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To everyone in the world.I also mentioned last week. At the end of last year, the German Merkel administration cabinet-decided a "Specialist Immigration Bill" to expand the acceptance of foreign workers outside the (EU) region. If you can speak German a

To everyone in the world.


April 28, 2019, Special Zone of Europe Sunday Edition:

Dear Sirs, the labor shortage in Europe is serious with the declining birthrate and aging population. However, the increase in refugees has become a major social issue. Therefore, each country should accept the world's "poor" as a "temporary immigration" by limiting it to a "special zone."


Part 1. I also mentioned last week.

At the end of last year, the German Merkel administration cabinet-decided a "Specialist Immigration Bill" to expand the acceptance of foreign workers outside the (EU) region.

If you can speak German and have received vocational training, you will be able to enter Germany and search for jobs for six months, even if you do not have a place to work.

In Germany, the increase in refugees became a social issue, causing the Merkel administration to shake, but it was considered urgent to resolve the shortage of labor.

Aim for implementation from the beginning of 2020 after discussions in the Diet.

Germany's expanding acceptance of foreign workers is due to the fact that labor shortages have become serious due to the declining birthrate and aging population.

In particular, there is a lack of specialized human resources with excellent skills in local SMEs, and there are also surveys that two-thirds of companies in the next three years will need new human resources.


This is the same in Japan.

Japan will accept "foreign skilled workers" from April 2019.

(We have already accepted foreign students and "interns of foreigners' skills" as labor force.)

Since "interns of foreigners' skills" are severe working conditions, there is a problem of fleeing from "the training destination".

Japan, unlike France, employs new graduates from high school and college (4 years) to educate through work.

This is because Japanese commerce and industry valued "experience and achievement".

In Japan, management and employees in "company" have long said "to live together; to be close friends; to eat out of the sam".

Every company has a sense of being a member of a community.

As in France, there is no discrimination of status due to academic background.

Although there are "politeness" above and below depending on the age, "discrimination based on Educational background is not in principle.

I think in France it is the treatment of "bak + 3".

It is similar to the German "Meister" system.


I think the German labor system and the minds of workers are wonderful.

However, it is doubtful that German society accepts human resources who can speak German and receive vocational training.


So I propose a "special zone".

Accept foreign workers outside the EU as "temporary immigration" in "special zones".

Movement is limited to "special zones".

Even if it escapes, it is only in the "special zone".

"Temporary immigration" learns German-style work while working in the "special zone" factory.

I think they learn while working "German".

(It is better to have a "German language school" or a "vocational training school" to learn at night etc.)

The “international skills trainee” who will come to Japan will learn Japanese and skills in about two years.

If they work for three years, they become "skilled technicians".


In the "temporary immigration" work in the "special zone" for about three years, it becomes a "skilled worker" who can speak German.

So if you make "temporary immigration" a system that allows you to work freely in Germany as "immigrant workers", it will be a great force for local SMEs.

I think they can live with the German citizen as well.

Of course, "temporary immigrants" who do not fall under "appropriate" do not qualify as "migrant workers".

It will continue next week.


Part 2. We propose to build "special zones" in each country, including Europe.

Please read along with the proposal for the United States (Saturday).

April 14, 2019, Special Zone Sunday Edition: Please see.

April 28, 2019, supplementary matters.



The prosperity of each country is realized by the freedom, democracy and "ruled under the law" of the world.

I seriously seek the rule of law.

Please direct the concerned parties to investigate.


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If you have any questions please email me.

Sincerely, Yasuhiro Nagano "Nagano Hirohiro"