordinance established by the local council in the precedents).


He tried to punish foreigners arbitrarily by ignoring international law without having to punish business operators, in addition to collaborating with the mass media, seemed to citizens arrested the assistant by illegal employment promotion crime On the other hand, in lieu of businesses who made illegal work by misusing the citizens' immigration to the immigration law,

  By providing a false employment contract with a general law, a criminal assistance offense, the status of residence of technology and humanities international (below)


2. Because I was able to live in Japan easily because I was able to get it easily, I was abusing the criminal assistance crime with causality that has nothing to do with illegal work as it was possible to work illegally, but in the logic of the law It is illegal to get out.

As if the provision of false employment contracts is based on the application of criminal law aide as absolute terms of granting status of residenceThere are no provisions in this rule regarding the conditions for granting status of residence.

The only regulation (ministerial ordinance), the Minister of Justice

Technology and Humanities As conditions for giving international status of residence

We have established graduation qualifications (academic background) of universities etcTherefore, important documents to submit are "diplomas" to prove their educational background.


 "False Employment Contract" written in the indictment ceremony is determined by the section manager etc. and is not stipulated in the law stipulated in Article 31 of the Constitution, it is not absolute document of the status of residence granted, It can not be said to be a heavyweight document that imposes crime.


In addition, the status of residence to give is given to the individuals of the foreigners by the Japanese nation, and work restricts by permitting employment within the status of residence, but the place of employment is not a company offering employment contracts, but which company or organization This is freedom to work.

Technology and Humanities Even if a foreign national who got an international status of residence qualifies to submit a false employment contract and obtain a status of residence, if a diploma with conditions to receive technology and humanities is true, Technology and Humanities It is legitimate to acquire international status of residence. Also, if you work in a qualified position you will not be illegally employed.


The causal relation that the former offender became illegal work is knowing that the former offender is the status of residence of technology and humanities international,

Because it is an illegal act of a business operator who worked in a job outside the status of qualification, the penalties are punishment acts including urging aid to illegal employment under Article 2 of Article 73 of the same law, so the penal law of the general law The application of criminal assistance charges is contrary to the law's law.


Also, if you do not work at a company applying for a status of residence, when the alien made a criminal act such as illegal work or murder, you provided a false employment contract so that you are in Japan and helped criminal acts If it is applied as a crime aid assistance crime without any causal relationship with crime, the immigration administration in our country will not be established. Moreover, companies can not recruit foreigners with confidence.


. The cause-and-effect relationship of the original judgment decision is a judgment that insults abusing assistance crime.

Application of fraudulent criminal law aid forced by force without applying "illegal employment promotion crime" stipulated as an aid / promotion act against illegal employment Contents false provision of employment contracts facilitate acquisition of status of residence I was able to live in Japan. Because it was possible to live in Japan, it is judged that I was able to work illegally, the causal relationship between provision of false employment contract and illegal worker's crime is clear, ignoring the special law, abused the ausal guilty sentence .


Content permitting such a judgment, the provision of false employment contracts made it easy to acquire the status of residence and lived in Japan. Because I could live in Japan, it would be obvious that the causal relationship of the murder was clear as a murder, but it is frightening. It is abuse of assistance sins which is not permitted by the logic of law.


3. For Japan, foreign labor with simple labor is not allowed except for interns and trainees. However, since the Minister of Justice gives foreign workers with professional skills to the national interests of Japan granting their status of residence of international skills and humanities on the basis of educational background etc., Japan Even if you are in Japan, you can work if you are within your status of residence and there is no causal relationship with illegal work.

AlsoThe status of residence is given to foreign nationals whose Minister of Justice meets certain conditions such as academic background, but the foreign visa to Japan is given by the Foreign Minister.


 Furthermore, since the indicia to the visa is given to foreigners, there are also national interests etc. and the standards are not disclosed.

Even if the document instructed by the section manager 's notice is a false employment contract, it is a document without legal grounds that facilitates the status of residence, aided by criminal law with the causal relationship of' the argument that the tubers will profit if the wind blows' Applying crime is contrary to the purpose of Article 31 of the Constitution.


The most important thing is that if you illegally work a foreigner who has illegally worked so that it does not arbitrarily discriminate against foreigners as stipulated by the law under international law or international law, We must punish for "illegal employment promotion crime" including assistance and promotion of employment.


In the case of illegal employment, since it unambiguously regulates Hu help and promotion acts in the relationship between those who illegally worked and those who let them work illegally, it is not a crime for assistance of the criminal law as a general law, It is needless to say that we must apply the illegal employment promotion crime ".


In a document submitted internationally in technology or humanities, in the case of a diploma, a Japanese spouse and a family register of a family register, which is false or false, the Minister of Justice is an absolute requirement giving the status of residence, so his / her will It is to withdraw the status of residence as administrative disposition.


An employment contract, a settlement statement, etc. are to be submitted at the direction of the section manager etc., and the content is false, there is no legal basis for criminal punishment, much less illegal that it was made to be in Japan It is not logical law to declare that it is easy to make a status of residence for illegal employment under Article 70 of the Immigration Control Law easy due to causal relationship.


Even if you submit a true diploma or content of false employment contract or other documents, even if you get a status of residence, because the conditions of granting international technology and humanities international were satisfied, Minister of Justice acquired a status of residence I granted it. In addition,


Indeed, the status of residence granted to foreigners was given to foreigners, and if they are in the qualification, no matter where they work, the employer contract provider can not detain foreigners.


Even if you submit false contracts of employment and get the status of residence of international or technical skills, you are satisfied with the absolute requirement of academic background, so you are free to work within the given qualifications.


Therefore, due to graduation qualification etc. according to the detailed provisions of Immigration Control Act, there is no causal relation between obtaining legal status of residence of technology and humanities international, and illegal employment. Therefore it can not be applied even to criminal law aid acts.


III. At the end


A policeman by interrogation admitted in the general theory.

The prosecutor will compel a confession by saying,

"I am great, I admit it if I admit it, I am imprisoned if I do not accept it."


 Even at trial, the prosecutor asserted that transfer payment of "Kin" to Lefko is from "Gold Military".

As for Chinese, cash is common sense in these money. Indeed it is asserted that it is not 100% to do the transfer by bank transfer only with "family name = family name".

The Chinese are always "family name / first name".

Mr. T clearly denies the interrogation record at the examinations of the only witnesses, but the judge does not adopt the witness as being scared.

There are many things that I would like to argue that such things are false in facts, but I do not like this, but as I will be governed under the law enacted in Japan by the National Assembly, I would like to state only the criminal justice I am pursuing it.


Therefore, please dare to clarify and investigate international law violations and law violations that will seriously become international problems.


It seems awful, in the Immigration Control Act regulating the treatment of foreigners, complying with the international law, which is the treaty approved by the National Assembly under the Constitution, is a proposition of the State.


The Immigration Control Law stipulates that foreign workers who are not entitled to work by foreign nationals who are not eligible to work so as not to dispose of foreigners arbitrarily against illegal employment depriving opportunities of Japanese citizens to work, Of illegal employment crimes committed to employing foreign nationals who do not qualify for work that is a direct cause and effect relationship with that worker, and punishes promotion acts including illegal acts against illegal employment "illegal work Punishment for sin "in an equal fashion will be given priority over the application of the crime law aid, which is a general law.


Contrary to the legislative intent of the National Assembly that adheres to international law for many years,

Judicial administration is a dictatorship, against foreigners unlawfully working against illegal employment, without punishing businesses illegally worked illegal workers punishment for promoting illegal employment, only foreigners arbitrarily fined for penalty for illegal work and imprisonment with work penalties I have punished them and have let them leave the country.


In this incident and the Philippine Embassy incident, we have made further leaps and we dispose of third parties for criminal assistance for illegal reasons, and the criminal act is escalating.


To conduct illegal punishment is carrying out illegal arrest and detention, and it continues the same act as North Korean illegal Japanese abduction.


This Tsuke is larger than Japanese abductees and comfort women, and the number of foreign victims is enormous.

If the Japanese government adheres to international law, apologizes to foreigners arbitrarily disposed of, and promptly restores honor and reparations, the international credit of Japan will be harmed and will impose a great price on later generations It becomes.


Prime Minister Abe, for the international community and in holding the G7 in Japan, even at the annual parliamentary greetings, Japan is a country governed under the law, protecting fundamental human rights, complying with international law Although I pride himself,


Japan must be governed under the law as soon as possible, protected from fundamental human rights, and must comply with international law.


                                                                                      Yasuhiro Nagano
















































 しかも、当事件は、一般法の刑法幇助罪を乱用し、憲法31条、「何人も、法律の定める手続によらなければ、その生命若しくは自由を奪はれ、又はその他の刑罰を科せられない。」に反し、 課長通達ごときで指示される書類が虚偽であるとして、刑法幇助罪を適用しています。