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Appealed to ICC 4. Depletion of domestic relief · Application to other international procedures

4. Depletion of domestic relief · Application to other international procedures



This case is legally a false charge due to "application law violation".

However, there is no reason for 'retrial request' to trial the trial in violation of applicable law.

However, if the crime of police officers involved in the incident becomes clear and confirmed, "retrial request" can be done.

So, I've accused and accused crimes of police officers, prosecutors and judges involved in the incident.


4-1. Japan has the exclusive right to "prosecute" to prosecutors.

In this case, prosecutors do not even "accept" fare "not prosecuted".

I will list it excerpt



May 14, 2014

Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office

I saw a document (May 1, Heisei 20) entitled "Circuit of complaint" sent from you.

Since complaint is declaring criminal facts to the investigation agency and seeking punishment of the criminal, when and who, where, who, in what way, in what way, what did you do, what kind of damage was caused as a result It is necessary to specify and describe as far as possible the facts that fall under the constituent requirement on the basis of concrete grounds. From the above written document, you inspected that you will file a complaint against non-complainants for official abuse of the official authority of a special civil servant, but in the above-mentioned documents, the duties of police officials, prosecutors and judges involved in the investigation / Based on what basis, it is not recognized that the specific content is unclear why it is supposed to be abuse of duty, and it is not accepted that the criminal facts subject to charges are specifically specified.

Therefore, the written document sent from you will be turned back.



No. 534

June 6, 2014

Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office

I saw a document titled "Litigation Complaint" sent by you (dated May 25, 2014).

... ... By the omission, the document sent from you will be turned back.



No. 574

June 27, 2014

Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office

Omission · · ·

Therefore, the written document sent from you will be turned back.



No. 683

August 4, 2014

Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office

Omission · · ·

In the future, if the same document as before has been sent to the Agency, we will not handle it as a complaint and accusation letter stipulated in the Code of Criminal Procedure, and also the border process Because I may not take. Thank you for your understanding.



No. 704

7th August 2014

Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office

Omission · · ·


February 19, 2015

Ministry of Justice Criminal Bureau

I received your letter from you and read it but I understand that this case is related to specific concrete cases so please understand that we can not deal with this matter.

In addition, of letters received, indictment letter, complaint letter, accusation letter, documents sent to you from the special investigation team of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office, we will return.


February 26, 2015

Metropolitan Police Department Investigation Section 2

I saw the document titled "complaint form" submitted to the general police officer from you, but since the criminal facts being declared are unclear and are not recognized as declarations of criminal facts, We will do.



May 14, 2015

Tokyo High Prosecutor's Office public prosecutor

I have read and reviewed the documents with a statement stated as "complaint letter", which was submitted by you. In case of complaint, it is necessary to specify and describe criminal facts as specific as possible based on concrete evidence. However, regarding the above documents, the facts of the specific crime are not determined and the facts of the complaint are specified I can not. Therefore, we will return all of the above documents etc, which have been submitted by you.



June 2, 2015

Chiba District Public Prosecutor's Office

I saw the letter of appeal that you sent from me, but the main point is that it is said that the final judgment that gave the guilty sentence is illegitimate. In Japan's judicial system, Sometimes we have a system of retrial against the court, we would like to request procedures for retrial request, we will refund sent complaints.



15th June 2015

Chiba District Public Prosecutor's Office Special Criminal Division

Three sentences of complaints sent by you as of June 1, 2013, three letters of complaints of the same month 8, two complaints of the same day 9th, and three letters of charges have been seen, I think that there is no jurisdiction, so I will return it.


No. 100148

7th August 2015

Supreme Procuratorate

A letter entitled "Sentinel" sent by you (one dated 19 June this year, one dated 22 November), a document titled "With complaint letter" (5 dated 19 June this year , 4 dated on the 22nd of the same month), the document titled "Charging letter" (6 dated 19 June this year) and all the enclosed materials were forwarded to Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office as of today.



No. 2679

August 19, 2015

Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office


I have seen 16 written letters (12 letters dated June 19, 2014, 4 dated 22 November) entitled "letter of charge" and "letter of accusation" sent from you and the Senator and materials.

Described in previous editorial documents, why each act such as a policeman, a public prosecutor, a judge, etc. involved in the investigation, crackdown and trial is based on what grounds, why it is supposed to be abuse of official abuse, false complaint It is not recognized that the criminal facts subject to accusations and accusations have been specified specifically, merely by describing the specific content such as the basis to assert that it is not based on concrete evidence. Therefore, the document etc. is returned to the side.

In addition, although it was stated in the previous neighborhood return document, if documents similar to the past have been circulated to the agency or if it has been sent to the Agency from the Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office etc, the criminal records We do not handle it as a complaint / accusation letter prescribed in the Lawsuit Law and also do not take the borrowing procedure for the sent documents etc, so please be aware.



4-2. Subsequent relief activities


1. I also consulted with the Ministry of Justice's Human Rights Defense Committee, but it is not covered by the consultation.

Since the request is a legal theory, it is out of scope.

2. We also requested the National Police Agency, the upper authority of the Metropolitan Police Department, for relief in writing, but the answer is that the National Police Agency is not an investigation agency.

3. In the upper authority of the National Police Agency, the National Public Safety Commission, the Cabinet, also requested relief in writing, but the National Public Safety Commission is not answering that it is an investigation agency.

4. I filed a complaint and a letter of accusation to the Chiba prefectural police headquarters of the residence where the investigation right resides, but it is not accepted.

5. I asked for the salvation of the House of Representatives, Chairperson of the House of Councilors and Secretary of the Supreme Court in writing, but no answer.

6. We requested relief in writing to political parties such as the LDP, the Democratic Party, but no answer.

7. I asked many Diet members for relief by letter or e-mail, but no response.


8. In December 2016, the prosecutor of the Tokyo Prosecutors' office changed. I submitted a complaint and a letter of accusation together with the following documents.


Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office Attorney General Hiroyuki Yagi

May 10, 2016

You are reported as being appointed prosecutor of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor December 11 last year and it is reported that it will be "strongly promoting the prosecution reform" and it will be nearly half a year, so please fill it with a complaint and a letter of accusation It is to submit.

We have filed complaints and accusations repeatedly to the Special Direct Investigative Division of the National Police Agency of Japan, but ...



We have been getting back many times from the Special Direct Investigative Division Special Investigative Division of your department.

It should not be prosecuted unless the criminal facts subject to accusations and accusations are not specifically identified as being specified.


Therefore, again, on the basis of what grounds, such as police officers, prosecutors, judges and others involved in investigation, crackdown and trial, why it is supposed to be abuse of official abuse, concrete contents such as grounds to assert as false complaint etc As we have corrected part of it based on a lot of advice, it will be re-submitted as a citizen's rights for many times.


Normal ...



1. Backside document list

2. 1 indictment statement

3. 1 newspaper article

Four. Lawsuit officer against me

Five. Prosecutor A prosecutor against me

6. Litigation form Judge against me

7. Judge for police officials against charges Kin Gungaku

8. Charged letter Four offenders 4 policemen prosecutor judge

9. Accusation letter Police officials for Filipino judge judge

Ten. Accusation letter Assistance for mass communication against me

11. Complaint for assisting lawyers against me

12. Mass credit offense against accusation letter KinGungaku

13. Lawyer assistant crime against accusation letter Kin Gungaku

14. Prosecution of a lawyer for four charges of accusation letter

15. Prosecution Office Abuse of official authority Tokyo District Prosecutor's Office - Prosecutor

16. Law complaint Official offense abuse crime Tokyo high public inspection prosecutor · public prosecutor

17. Prosecution Office Abuse of official abuse Supreme prosecution · public prosecutor

18. Complaint Prosecution of official authority Prosecution police office, police officer

19. Complaint letter abuse of official authority sin guilty Ministry officials


Even if I wait until the end of January 2017, unfortunately, there is no reply from Tokyo District Prosecutors Office.

I do not even reply that I will not accept it.


4-3. The way of relief was completely shut down.


So, as a last resort, I entered February 2017,

I requested a review for the "Tokyo Prosecution Review Board".

Japan has monopolized the prosecutor for prosecution to the court. (Prosecution monopolyism)


If the prosecution fails to file a prosecution, you can request a review from the "prosecution review board"

I filed a "request for examination" at the Tokyo Prosecution Review Board,

The reply is dismissed on the grounds that the prosecution "has not taken the case of non-prosecution".


With all of the above, we have taken all possible means in Japan, but it was not effective at all.


4-4. Since the victim is a foreigner, I wrote a letter to the Chinese government and the Philippine government "to protest the Japanese government as it is a human rights violation against my people."


About 17:30 on March 17, 2015 Embassy staff called me on my cell phone.

"The Chinese government will not protest the Japanese embassy," "I will return documents such as complaints and letters of accusation" and "I will not oppose the Japanese government's law". In addition,

Even saying "Chinese are being criminals who are not in violation of Japanese law" can say "I do not care, I will not say to the Japanese government." There is no reply from home government.

There is no reply from the government of the home country, the Embassy in Japan from the Philippine government.




How do the citizens of countries that are not governed under the law?


In order to receive relief from "humanitarian crimes" as stipulated in the International Convention,

What should I do?




The nation, the United Nations, the international community,

Do you say "settle" with "terrorism"?


The Pope said,


"The enemy of peace is not just war, indifference is also an enemy!"


From "humanitarian crime" that is being carried out in Japan, which is said to be a developed country,

Please do salvation as soon as possible.




















































































1.法務省人権擁護委員 にも相談しましたが、相談対象外です。











東京地方検察庁 検事正 八木 宏幸 殿



 貴庁特別捜査部 特殊直告班へは何度も告訴・告発状を提出しておりますが、・・・



 特別捜査部 特殊直告班からは何度も辺戻しを受けております。








  1. 辺戻し書面一覧

  2. 起訴状    1件

  3. 新聞記事    1

  4. 告訴状 私に対する 警察官

  1. 告訴状 私に対する 検察官

  2. 告訴状 私に対する 裁判官

  3. 告発状 KinGungakuに対する  警察官 検察官 裁判官

  4. 告発状 正犯4人 警察官 検察官 裁判官

  5. 告発状 フィリピン人に対する 警察官 検察官 裁判官

  6. 告訴状 私に対する マスコミ幇助罪

  7. 告訴状 私に対する 弁護士幇助罪

  8. 告発状 KinGungakuに対する  マスコミ控除罪

  9. 告発状 KinGungakuに対する  弁護士幇助罪

  10. 告発状 正犯4人に対する 弁護士幇助罪

  11. 告訴状 職権乱用罪 東京地検・検察官

  1. 告訴状 職権乱用罪 東京高検・検察官

  2. 告訴状 職権乱用罪 最高検・検察官

  3. 告訴状 職権乱用罪 警視庁・警察官

  4. 告訴状 職権乱用罪 法務省・職員