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<Public mail> # MeToo Human rights victim!Dr. Lee Young-ho, Foreign Minister of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea 2018-11-30: The Japanese government accepts foreign workers as "simple workers". However, even now, "Under the name of the trainin

<Public mail> # MeToo Human rights victim!

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Dr. Lee Young-ho, Foreign Minister of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

2018-11-30: The Japanese government accepts foreign workers as "simple workers".
However, even now, "Under the name of the training,
there is an" internship program "that forces low wages and long hours of work."
Since it is a harsh labor condition, escape from the training place is commonplace.
"International Institute for International Cooperation in Foundation" is "involved"
in the "technical internship program".
This is "interest group" of "Ministry of Justice" and "Ministry of Foreign Affairs".
"Technical training system" is their "treasure".
Foreign governments that send "student students" have similar "interest groups".
It is an organization that makes human rights "food".
The reason for accepting 'simple workers' is for 'interest groups'.
It is common sense of "Confucian nation" of East Asia.

Dear Sir, It is continuation of yesterday.
The prosecutor speaks to me.
Actually, you may not know,
but "KIn Gungaku" during the interrogation he told the prosecutor,
"I have not talked this to the policeman, but I will only tell the prosecutor." It was.
"Actually, I said that myself was doing illegal work" before this incident. "
The prosecutor told me, "You were surprised! You too, please talk to me honestly,
like" KIn Gungaku. "

But I was surprised. I thought that "I was betrayed" by "KIn Gungaku" I trusted.
I was a "shock".
So, on the contrary, I tried to speak to the public prosecutor
about the content I told the policeman.
However, the prosecutor says "I do not want to hear such a story."

It is the last day of the interrogation.
I remembered the word I was told by a policeman the other day.
I wanted to avoid "repeating arrest".
So I remembered what had been said many times by the police.
"Try to sign the prosecutor" with "not going against", "general theory", "result theory"! "
I signed it although it is the content of a lie.
Even though I signed it,
I thought it was "invalid" because it was a violation of the applicable law.

I was told by a police officer. I will be "indicted".
So I told the prosecutor to 'bail'.
Then the prosecutor said that he would prepare a second record.
Prosecutors say that "When I first arrested," I should "cancel" what I talked about!
"KIn Gungaku" said "I want to take care of the Chinese,
let me manage it responsibly so" L 's employees ", he told me.
I handed out "KIn Gungaku" by printing an explanation page about "illegal working"
from Wikipedia on the Internet.
I promised "KIn Gungaku" to "Do not let illegal employment".
The prosecution says to me that this should be "canceled".
If I do not cancel, I will be "imprisonment punishment".
He "threatened" me many times.

If I refuse, I say, "There is no one to believe" such as a promise with the Chinese.
The prosecutor says to me "Do you want to become a prison sentence"?
The promise to "KIn Gungaku" should be "canceled".
I repeated this many times. Then the prosecutor says "send to prison."
I refute to the prosecutor that "You must not tell the truth."
This was repeated three times. And I was "indicted".
Prosecutor of Tokyo District Prosecutor
"Prosecutor says I am great."
"Prosecutors are fined if they admit their sins,
they are sentenced to imprisonment if they do not admit their sins."
I do not violate Japanese law, but do you say "Please accept what?" .
Looking at the movie during the war, people were made a sinner like this.
Even if there are laws, laws are "do not care" for them.
It only makes them conform to the "crafted" law.
I will continue on next week.
I will continue until you understand.

As Japan like the EU, do not divide the country into two with the problem of "foreign workers".
The flow of the world does not accept foreign workers into their own country.
If the labor force is insufficient, reduce exports and do not fight with America.
Stop making America the "food"!
This case is a violation of international law.
In each country "treaties ratified" take precedence over "laws of each country".
To "point out" a treaty violation is not "interference of domestic affairs".
The world should be ruled under the law.
The Japanese government is "crushing" complaints.
But "crush" by state power is "stop" of "Statute of limitations".

The material is below.

The Japanese government is not entitled to claim "abduction of Japanese" by North Korea.
The Japanese government should "resolve" the "abduction of foreigners
by the Japanese government" incident as "top priority issue".

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Sincerely yours, Yasuhiro Nagano

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Yasuhiro Nagano

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