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Nagano Opinion Order to assassinate Trump! A parliamentary member of Iran said, "If you kill US President Trump, you will receive $ 3 million." The revenge of Iranian commander

Saturday, January 25, 2020. Dear Sirs,
Order to assassinate Trump! A parliamentary member of Iran said, "If you kill US President Trump, you will receive $ 3 million." The revenge of Iranian commander Soleimani being killed in a US attack. Japanese people love "Eyes for eyes, teeth for teeth (Tario's law)". I think Japan should end the death penalty system.

Part 1. If we abandon "rule under the law", there is only "the eyes
for the eyes and the teeth for the teeth (the law of Tario)".
This is the Asahi Shimbun Digital on January 21, 2020.
Commander Soleimani of Iran's elite unit, the Revolutionary Guard, was killed in a US attack.
A parliamentarian from the commander's hometown of Kerman, southeastern Iran, said,
"If you kill US President Trump, you will award $ 3 million."
"This remark" is calling for ripples.
Iranian Student News reported.
According to the news agency,
Mr. Hamze, a member of Parliament who seems to be close to anti-US conservative hardliners.
"On behalf of residents of the state of Kerman, killing Mr. Trump will give him $ 3 million in cash,"
he said in a parliament meeting on Tuesday.
See below for details.

Whatever the reason, it is true that Mr. Trump abandoned "rule under the law"
and "murdered Iran Commander Soleimani."

In Japan, the Minister of Justice who ordered "execution of the death penalty" is given "escort" until death.
Many Japanese are supporters of "Eyes for Eyes and Teeth for Teeth (Tario's Law)."
This is a security to "fear" "revenge" from "kin and relatives" of the killed "criminal on death row".
I think Trump will have an escort until his death, but he is not 100% secure.
"Eyes for eyes, teeth for teeth (Tario's law)" lasts forever.

In response to this remark, on the Internet,
"It's ridiculous to make that statement in a public place,"
Iranians seem to have more "intelligence" than Japanese.
If you have "intelligence", you do not "war".
I was a little relieved.
The execution of the death penalty is "Eyes for eyes, teeth for teeth (Tario law).
Those who support (Tario's law) always wage war.
President Trump should "remember" this.
Japan should end the death penalty system.

Continue tomorrow.

Part 2. Many foreigners have been arrested for violating immigration laws in violation of international law.
Koreans, Chinese, Filipinos, Americans, `` everyone '' from all over the world!
Help the Japanese government victims around you!

Victims are foreigners who have "worked illegally" in activities other than "eligibility" in Japan.
They were arrested for "illegal labour" under Article 70 of the Immigration Control Act,
I am subject to "criminal penalties" such as "fine penalties".
And they are "forcibly repatriated" foreigners.

A third party has been arrested for "supporting" the aforementioned "illegal labor" of a foreigner.
The victims are me and "Chinese Kin Gungaku."
Other victims include the staff of the Embassy of the Philippines and diplomats in the Philippines.
I think there are more victims, but I do not know the information.

The person who passed the "employment contract documents" to the foreigner
who performed "illegal work" is a third party.
It has nothing to do with "illegal work".
Prosecutors say in Indictment:

I gave a foreigner "false employment contract documents."
Foreigners could easily obtain "eligibility for residence"
by attaching "false employment contract documents."
Foreigners have come to live in Japan because they have obtained a status of residence.
Since foreigners were in Japan, they could do "illegal work."
Therefore, as a crime against Article 70 “Illegal labor” of the Foreign Immigration Law,
"Articles 60 and 62 of the Penal Code", "Sin in Support of Other Offenses" applies.

Article 70-2 of the Immigration Control Act states that "guilty of support" against "illegal labor"
It is stipulated in "The crime to promote illegal employment".

The prosecution's "reason for crime" is stipulated in Article 22-4-4 of the Immigration Control Act,
"Revocation of Status of Residence by Submitting False Documents."
There is no punishment. Only the status of residence is revoked.
And "forcibly repatriated".

Even if you obtain a status of residence with "false documents",
Working within the scope of a "resident status" is not "illegal work."
The application of Article 62 or 62 of the Penal Code to me or a Philippine diplomat is an error
in the "Applicable Law".
This is the perfect False charge.

Victims should apply to governments and media in each country.
Governments and media in each country should ask the Japanese government for "restoration of honor"
and "compensation."

If governments or embassies cannot protest the Japanese government, request an investigation from the ICC.
There are many victims around the world. Please support "ICC suit".

The materials are below.

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There are many American victims. I have seen with this eye.
Americans are acquitted if prosecutors do not arrest the employer.
Should claim restitution and compensation for Americans.

Sincerely yours, Yashiro Hiro Nagano

Yasuhiro Nagano


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